Open Thread: The Xavier Nady debate


As the Yanks head into Spring Training, they may or may not have a roster with too many outfielders for too few spaces. Johnny Damon is entrenched in left field and the lead-off spot while Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera will seemingly battle it out for center field. In right, Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady offer the Yanks a plethora of platoon options with Hideki Matsui as the DH.

The Yanks could look to trade an outfielder. Damon wouldn’t — and probably shouldn’t — be the one to go while no team would take on Hideki without a guarantee that his knees could hold up. So that leaves Swisher and Nady as the potential trade bait. Swisher had a seemingly poor 2008, but luck had a big role in suppressing his numbers. He also has a better track record than Nady.

But no one seems to generate more discussion than Nady as the Yanks shop their outfielders. In answering some mail this week, Steve Goldman opined about Nady:

What happened to the Yankees’ fondness of Xavier Nady? It seemed like when they got him, the organization really liked him. But now they’re thinking of trading him? Trading away a .305 AVG, 25 HR and 97 RBI from an offense that had trouble scoring runs last year? Does that even make sense? –Tucker

It makes a ton of sense, Tucker, because Nady isn’t really a .305 hitter. In his career, he’s been far closer to the hitter he cooled from his hot pinstriped start, a .268/.320/.474 hitter. As far as corner outfield production goes, it’s subpar. If Nick Swisher gets back on track this year, he’ll get on base much closer to 40 percent of the time and show comparable power. The value in Nady last season was that he was a huge in-season upgrade on Melky Cabrera, who he displaced from the lineup by allowing Johnny Damon to go back to center. That was a very nice move by Brian Cashman to staunch a bleeding wound, but Nady isn’t someone a championship team plans on starting.

Meanwhile, one of the various Steve’s who read RAB wrote in with this take on the X Man:

He’s one of the more misunderstood players on the Yanks, with many believing “he had a fluke year” and “he’s a NL player,” both of which are demonstrably false.

Check out the progression Nady has made over the past 5 years, especially vs righties. (The numbers are BA/OBP/SLG/OPS.)

vs R .178 .213 .311 .524
vs L .344 .417 .563 .979

vs R .223 .270 .431 .700
vs L .323 .400 .452 .852

vs R .263 .312 .424 .736
vs L .336 .418 .551 .969

vs R .274 .322 .479 .802
vs L .295 .356 .463 .819

vs R .317 .357 .529 .886
vs L .262 .361 .444 .805

He has steadily improved from being a platoon player who only hit lefties, to one who hit righties better than lefties last season. Even if that was a peak year for him, if he was to revert to his 2007 line he would still be a fine everyday player and a good replacement for Abreu, especially when you factor in his value as a (slightly better than league average) fielder, and Abreu being the worst RF in the AL by most measures.

Now to the AL/NL stuff:

1st Half .291 .344 .504 .848
2nd Half .255 .303 .425 .728

1st Half .321 .377 .525 .901
2nd Half .284 .333 .492 .825

The middling second half he had leads many Yankee fans to believe that he’s “not an AL player,” but he actually had a similarly weak (.80 drop off in OPS both years) 2nd half in 2007 in the NL, which could say something about his conditioning or training regimen, but not the league. It’s also worth noting that he only became a full time player in 2008 (607 PAs), he had about 500 PAs in 2007/2006 and 356 PAs in 2005. Again, he is progressing from a platoon player to an everyday player.

So what will it be? Should the Yankees trade Xavier Nady? I’d be inclined to keep him as a fourth outfielder, long his traditional role, and if Swisher falters, they have a Plan B. He provides a lot of pop off the bench, and the Yanks don’t need to trade him right now.

Let’s open the floor on this debate with an ever-popular poll, and feel free to use this post as tonight’s open thread.

Should the Yankees trade Xavier Nady?
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  1. Manimal says:

    I say trade him. The fact its a contract year(and hes a Boras Agent) and we gave up Tabata for him should give us back some quality players.

    Scott Proctor signs with Marlins hahahahahahha

  2. The Evil Empire says:

    MLB network is on, anyone watching?

  3. steve (different one) says:

    if they have to trade him to make the money for Pettitte work, i guess they should trade him.

    o/w, i would vote to keep him.

    he’s a solid player, and could play a pretty great role on this team as the 4th OFer.

    how many teams have a 4th OFer as good as Nady? does anyone?

    Nady could play once a week for Damon, once a week for Swisher, DH occasionally against lefties, and maybe play once or twice a week in LF on a day you play Damon or Swisher in CF. there should be 400 ABs in that role.

    also, i’m skeptical that Matsui will play all season and stay healthy and productive. if he breaks down, we will miss Nady.

    but, in an offseason where the organization has gone out and signed every player i wanted them to, i can’t really complain if they feel like they need to shed some salary.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Agreed dude

    • Steve O. says:

      Nady is too good to play too little, and his 6 million he probably will make in Arb. will not strain the Yanks in getting Pettite.

    • deadrody says:

      No way would I consider Nady to be a fulltime “4th outfielder”. Not with guys like Matui and Damon filling 2 slots in the lineup at their elevated ages. I think it would be very easy to work Nady into the lineup on a regular basis to give Matsui and/or Damon days off, and to give the lineup a bit more pop leaving Gardner or Melky on the bench.

  4. Ryan S. says:

    I don’t see much of a need to trade Nady right now. We have the roster space for the guy as of right now and he is relatively inexpensive. He’s good insurance for if Matsui or Swisher are disappointments. The numbers and his age indicate he’s peaking right now, and he’s coming into his first contract year.

    Also, since we have bunch of old guys and Girardi loves to juggle the lineup, both Nady and Swisher are going to get a good amount of playing time. As just one example, I could see wanting to keep Matsui’s knees and Johnny’s legs fresh by having Johnny play DH and Nady/Swisher manning the corners at least once a week.

    Also, who knows what salary dump type opportunities present themselves during the season where Nady could be a solid trade chip.

  5. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    I know Mike doesn’t agree with this arguement, but I believe it has merit.

    Cash traded his #2 position prospect for Nady, so he obviously thinks pretty highly of him. I know we also got Marte in the deal, and he likes him enough to sign him to an extension, but Nady is a RH bat w/ pop, something the Yankees need to go along w/ A-Rod.

    Cash acquired Swisher for basically spare parts. Given that their 2009 salaries will likely be very similar, I believe Cash would be willing to move Swisher before Nady.

    That being said, I don’t think we should trade either of them. They are both relatively inexpensive for ’09, and keeping both of them greatly improves our bench. Also, depending on the market after this season, he might offer Nady arb and potentially get the picks.

    • Jay CT says:

      well according to you we think we should deal melky for sizemore instead of nady.

      • Sweet Dick Willie says:

        When did I ever say that?

        • Jay CT says:

          “We need to built (sic) a package for him preferably fronted with Kennedy and Melkie (sic)

          Why do so many Yankees fans (RABers included) seem to think every player they want can be had for IPK & Melky?

          If a knowledgeable baseball fan (but with no knowledge of the Yankees farm system) wandered over here, he would conclude that IPK & Melky must be our two top prospects.”

          This was the post you made in the previous topic. You said that RABers still are high on Melky and IPK. So, I am pointing out the fact that according to your logic, RABer’s must believe that Melky should be dealt for a star, and we can keep Nady for the bench.

          And you still didn’t address the fact that I make further down. Why would any team give up more then what Cash gave up? Did Swisher suddenly increase his numbers from November till now? Does he warrant more now in 09 then in 08? No. The market for Swisher would be limited, and as Mike Pop says, we need guys under contract.

          • Sweet Dick Willie says:

            The first sentence in my original post was bold . That indicates that I am replying to that post of a previous commenter. I didn’t write it, I am just replying to it.

            If you understood my reply (which you obviously didn’t), I did NOT say that RABers are high on Melky & IPK, but rather they seem to start every trade proposal off with those two, when in reality, those two wouldn’t fetch much of a return.

            I never said that any team would give up more than Cash gave in return for Swisher. What I said was I feel Cash would more inclined to deal Swisher than Nady, because he gave up so much more for Nady.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Nady would get dealt before Swisher unless we got something outstanding for Swish. Swish is going to be on the Yanks in 09.

      • Jay CT says:

        Plus, why would Swisher be worth anything more then the scraps given up? He has done nothing to increase his value except get pinstripes, which although we believe means something, other general managers would only give up what we did.

  6. dan says:

    Doesn’t it kinda sorta depend on who/what they would get in return for him?

    • Exactly. If we get, say, Homer Bailey, Jeff Locke, Nick Adenhart, Engel Beltre, Todd Frazier–basically, perceived “damaged goods” guys who are bouncing back, young players that haven’t put it together, or guys who have average/above-average ceilings–then yes. Anything less, then no.

  7. GG says:

    We all know this depends entirely on the return

  8. GG says:

    Big Ten is such a joke, I wish they would stop sending these teams to marquee games every year

  9. Nady Nation says:

    “but Nady isn’t someone a championship team plans on starting.”

    Sorry Ben, but this statement is absolutely ridiculous. Ricky Ledee started as a corner OF for the Yanks during some of the championship years.

    • Nady Nation says:

      Shit, my bad. Completely misread the context of that. My apologies, Ben

    • GG says:

      agreed and I think we should keep him as a backup plan, but I think the optimal corners to start at the least would be Damon and Swisher…but Swishers flexibility slash if anyone doesnt play well allows everyone to get some time, if great return doesnt present itself, just keep all these guys

      the best deals will probablly come at the deadline anyway, someone will need a bat

    • steve (different one) says:

      Ricky Ledee started as a corner OF for the Yanks during some of the championship years.

      one step further:

      Nady’s career: .280/.335/.458
      Nady’s 2009 Marcel projection: .283/.340/.467

      Tino Martinez 1999: .263/.341/.458
      Tino Martinez 2000: .258/.328/.422

  10. Matt says:

    Preferably, trade him. If not, platoon him at DH w/Matsui.

  11. ???? says:

    Has anyone seen MLB Network. The hot stove show was pretty good and now they are showing the full Don Larsen perfect game, that is pretty damn cool (it even has the original commercials).

    • Manimal says:

      I didn’t see the Hot stove, how was it?

    • the most felonious vocalist in the wide world of showbusiness says:

      I posted this earlier in the thread about the new stadium because I hadn’t read this thread yet:

      Sorry to be off topic but I don’t see an open thread. The MLB Network debuts tonight and within their first hour of existence they’ve got Harold Reynolds and Barry Larkin saying that Joba Chamberlain should be in the bullpen. Al Leiter is there to serve as the voice of reason and even asked them why other teams don’t move their ace to the 8th inning but Reynolds and Larkin remain unconvinced. I’m really excited about the channel (213 on DirecTV) but it sucks that it’s probably going to be dominated by people with this kind of thinking.

      Tom Verducci and Jon Heyman were on earlier talking about free agents and that was pretty comical. Verducci has been off base a few times but he seems like a good guy and he tries to embrace better analysis so I’m happy he’s on the network. Jon Heyman basically exposed himself as a puppet of Boras. He says Texeira’s AAV is the baseline for Manny and he’ll end up getting 3/75 from the Dodgers, maybe even four years. He also said that Derek Lowe will end up getting a much better offer than the current Met offer of 3/36 because he’s clutch and an automatic 12 game winner. Verducci pointed out that another team would have to get involved and Heyman said he could see the Phillies getting involved even though they’ve already made some good signings. Is he talking about Raul Ibanez

  12. Manimal says:

    haha every commercial is about either Gillette Razor or some stupid pocketsized Baseball booklet.

  13. The Evil Empire says:

    O.K, seriously am i the only person who believes Brett nor Melky are not starting?
    Damon LF Swisher CF Nady RF Matsui DH?
    Swisher can play CF, how much are we paying him?

    • Ryan S. says:

      I’m pretty sure Damon ranks ahead of Swisher in the CF depth chart … but if BG/Melky aren’t starting in 2009, its because we made a trade.

    • YankCrank20 says:

      Of courtse Swisher can play CF, so can Johnny…but neither of them can play it well enough to warrant starting them in CF over Brett and Melky. Both Swish and Damon, according to zone rating, are far better corner outfielders and below average centerfielders.

    • Kevin G. says:

      Cashman said Swisher was last on the centerfield depth chart behind Gardner, Melky, and Damon(in no specific order) so even though Swish can play CF, the yankees probably won’t play him there.

  14. Manimal says:

    For those of you watching the perfect game, here is the whole game, inning by inning. Mickey hits a home run now.


  15. Jamal G. says:

    His LD% of 24.6 ranked eight in all of MLB in 2008. In my opinion, that is a huge argument in favor of his “breakout” 2008, rather than his “fluky” 2008. Also, the argument that applies to keep Hideki Matsui in pinstripes is the same that applies to Xavier Nady: the player will be of more value on the club over than whatever he may bring back in a potential trade. I say this because who is really going to give up anything that tantalizing for Nady when he’s not signed past the 2009 season, has a history of being a slightly above-average hitter (107 OPS+ in 2007 was the high of his career prior to his 2008 season in which he posted a 128 OPS+ (105 with the Yanks)), and he faltered in the second half of the season.

    Those reasons are just too much for a club to give up anything of true value for Nady. So, I say we hold on to him and reap his benefits for 2009, rather than trading him to free up space that isn’t exactly hindering the current club.

  16. Manimal says:

    Yikes, I thought 2008′s Ump was bad.

  17. kSturnz says:

    what channel is the mlbnetwork on cable/digital cable?

  18. Miles Roche says:

    I say don’t trade him, but i’m open to the idea if he nets a nice return. . .

    [How about you people adding such an option to the poll?]

  19. mike says:

    Keep it status quo!

    I know we have an abundance of OF’s but remember, Damon and Matsui weree both hurt at various points last year. Who is to say that they can both go through the entire year healthy. You have 3 OF positions and 1 DH spot = 4 total, with 5 guys. That should in theory give one guy a day off each week, allowing them to stay a little more healthy. Plus Swish, gives the option to give Tex a day off once in awhile and Nady (in theory) could play third in a pinch. This team has more versatility than any other we have had in a long time. Options are good, especially when someone goes through a rough patch or needs a day off or just gets hurt. Plus a bat off the bench cannot be a bad thing…

    Who would you guys even presume that we could get for Nady or Swish?

  20. Balls Deep says:

    Nady is Yanks for this year only; trade him with package of relievers/Melky… depending on who’s available.. Starter/CF? Melky and Gardiner will not be opening day CF and they don’t like Swisher as a CF. Damon can’t last the year as CF… so they need one! I still think the talks with Dodgers will open again in a week or so about Kemp.

    The Hot Stove Show on MLB was great; they ran out all the bells and whistles, bringing in Rollins, showing off ‘play studio’, changing into sweats then back to the suits… pretty cool stuff… liked the breakdown of the Robinson steal of home too… that has not been done before… and the Clemente piece was great… like the guys they got there. Wonder how this will cut back on Leiter on YES.

  21. Moshe Mandel says:

    I think you have to use Damon in CF, Nady in left, Swish in RF and Matsui DH as your everyday lineup. Four days a week you give one of those guys off and slot Gardner in at CF. You keep everyone rested and get your best hitters on the field more often than if you have Gardner playing every day.

    • Matt says:

      This I like. A lot.

      Or, you could have Damon in left, BG in CF, Swish in right and platoon Nady and Matsui at DH.

    • Manimal says:

      Don’t underestimate Gardner, he improved toward the end of the year. And Johnny Damon in Center field is not a good Idea, he can’t really throw anymore and he has gotten pretty brittle as an outfielder.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        That’s why I have Damon in CF only twice or three times a week depending on how many games there are in the week. Im willing to sacrifice the defense for more lineup depth a few times a week.

    • Ryan S. says:

      Johnny may just be too old to be the everyday CF, he started to breakdown the last year he was the primary CF.

      All that aside, Cashman has continually stated that BG/Melky are going to be competing for the CF job in ST, and unless we make a trade, that’s how its going to be.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        Eh, Cash also said Teix was not going to happen, Bubba Crosby would start in CF, and A-Rod wouldn’t be a Yankee if he opted out. And in regard to Damon, as I said above, technically, Damon will only play in CF 2-3 times a week under that plan.

        • Ryan S. says:

          I don’t see this situation playing out like those, this is something different. We’ve been playing Damon in LF and kids (mostly Melky) for basically 2 years now. Damon can make spot starts in CF when need be, but I doubt it’ll even be 2 or 3 times a week. Like I said, a trade is still possible, but if we’re filling that spot internally, it’ll be with Gardner or Cabrera.

          • Moshe Mandel says:

            This idea that Damon is brittle is strange. He’s played at least 141 games every year since his rookie season.

            • Mike Pop says:

              Ya but he is older, he was DHing alot, not as quick on the jumo as he used to be. He might be breaking down a bit but it showed this year he is a key member to our team.

              • Moshe Mandel says:

                Agreed. My point was that I think he could still handle CF two or three times a week.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Oops my bad

                • Old Ranger says:

                  I don’t see Johnny playing CF at all in 2009. There is to much of a risk with him out there plus, he isn’t a very good CF anymore. Not playing Brett/ Melkey will not let us know if they can even plat with the big boys and help the team.
                  As Manimal pointed out, some of you are greatly underestimating Bretts’ ability to put some zip back into this team and play well. And Melkey had a very good season in the winter league…he may be a wild card.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  I know you love the farm man but Damon will probably be playing a good amount of CF if we dont make a trade. Your outfield is Damon, Nady, and Swish with Matsui at DH and Brett as your 4th.

  22. Phil McCracken says:

    I’d say hang on to him, and I’m not a Nady fan.

    If he puts up another year like last year, he’ll probably be a Type A free agent. If he doesn’t, he’ll be a B. Both off season scenarios are better than trading him right now with all the free agent outfielders available. If Adam Dunn is having trouble finding a home with his OBP and HR, then Nady isn’t going to be someone that people are going to jump for joy over.

    Yankees can always trade Nady at the deadline as well to someone who needs some pop off the bench. Last year the Pirates were requesting F-Mart from the Mets for Nady. If there is similar demand this year at the deadline, it would be a much better option than dumping him now.

    • Yank Crank says:

      There’s only so much you can get for a guy who will, no matter what, be a free agent 3 months after you acquire him. He’s a Boras guy, what would we really get for Nady in July?

  23. Baseballnation says:

    I say trade him…

    Why wait to spring training? His value is highest now if you consider he’s a much attractive option to alot of teams scouring the FA scene over high priced latter aged OF’s. He also has the higher value over, Melky, Swisher so despite giving up Tabata for him, he can still bring in a decent prospect or prospects.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Its different though because its only 1 year of him as opposed to a year and a half. I dont think we should deal him..yet.. If BG proves to be solid or some fucken way Melky gets better you hold onto him. Nothing wrong with this outfield “surplus” we have. Now if we were going to get J Sanchez or Harang for Nady+ somehow I would look into it but not for “B” prospects.

      • Jay CT says:

        Good thought. I would love to see them get Harang somehow. Big inning eater, big K guy. Would be a fantastic 4th starter.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Oh Harang would be badass. That guy can pitch and the numbers he put up in that ballpark too. He is one of the better pitchers noone thinks about in the game. I know his 2008 sucked but thats why you make a move for him !

        • Balls Deep says:

          Now it’s ok to trade Nady? It’s what i was saying.. package for a pitcher like Harang would be great… Melky has no upside. If he did; his ass would not have been in Pennsylvania in the summer. Nady will do the Scott Boras route of free agency, so it would cost more to keep him more than a year… but i’m sure you’ll edumacate me more -db

  24. boreifs says:

    Why trade him? With the history of injuries to Matsui, the Yanks need one extra outfielder, especially since Swisher can play anywhere. Theoretically, if the Yanks played Damon, Gardner, Nady, and Matsui as regulars and substituted Swisher for each one of them once a week (plus first base in case of a short term injury to Texeira), all five could make significant contributions. After the 2009 season, three of them become free agents and Jackson may be major league ready. That is the time for something to happen in the outfield, not now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an extra outfielder.

  25. Kevin G. says:

    I say keep him unless the deal is too good to give up. You can always trade him at the deadline if need be. If you trade him now for nothing and somebody gets hurt, you’ll be regretting it later.

  26. Mike Pop says:

    I hate Harold Reynolds. Mo, hes bad

  27. Gnome says:

    Nady just seems more like a small market type of guy. I think he looked uncomfortable in pinstripes.

  28. Bill N. says:

    Looking ahead to the broadcast schdule of the MLB network, looks like a lot of the same crap on repeat just like the NFL network. And I know everyone here is excited to watch red sox memories.

  29. A.D. says:

    In reality they should wait, he’ll still have value during the season to the teams that missed out on FAs and see themselves in the hunt

    • Mike Pop says:

      Ya man.. Completely agree

    • Yank Crank says:

      Yeah but what advantage would we have in dealing him at the trade deadline? Whoever trades for him will have him for only 3 months…what realistic value can we get for that? At that point you may as well keep him and get the draft pick when he rejects arb.

  30. Alan says:

    Usain Bolt was selected as the 2008 Athlete of the Year by the International media over Michael Phelps. Can I just say how complete bullshit this is? -NOBODY- expected Michael Phelps to be able to break Spitz’s record for number of golds. Usain Bolt is a flash in the pan name who is going to be all but forgotten the next time the Summer Olympics roll around and someone else breaks his times. I expect Phelps’ record for number of golds to be standing for at least a decade. The media continues to…not surprise me.

  31. LC says:

    The FA market is littered with corner outfielders…why would a team want to give up good prospects for Nady when they can get Bradley for a one year deal or Abreu for a small amount?

    The Yanks should wait til the trade deadline when teams are more desperate and are looking for something to put them over the top, or have injured corner outfielders.

    At the trade deadline, the Yanks have more of a bearing on how much they need him (also he’s better in the first half so they’d get more production from him than the team they are giving him to).

  32. Steve O. says:

    I see Nady a good fit with the Reds, White Sox, Rays, Astros, Arizona, and the Rockies. Not sure if I left anyone out.

    • E-ROC says:

      Giants, though Sabean doesn’t want one year deals on players.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Id cross the Astros, D-Backs, and Rockies off the list. Astros and Zona cuz of monetary concerns and Rockies just because they have a bunch of guys who can play the outfield plus younger guys coming.

  33. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Harold Reynolds just put his hand on Hazel Mae’s ass.

  34. LC says:

    on mlb network they just had a great shot of a-rod grabbing his crotch…

    thanks mlb network

  35. Balls Deep says:

    Harold is trying too hard to get the chemistry he had with Kruk…

  36. christopher says:

    the only reason that i tade nady is:

    A: they can get a great package of young player for him (doubtful as pointed out by a previous poster given the gluttony of free agent corner outfielders)

    B: They have plans on upgrading over him – personally I would still love to see them go after Adam Dunn. I just cant get over him

    If they trade nady for money to free up to sign petitte, i will shit myself. that would be horrible

    On an unrelated note, it seems that Ben sheets may be amenable to a one year deal based on the lack of interest in him. If the yankees were willing to give petitte a one year 10 million offer, why not give the same to sheets with some incentives. he is looking to go out and improve his value for next season.

  37. Joey H says:

    Nady as a fourth outfielder. That cracks me up. A guy who in this thread was said to be getting better and settling into his role as a FT player. And yeah, just as he progresses, lets stick him and his 97 RBI on the bench. I’ll never get it

  38. 'The' Steve says:

    Thanks again to Ben for posting that. Now if I could just stop getting him to refer to me as “one of our various Steve’s” I know its a running joke around here, but now its happened to me a few times. I think I need a better name or something.

  39. MattG says:

    Nady as a fourth OF? Add in the ‘other’ CF and Matsui, and the Yankees are dressing six. One has to move, and being that Nady is the only one with a chance to sell high on, he’s the right man to move.

  40. Mike Pop says:

    Lol.. J-Roll is funny

  41. Chris says:

    I saw trade both Swisher and Nady…free that money up, and get Manny. Now that’s a lineup pitchers will really dread facing.

  42. Matthew Cohen says:

    Anyone who thinks that Damon and Matsui will or should play 150 games, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    The Yanks should rotate 4 players at the 3 spots (RF, LF and DH) with Nady as a late inning defensive replacement for Damon if he is sitting.

  43. Old Ranger says:

    Ok guys, what do we do with Melkey?
    Everyone keeps talking as though there are only 4 OFs, we have 5, six counting Matsui. Do we send Melkey down again, if he can’t beat out Brett? Or do we keep all six players? I would be suprised if (given a chance) Brett doesn’t beat him out.

    • christopher says:

      they must be able to get a minor league player with a mid-ceiling or a relief pitcher for him. the bullpen was great, but look around baseball, bullpens are expplosive and rarely are consistant year to year.

      on that note – they should look long and hard at juan cruz.

      by the way – didnt fuentes get 10 million per seaon – wouldnt he have been a far better addition to this team than petitte. mo isnt going to last forever.

      one other thing – i apologize for this as it is off topic, but apparently adam dunn and the dodgers are in discussions for a contract (bad idea for dunn -watch those 40 homers turn into 40 real fast), but anyway if the dodgers were to sign Dunn, where does manny go?

      if the yanks could ever get rid of matsui’s contract would they offer manny a 2 year 50 million dollar deal? to me that makes them the odds on favorite for the WS – payroll be damned

  44. Balls Deep says:

    Melky’s gone… keep Gardiner up rather than him, if all stays the same, why keep more than Damon, Swisher, Nady, Gardiner, Matsui. That’s not impressive…though we have the strongest hitting infield in baseball.

  45. The Evil Empire says:

    We need to trade Melky and Matsui leave Nady alone.
    Next year, we’ll have Damon DH Nady RF Brett CF Holliday RF

    1.Damon LF/DH
    2.Jeter SS
    3.Holliday RF
    4.A-Madonna 3B
    5.Tex (yes 5th) 1B
    6.Posada C
    7.Nady RF
    8.Cano 2B
    9.Brett CF

    Does anyone think acquiring Matt is a possibility?

    • Balls Deep says:

      Who does Billy Beane like in our system? IPK, Hughes, Jackson? take a few relievers and Melky… no one will take Matsui now with injury issues, just gotta hope he bounces back and is good as DH.

      • The Evil Empire says:

        Well, we don’t have to get him from the A’s, he;s a FA after this season, i think we can go through 09 with out him, but i really want him for 2010

    • The Evil Empire says:

      oops i meany Nady LF

  46. Chris says:

    Swisher and Nady are engine parts…now Manny…he’s an engine. They should trade these guys for minor leaguers to recoup the loss of draft picks in June, meanwhile 3 yrs/75 mil to Manny. Melky could be insurance for Hideki if his knees dont hold up, or Brett Gardiner for that matter.

    Granted, getting Manny feels like selling your soul with the whole “gas is up and so is Manny”…but there’s no doubting the man’s bat. Our outfield D will take a hit as well, since you would have to hide Manny in rightfield. But, there’s no doubt we’d be back to producing ballpark 1000 runs with that lineup.

  47. Balls Deep says:

    If Manny’s coming… 2 years/58 mil…1st year is honeymoon and Manny will be happy with all the $$… 2nd year is a contract year again…

  48. NY Yankee Fan says:

    If we could get Manny at 3 years 65 to 70, why offer two years at 58? Remember, Manny did not appear to take issue with the dollar amount of the Dodger 2 year 45 offer, but the fact that it was only 2 years.

    Finally, keep in mind that if we sign Manny then we cannot sign Andy.

    On this note, if we sign Manny, where would he fit in terms of draft compensation? I assume the Jays would move from our 3rd round pick to the 4th round and the Dodgers would get our 3rd round pick?

  49. VO says:

    guys lets please stop talking about nady being traded suddenyl nady nation is getting very depressed

  50. Dave says:

    nady is the only good trading candidate the yanks really have- matsui wont get back a bag of balls unless we pay a good chunk of salary and even then, prolly not much and we practically gave up nothing to get swisher this off season so how in the world would we ever get anything back for hin?

    On the surface, nady looks like a player on the rise but to me, swisher is far better and poised for a comeback season. Nady has some poor obp but his other stats are certainly worth of starting in rightfield yet, for the yanks he may not because we have swish. Nady plus some prospects could net us a solid return like huston street perhaps to pitch the eighth or a better centerfielder than gardner. I dont really care what nady’s stats breakdown is as I am almost positive swisher will have more homeruns next year than nady and a far, far better obp – the 2 things that matter for those two players. Plus, swisher will be superior defensively in rightfield i would imagine. We shuld trade nady and some of our abundance of pitching prospects for street now that the closer market is barren and then, trade for cameron and sign sheets or re-sign andy. That team is better on paper than 1998.

    Damon L
    Jeter R
    Tex S
    Arod R
    Matsui L
    Posada S
    Cano L
    Swisher S
    Cameron R

    Chamberlain/ Hughes/ Aceves

    Geise/ Coke/ Kennedy

    Thats a 115 win team. The lineup has power, speed and high obp. The lineup is powerful and young and the bullpen is strong and could be unhittable at times. Best thing is cameron will be replaces next year by AJax and damon by Holliday. Posada will replace matsui sometimes and montero can replace posada at some point as catcher. Sheets can be replaced by hughes in 2 years and hughes will step in when (not IF) someone if injured. Veras/Ramirez/Bruney in the seventh, Street in eighth and rivera in the ninth is a knock out punch. Geise/Coke and kennedy all can serve as long man at times as could aceves if he is not starting. Cox and melancon will come in later on to fill out the pen as the season wears on.

    • ryan says:

      Nady hit more homeruns in 08 than swish. Nady has been progressing while Swish has been on the decline. If swish is so great, the yanks should have a better chance of getting back what they want from another team. Nady had some big hits for the yanks regardless of people pointing out that he cooled off down the stretch. A guy like swish could rebound but if he doesn’t paying 9 mill for him next yr is gonna make him pretty hard to trade.

      Street would be a nice addition to the yanks if it’s even possible. Im guessing not, so the BP will probably be:

      melancon/abaladejo/Robertson – all 3 of these guys would probably work.
      Giese/Aceves – Kennedy is a starter and that’s how they’ll leave him or trade him, there’s too many good arms with better stuff for the pen.

    • ryan says:

      Nady hit more homeruns in 08 than swish. Nady has been progressing while Swish has been on the decline. If swish is so great, the yanks should have a better chance of getting back what they want from another team. Nady had some big hits for the yanks regardless of people pointing out that he cooled off down the stretch. A guy like swish could rebound but if he doesn’t paying 9 mill for him next yr is gonna make him pretty hard to trade.

      Street would be a nice addition to the yanks if it’s even possible. Im guessing not, so the BP will probably be:

      melancon/abaladejo/Robertson – all 3 of these guys would probably work.
      Giese/Aceves – Kennedy is a starter and that’s how they’ll leave him or trade him, there’s too many good arms with better stuff for the pen.

  51. Emily says:

    I’m sick of the ‘trade Nady’ talk. Why not give him a yr. to continue on to show what he has and if it really is a ‘fluke’? He’s still young and cheap at $3 mil. I don’t see the necessity of trading any of them really as you get more options. The Yankees are going to need every bit of offense and I don’t see this logic by a major downgrade in offensive output with Gardner or Cabrera(most especially Gardner) being your only options.

    • MattG says:

      The Yankees have six outfielders. One of them needs to move. If Gardner or Melky is going to start, the other is a perfectly acceptable fifth outfielder.

      Nady’s value is at its peak right now for the reasons you mention.

      When you add it together (the Yankees need to trade an outfielder + Nady’s value is at its high point) it is fairly obvious why Nady is being shopped.

      Assuming there is a GM that will pay a price for Nady’s 2008 season, this should benefit the team very well.

  52. Joseph M says:

    In all the various Yankee glory eras the team was loaded with players. The fact that the outfield picture looks crowded right now means nothing. Damon gets hurt, Gardner gets off to a two for fifty start and all of a sudden the crowded outfield looks empty.

    Options are good, a bench with talent is essential especially in the case of an older team.

  53. Bronx Cheer says:

    I think the Yanks are so low on Melky right now that there is no way they trade one of the other potential OFers. Matsui is no longer a every day fielder. He’ll DH full time, alternate getting days off against lefties with Damon and Gardner/Melky, and occasionally play in left field (with the strong caveat that a significant injury to one of the everyday outfielders or a complete implosion by one of Gardener/Melky, Nady, or Swisher could push him into playing the Of when he has no business doing so – think Bernie Williams).

    Nady isn’t an untouchable, mind you. He can be moved in a deal that is good for the big league club – not just for prospects or to clear salary or a roster spot. I just think the Yanks don’t see themselves as having a surplus of OFers that would necessitate a trade.

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