The Big Three K’s Craniosynostsis Update

Virtual preview of the New Stadium
A new way to look at strikeout rates

jopofd-logoBack in March we announced our plans to run a pledge drive during the season to benefit The Jorge Posada Foundation. RAB was growing at an exciting rate, so we decided to take advantage of the increased popularity and do something for the good of mankind.

The terms of the pledge drive were simple: For every strikeout Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy recorded during the season, readers would donate some fixed amount of money to Jorge’s foundation. Most pledged $0.05 per strikeout like I recommended, but others pledged more, including a kind few who pledged $0.50 or even $1.00 per strikeout. All told we received twenty-three pledges, not including the three of us.

The problem was that The Big Three didn’t exactly cooperate with our noble cause. All three pitchers spent time on a disabled list, plus Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy pitched their way out of the bigs by May. At the end of the season, the three combined for just 168 strikeouts at the big league level, 118 of which belong to Joba. Thankfully, just about everyone agreed to boost the strikeout total by counting Hughes’ & Kennedy’s strikeouts from the minor leagues and winter ball towards their pledge. That boosted the K total up to 357.

I collected everyone’s pledgess over the past few weeks, and last night I made the donation to the foundation. When it was all said and done, the total donation made to The Jorge Posada Foundation was $1,050 (I rounded my pledge up to make it nice even number). Despite the holidays and the struggling economy, most people donated more than their pledge called for, and we are grateful. To see a screen cap of the confirmation page, click here. I did add a note saying “Donated by the readers of River Ave. Blues, a full service Yankees fan site,” but apparently that doesn’t get noted on the confo page.

Thank you again to everyone who pledged their hard earned money to this cause, and thanks also the many other bloggers who linked to RAB to spread the word about our efforts. We greatly appreciate all of your guys’ support.

If you missed out on the pledge drive but are interested in making a donation, visit The Jorge Posada Foundation website.

Virtual preview of the New Stadium
A new way to look at strikeout rates
  • The man with 33 fingers

    I’m a new reader to the site, so I missed out on the drive last year. But you can count on me to participate this year. (Although, with CC, AJ, and Joba, it will hopefully get expensive)

    Nice Job RAB!

  • Thermos

    Thanks for organizing this, Mike. Let’s do it again next year!

  • EDUB

    LoHud but no RAB on your quick FireFox links?

    • Mike A.

      That’s what the home button is for. ;)

      • EDUB

        Ah yes that’ll do. I guess I just figure everyone’s got iGoogle on their home page

        • Whozat

          From your mouth to god’s ears:-)

  • Should be working

    Do you use that as a tax write off?

    • Mike A.

      Hah! I should. But nah, I sent out receipts to those that asked for them. I’ll write off the ~$40 I pledged.

      • Should be working

        Gotcha. Would be a nice little write off :d

  • Chofo

    great idea Mike, count me in this year. We can do a lot better than that with all the readers in afull year. How about a $1 fir each Yankee win? It should get interesting

    • Whozat

      In keeping with the statnerditry of rab, we should do $1 for each point of Brett Gardner’s OPS+ times Hughes’ WHIP plus Cano’s BABiP

  • Drew

    good work guys.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Was glad to help. Will do it next season if you want to do it again, as well, though it might be cool to donate to a different cause, like Damon’s WWP.

    • Whozat

      I still like safe at home, myself. I think domestic violence is one of the real root causes of societal ills. Violence begets violence, and troubled home lives drive kids to seek a sense of belonging in gangs, to escape through drugs, and to equate fear with respect.

      • pat

        Very well said man, I never thought of it like that..

  • Sam P.

    Thanks again for organizing. I’m glad I could contribute. Go Yanks!

  • Marsha

    Ditto on the thanks. Always glad to donate for a good cause.

  • Mr. Lebowski

    Google maps Sat Image of Yankee Sadium was shot before they broke ground on the new digs. It is a shot from a game day though. They broke ground 3 years ago or 4?

    • Mike A.

      There’s a Yankee Stadium thread right below this one.

  • Mr. Lebowski

    My bad, it’s hard functioning with half a brain.

  • pat

    We decided to take advantage of the increased popularity and do something for the good of mankind

    Wait, so you sent the check to Mick Foley?

    All kidding aside, that was very noble of you guys. Unfortunately it was before I discovered the place, but you can count me in next year.

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