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40-man roster issues make further dealings difficult
Braves lock up Lowe for four years

Catching up on a news item from the over the weekend, we find Maury Brown at the Biz of Baseball talking about the success of the YES Network. Now that the final 2008 numbers are in, the YES Network has emerged as the most watched regional sports network in the nation for the sixth consecutive year.

According to Brown’s compilation, “YES averaged 29,000 TV in total day delivery, 16% more than #2 NESN, which averaged 25,000 households.” Take that, Boston. Meanwhile, this 29,000 total was just 2,000 less than the combined total delivery of MSG, MSG Plus and the Mets’ SportsNet NY. Talk about crushing the competition.

Meanwhile, when the Yankees are on TV during primetime, YES draws an average of 72,000 households. Game telecasts, according to the YES Network press release, “regularly out-performed ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS programs in New York. For example, from May 28 to August 7, primetime YES Yankees telecasts were the #1-rated program in the New York DMA 24 out of 25 game days in TV households, Men 18+, Men 18-49, Men 25-54, Adults 18-49, Adults 25-54, and Total Viewers 2+.” While that’s a lot of TV ratings mumbo-jumbo to the untrained ear, in a nutshell, that simply means more money for the Yankees.

In terms of local popularity, it’s not that close. Thirty-three Yankee telecasts earned a 5.0 rating or higher while just seven of SNY’s Mets telecasts reached such lofty levels. They may have been a mediocre, over-paid and under-performing team in 2008, but the Yankees still reel in the viewers. For the bottom line, that’s a very good thing indeed, and with even more expectations placed upon the star-filled 2009 team, I would expect a seventh year of YES dominance.

40-man roster issues make further dealings difficult
Braves lock up Lowe for four years
  • jsbrendog

    much to my girlfriend’s chagrin, YEs was the first thing that was turned on the second I got home from work and it usually stayed on except for commercials.

  • A.D.

    Imagine what the ratings could be this year with a larger park, some shiny new players, and a brand new ballpark…plus slightly less seating.

    Could be a banner year for YES

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Plus, everybody will be too broke to do anything all summer long except sit at home watching television… (provided that they haven’t already cancelled their cable)

      • jsbrendog

        ctime warner raised prices and other companies are probably going to follow suit. more people than you think will prob be canceling their cable.

        I don’t even have cable. I’m lucky because I live in an old ocnverted house that is now 3 1 bedrooms, 1 on each floor and because of that since one person has a box i get free basic just by plugging into the wall, comes with everything uncluding yes, both espns, spike, fx, cartoon, comedy central etc. only thing they took was animal planet…bastards,,

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          only thing they took was animal planet…bastards,,

          So now you can’t watch those monkeys having sex shows that you love so much, eh jsb? So sad…

          • jsbrendog

            no more rhinorotica

  • Jake H

    Money is just rolling in to the Yanks.

  • usty

    Oh man, you guys should’ve done this Mike and the MadDog style and had one of you ask the others what they thought the ratings were.

    (Did anyone ever get that bit? Seriously. They took 40 minutes to discuss ratings that no one cared about. Who liked it? Who came up with the idea? Like, “I got it. Dog, you’ll ask Mike what the ratings are, and he’ll spit out random numbers for 3 breaks. It’ll be gold!)

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Worst. Radio bit. Ever.

  • THU

    I know I watched.

  • Brad

    Does anyone know if these numbers include games that are broadcast on the MLB Extra Innings package? Currently MLB offers each game on 4 channels. You can get either teams broadcast and/or HD or non HD. I watch YES through Extra Innings in Cleveland. I wonder if the numbers account for that. If not then viewership is even higher.

    • Rick in Boston

      Good point – I do the same thing.

  • Kevin M.

    That 72,000 number is not for when the Yankees games are on, it’s an average of all nights. I believe when the games are on it you’d need to add a 0 to that number to make it accurate. There is no chance that only 72,000 households are tuning in to watch Yankee games.

  • Mike

    I just wish that they had it as a choice on my cable, instead of having to get a satelite down here in Florida. I’d be willing to pay more for it.

  • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

    Those are great TV numbers. I hope YES can start the push to be much more than just a regional sports network and start getting all over every regions cable sports packages. Satellite owners and FIOS in some areas can get YES with a sports package, if they can hit the rest of the country via digital cable sports packages and / or pay channel situations I think they could more than triple their local numbers.

  • Whitey14

    I realize I’m just an idiot, the numbers don’t make sense to me. 29,000 people watching in NY is better than 25,000 people watching in Boston? Wouldn’t that be like awarding the guy with the most hits the Batting Title instead of the guy with the best average? With three times the population shouldn’t New York have three times the viewers? Plus, there are probably 72,000 people in Maine watching NESN when the Red sox are on because most of have nothing better to do. Don’t attack me because I’m truly missing something here, but explain it to me so I won’t seem so retarded. (if that’s possible)