Canon reups Yankee sponsorship

Open Thread: Girardi names the rotation
Obstructed view bleacher seats drop to $5

While many sports franchises are having trouble securing sponsorships in today’s economy, the Yankees seem to be doing okay for themselves. Today, Canon announced that they will renew their Yankee sponsorship for the next three years. Canon will now be the Official Digital Camera, Copier, SLR Camera and Printer of the Yanks and will receive signage on the left field wall and on the rotation ad block behind home plate. The company will sponsor a promotional day in May as well at which the first 18,000 fans will receive a cap with the Canon and Yankees logos. While that hat sounds like an instant collector’s item, the quote from Jack Suzuki, a Canon official, was even better: “We hope to see many Yankees home runs hit over our sign throughout the season

Open Thread: Girardi names the rotation
Obstructed view bleacher seats drop to $5
  • Drew

    Canon? who cares, as long as I have my W.B. Mason fix i’m straight.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    My camera’s a canon. I have nearly 2000 pictures on my memory card (and 2000 more on two older memory cards).

    It’s a small enough camera that I can take it wherever I want and I get really good quality photos, even on modified settings.

    Just wish the camera batteries didn’t suck so much.

  • Ryan S.

    Every so often, Robinson Cano will jack one out of the park and there will be a picture taken of him blocking out the “N” in the Canon sign as he jogs the bases. I enjoy those moments.

    • jsbrendog

      and somehow somewhere john stirling will come up with some obnoxious homerun call to tie it all together. users eveyrwhere throw up in their mouths a little.