Congress shoves A-Rod over the shark


Who didn’t see this one coming? Per Jim Baumbach:

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) plans to recommend to the head of the congressional committee that has previously hosted baseball players that A-Rod receive an invite to testify about his steroid use, Cummings told Newsday last night.

“I think we’re going to have to see what Rodriguez will tell us,” Cummings said in a phone interview.

“He is in a confessing mode, so maybe he needs to put his apology into some meaningful action by cooperating with the committee so we can see if there are things we need to reopen to make sure baseball is doing all that it can to rid itself of this kind of practice.”


Cummings said last night that he is pleased Rodriguez admitted his steroid use in the wake of the Sports Illustrated report that he failed a steroid test in 2003. But Cummings said he was troubled when he heard Rodriguez’s reasoning for taking illegal performance-enhancing drugs beginning in 2001.

“When he says in his admission that he knew he was viewed as a top player making all this money but he needed basically some backup so he can make sure he reached his goals, it sounded like somebody who was trying to catch up with a reputation that had preceded him,” Cummings said.

“When I heard that, I could not help but think of the scrawny kid who doesn’t have a reputation. What about them? Or the kids that are very talented. They see a Rodriguez who commits a crime — it is illegal to do what he did — and who basically violates policies of the game and gets rich.”

Oh, please. Talk about a self-serving politician. Elijah Cummings is sooooo concerned about the kids that he wants to get on TV when A-Rod comes to Washington. Think of his reputation the children.

Remember: Cummings would be quizzing A-Rod on a failed drug test from 2003 and PED use from 2001-2003. If Congress gets to revisit baseball’s bad decisions from seven years ago, can we revisit Congress’ bad decisions from the same time period?

This is grandstanding at its finest, and while A-Rod will appear before a House committee if he is subpoenaed, it will simply allow a bunch of politicians to have their day in the A-Rod spotlight and nothing more. Are we done now that Congress has yet again poked its nose unnecessarily into baseball’s business?

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  1. Bill from NJ says:

    lots of crossing out happening.

  2. A.D. says:

    Lack of formatting FAIL

    • Arin says:

      Or is it? Ben could be just ready to move on from the whole “A-Roid” saga. Or maybe he’s just trying out a new look for the website. You never know, but I have a feeling that you’re right.

    • pat says:

      Technically it would be formatting fail or lack of formatting FTW. Lack of formatting fail would be a double negative.

  3. Steve S says:

    this really deserves one of those “Really?” bits they put on SNL, in the current economic crisis, Congress will convene to speak to Arod about steroids? Really? Really?

  4. George from Jersey says:

    I mean sure the steroid arod thing makes me upset to, but to cross out every article about it just seems silly :-)

  5. LosingOurHeads says:

    Thank goodness this country has nothing better to worry about!

  6. mustang says:

    Oh my god my computer is on roids everything is being cross out.

  7. rbizzler says:

    This is political suicide by Cummings right now. As much as people dislike Alex, I am sure that people think that there are more important things for Congress to be doing with themselves. Enough with the grandstanding.

    • usty says:

      Seriously let’s not worry about 8% unemployment or complete financial meltdown or the BIGGEST spending package in the history of the world.
      A-Rod did roids. Get him in here.


      • Matt says:

        Do you realize that this is just one of the eleventy-billion committees in the house? It’s not all of congress and it’s not like it takes precedent over anything else. It’s also worth noting that Major League Baseball is essentially the only legal monopoly left in the country so if the government wants to poke their heads in for some oversight, it’s probably pretty kosher.

        • rbizzler says:

          I find it funny that they only want to ‘poke their heads in’ when it comes to steroids and not concerning any other issues surrounding the sport. I haven’t seen any oversight hearings concerning revenue sharing, luxury tax or other collective bargaining issues. Just steroids. The time for grandstanding is over as Rep. Cummings already had his chance to show how little he knows about baseball during the Clemens fiasco (aka waste of taxpayer dollars).

          • Matt says:

            “chance to show how little he knows about baseball during the Clemens fiasco”

            Ha! No! That was my former Rep. Chris Shays.

            • rbizzler says:

              You are from CT?! I grew up there but haven’t lived there for ten years or so. IIRC, Cummings was pretty bad too.

              • Matt says:

                Yeah, I’m from Greenwich and I’m a senior at UConn. Where’d you live?

                • rbizzler says:

                  I live in DC and am from Trumbull originally. I just got my opening day tix for the Yanks at Camden Yards on Friday and the A-rod news broke on Saturday. Talk about short-lived euphoria.

                • Nady Nation says:

                  rbizzler –
                  I’m looking into making the trip down to Baltimore for opening day. How did you get tix/what do you think is the most affordable way of doing so?

                • rbizzler says:

                  It was a complicated process that involved badgering the Orioles ticket office for a few weeks until they relented. The basics are such, they don’t plan on putting opening day tix on sale as single game tickets. They use them as enticements to sell season ticket packages. I missed out on the holiday ticket packs which included opening day and three other games of your choice. I got them to sell me a six game pack (I live in DC so I make it up there frequently) so I could get tix to opening day and to another Yankee game.

                  They told me that there is a slim chance that they could put some opening day tickets on sale through the website, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I now have a contact in the ticket office and would be glad to forward you his contact info if Ben, Mike or Joe could facilitate me not having to post my email in the forum.

                  Otherwise, stubhub, craigslist, etc. are your best options.

                • Nady Nation says:

                  I would definitely appreciate that. I have my eye on a few ebay auctions, but I wanted to try to call their box office first. Thanks a lot

          • I haven’t seen any oversight hearings concerning revenue sharing, luxury tax or other collective bargaining issues. Just steroids.

            Are revenue sharing, luxury tax, or other collective bargaining issues things that Congress should be looking into?

            While I don’t think ARod should be kept out of the Hall for doing steroids, I do think that steroids are a health risk and their prevalence across sports is a national concern and that Congress should do what is in it’s power to eradicate them from sports. There’s nothing wrong with a Congressional investigation into steroid use aimed at choking off their availability and removing dangerous chemicals from public availability.

            I’m not aware of a huge, national problem or concern related to the financial workings of the CBA of Major League Baseball. (And in any event, there is a NLRB oversight body that deals with CBA issues, so if there was one, it would be investigated).

            • rbizzler says:

              I was commenting on the fact that Congress uses the anti-trust exemption as a tool to grandstand on this one particular issue.

              If they are so interested in eradicating steroids, why isn’t Radomski up there testifying about where he got all of the shit he sold people out of the Mets clubhouse. McNamee was brought before the committee to nail Clemens, not to enlighten the rep’s about steroid distribution. I watched the proceedings in their entirety (unemployed at the time) and they didn’t ask him anything about where he was getting all of the substances he was providing to Clemens, etc.

              If you are worried about the kids, why aren’t they trying to figure out the supply chain and preventing access? Instead, they want to ask repetitive questions of superstar players, and superstars only.

              • Okay, that I get. I will agree that in the actual subcommittee hearings, some of the dolts in Congress (like Tom Davis) were doing nothing but either fawning over Roger’s greatness or trying to make Roger a monster. Yes, the risk run by these subcommittee hearings is that politicians with an agenda and constituencies to please will try and score political points and torpedo the actual investigative and policy-making aspects of this (like Brodsky trying to score points during the Yankee Stadium hearings, for example).

                But that doesn’t mean the hearings as a whole aren’t good and valuable. If not for the subcommittee hearings on steroids, Selig and the MLB probably never would have enacted the steroid policy we have in the first place. That action for the good of the game grew out of the threat of Congressional power to remove the anti-trust.

                The hearings were far from perfect, but they did more good than harm, I’d say.

                • Bo says:

                  I can find just as many doctors who think steroids help your health. They obviously do if doctors are prescribing them to ill patients. Why can’t normal people take them to look and feel better? Why arent they being tested by the FDA?

            • Robert Akers says:

              If it is such a problem where are the football players that are suspended every week in the NFL. To me we are getting the same standard here. Even if the NFL already has a policy it definatly is not working. Why are they not getting frog marched to congress? The politicans can grandstand all they want with MLB but until they show the same concern with the NFL . It is definatly maore of a problem in the NFL than MLB. And there is a problem with congress doing anything with this right now. They can start by getting rid of all the pork in this so called stimulis bill. That would be a start. And if it is such a problem for them I did not see them put any money towards preventing steroid use in this crap bill. Congress needs to get there own house in order before they start grandstanding. How about starting with paying there taxes. I find it hard to be lectured by people that have one standard for themselves and another for us common folks.

        • usty says:

          Yeah, I get it. But, again, why waste the time even in committee? It’s nothing but grandstanding horsecrap designed to get whatever pols name/face in the paper and on the news. It will solve jacksh*t and be a waste of time.

          • Matt says:

            Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m just tired of people acting like all of Congress would convene and every other issue would get dropped like it’s hot. It would seem that many people didn’t pay attention in Civics class.

            • usty says:

              Yeah, but I just hate when they bring up these “hot button” topics that solve nothing and provide nothing other than serving as a talking point for their own reelection. Violence on TV, Videogames, Music with bad words, blah blah. All meaningless, “Won’t somebody think of the children?” crap.

              Career politicians are ruining America.

  8. E-ROC says:

    Lets get some publicity since A-Rod is in the confessing mood.

  9. Cummings is just angry because the O’s where one of the biggest juicer organizations and yet they couldn’t do anything with it.


  10. WhizzoTheWize says:

    Whizzo sayz:

    What, the economy is fixed already?

  11. mustang says:

    The country is in a recession and on the path to a depression and Mr. Cummings wants A-Rod to testify on his admission.
    Maybe we need to send some HGH to Capital Hill.
    God knows they need performance enhancement.

    • UWS says:

      IETC (and I hardly ever agree with anything you say!)

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      God knows they need performance enhancement.

      Obviously they do need performance enhancement, but just as steroids won’t turn a no-talent individual into a superstar, I’m afraid PEDs won’t have any positive effect on these talentless assclowns.

    • The country is in a recession and on the path to a depression and Mr. Cummings wants A-Rod to testify on his admission.


      • JeffG says:

        I do understand the wish to tackle the problem of drugs in our society but do you really think that having a congressional hearing is the most efficient way to do that? Or do you think that some politicians are going to enjoy a little face time.

        On the economy – They obviously are proving that they have not developed a well thought out plan. TARP has been wasted and there is little to effect that it is actually being used for some of it’s stated goals i.e. to provide liquidity.
        I don’t think people are off base to hope that a little more time is spent on fixing our bigger problems.

        • For the umpteenth time: Congress is huge. There are thousands and thousands of people that work there.

          Holding several hearings on steroids does not stop or prevent them in any way from also simultaneously addressing other issues. This argument that they shouldn’t be “wasting their time” on this while there’s other, bigger problems to solve doesn’t hold water.

  12. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    If Congress gets to revisit baseball’s bad decisions from seven years ago, can we revisit Congress’ bad decisions from the same time period?

    Unfortunately, we need not go back that far to uncover HORRENDOUS decisions. A month should about do it.

  13. E-ROC says:

    Peter Abe on 1st Take.

  14. Rich says:

    Obviously, these Congressmen/woman know that it’s a lot easier to grandstand about PEDs than it is to attempt to solve the intractable problems that are putting this country at risk. They aren’t fooling anyone. Can you say backlash? Because that’s what they are risking.

  15. steve (different one) says:

    this could really backfire on Alex though.

    he better have his story STRAIGHT if he goes in front of congress, b/c we have seen that there are some people out there who will stop at nothing to bring people down for something that really doesn’t matter all that much IN THE REAL WORLD.

  16. Jamal G. says:

    “When I heard that, I could not help but think of the scrawny kid who doesn’t have a reputation. What about them?

    This quote is annoying. What, I’m supposed to feel sorry for some High School kid that is a no-talent ass-clown? Seriously, what about them? Huge stars that use steroids are not a hindrance on the “scrawny kid” having a chance to play baseball on a professional level, their utter lack of talent is.

  17. andrew says:

    holy crap. come on, we are in the middle of a freaking recession here. congress lets focus on getting people jobs and retirement plans. not freaking steroid usage in baseball. I’m fairly certain it is not in Congress’s mandate to regulate professional sports. STOP TRYING TO WIN A REELCTION. instead help the labor market return to normal so when i graduate this semester, im not left on the streets.

  18. pat says:

    There is only one more thing on this god given green earth that could put me in a more murderous rampage than elected officials that want to hobnob with athletes and parade them around congress. Anybody watch the clemens spectacle? That one congressman was like ” oh hey rodger I just have one question’ What hat are you going to wear in the Hall of Fame?” Hardy har har everybody gets a good laugh whole the souls of working class america dies a little inside seeing this is how our government operates

  19. I am a third generation Yankee fan and I don’t want to engage in partisan politics, nor do I believe the team is tied to one party or the other.

    But I can’t fail to see the irony of George Mitchell, a Yankee Hater, and a man who has a stake in the Red Sox leading the charge on this issue.

    Remember that Steinbrenner has historically been a Republican and was outed for a couple of years due to his illegal contributions to Nixon in ’72.

    ESPN is a den of Yankee bashing scumbags….

    Elijah while you are at it can you investigate the coke Obama snorted when he was at Columbia University w/ his Pakistani drug dealing roomate?

    Or since Obama is “depressed” (Mr. Hope and Change) about this revelation, how about his cigarette indulgence, we now know he “cheated” during the campaign, notwithstanding his promise to Michelle, and smoked some cigs.

    Give me a break…..This is complete and utter bullshit!!!

    A-Rod, for better or for worse, is a Yankee, he is part of OUR FAMILY, WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN……

  20. Jersey says:

    Ugh. Watch this video, then re-read these self-serving comments without getting angry.


    If you can’t watch the video, I’ll just tell you, it’s a Congressman speaking a couple weeks ago about how the WORLD ECONOMY CAME WITHIN HOURS OF COLLAPSE.

    What’s it matter if kids know steroids are bad if they’re eating out of a dumpster.

  21. jsbrendog says:


    please god save us and fast forward time to spring training. i couldnt give two shits about any of this. hell, i dont give one shit

  22. Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

    Getting tired of every 3rd post having external links. Make your point here in this forum please…


    PS Ster-Rod was never “one of us” and if there was a small chance he could be at some point, he just blew it.

    …and Obama should have bitch-slapped the reporter who asked hm about A-Roid last night.

    • Matt says:

      “PS Ster-Rod was never “one of us” and if there was a small chance he could be at some point, he just blew it. ”

      What does that even mean?

    • steve (different one) says:

      Make your point here in this forum please…

      you are running a great blog here. keep it up.

    • A.D. says:

      Getting tired of every 3rd post having external links. Make your point here in this forum please…

      There are 2 posts with external links on this thread…one is a video.

    • usty says:

      External links are way better than someone copying and pasting an entire article. Some people like reading additional points.

      And thank you for defining “us” to me. You’re right, he never was a commenter on a blog about the Yankees.

      As for being a “true” Yankee (the most ridiculous notion ever) he puts on the jersey. I will cheer for him like I did Pettitte and Giambi and be happy as hell when he puts up at least .300-40-120 this year. I’m sorry you can’t “enjoy” it now. I for one hope he leads the Yankees to #27 winning MVP’s along the way.

  23. Jon W. says:

    Thanks for the rant, Ben. Any post bashing the self-serving politicians who got us into the crisis we have today is a job well done.

  24. Dwight Schrute says:

    What’s the difference between A-Rod and Barry Bonds?

  25. Jake H says:

    I’m tired of these congressmen doing this just to get on t.v. fix the economy and the country before putting your nose in baseball.

  26. Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

    “one of us” refers to guys who bleed Yankee blood. Some fans qualify. Some plaers qualify. Ster-Rod does not…

    You know you can post thoughts without making fun of people. Hey THERE’S an ORIGIONAL thought!

    If you disagree, feel free. It does not make my thoughts less valuable. Comments like these “That means Scott was a part of the dynasty and A-Rod wasn’t. Take us back to the promise land, Scott.” have no place in a great forum like this. I think that gets away from some posters sometimes.


    • steve (different one) says:

      please post the list so we’ll know who is and who isn’t “one of us”.

      it will just make things easier for everyone.

    • Matt says:

      Pot? Kettle? Black?

      This notion of “true Yankees” is one of the biggest pieces of bullshit in the baseball landscape and it makes me absolutely sick.

      • Nady Nation says:

        Well, that’s why you’re not one of us, Matt.

      • “True Yankee” = invented, romanticized, nonintellectual bullshit.

        For everyone who, like Scott, thinks ARod will never be a “True Yankee” and that he’s not “one of us”: At the end of the day, ARod will have played for the Yankees for a minimum of 14 years. That’s 14 years more than you. If his presence on the team disgusts you and it’s an ARod vs. You decision, you lose. GO AWAY. Take your sanctimonious, holier-than-though self-serving superiority and grandstanding with you and enjoy rooting for the Washington Nationals. We won’t miss you.

        • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

          Again it gets personal…

          “GO AWAY. Take your sanctimonious, holier-than-though self-serving superiority and grandstanding with you and enjoy rooting for the Washington Nationals. We won’t miss you.”

          Ideas should be exchanged..not personal Bullshit insults.

          I can take it without saying “tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside” is a friggin idiot. GO AWAY. Take your sanctimonious, holier-than-though self-serving superiority and grandstanding with you and enjoy rooting for the Washington Nationals. We won’t miss you.”. On the contrary, I generally enjoy your posts. I just disagree with you on this matter.

          Why make it personal?

          I’ll quit on this point. I can’t stay and argue for hours….


          • Matt says:

            Yet saying someone isn’t a “true” Yankee is somehow not making it personal? Again, please, tell us who’s a true Yankee–players and fans–and who’s not. I’d really love to know.

            • UWS says:

              Liking ARod = not a True Yankee Fan.


              • Matt says:

                Well! I’m out! See you guys later! It was awesome rooting for the team for all these years. Now that I know i’m not a true fan, I guess I’ll go root for someone else. Maybe some inconsequential team like the Padres or something. It’s been real.

            • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

              Telling someone they’re an idiot and to go away is personal….Saying you disagree with thier points and making counterpoints is not. I think smart people (whom I think comprise most of this board) post the 2nd way in general, being civil while makeing their point. Hence the “play nice” warnings we get daily.

              I’ll sit down with, discuss, and even buy a beer for someone who disagrees with me…but not for someone who calls me an idiot (I’m using that as an example TJSC – there were plenty of others, I don’t mean to harp on your post).


              • Technically, I never called you an idiot. (I did say that the concept you were espousing is idiotic, though… not the same thing.)

                What I did was call you on your bluff. You said ARod was not a “true Yankee” and he’s not “one of us”. If you firmly believe those two things, what recourse do you have other than to renounce your fandom and leave? ARod IS the Yankees. He’s playing for us for the next 9 years. If you can’t stand the guy and think he’s a traveshamockery to the uniform, what choice do you have other than to stop being a Yankee fan? Because he’s the Yankees. You and I are not the Yankees, we merely choose to root for them or choose not to. You have a moral dilemma in that regard, and it’s utterly of your own making, Scott, because you assign sub-labels of worthiness to your Yankee fandom.

                I’m telling you, Scott, that if this is how you choose to approach fandom, it’s going to always be tortured. So why bother? If ARod really bothers you as you claim he bothers you, if you won’t be able to explain to your son why not to take steroids now (as you claimed in a previous thread), if it makes your stomach turn to see all these “non-true Yankees” in the lineup, you should quit. That’s what I’m saying to you. I’m not telling you to go away because I don’t like you, I’m telling you to go away because that’s the endgame of the philosophical position you claim to espouse. Either you’re eventually going to have to renounce your fandom, or you’re going to have to end this “True Yankee” charade. That’s my point. It’s not a personal attack, it’s a reductio ad absurdum.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

            To be fair, you added the “friggin idiot” part of the quote, TSJC never said that. Dirty pool.

          • As others have chimed in and also said, you started the personal attacks, Scott, when you said ARod was not a “True Yankee”.

            You started the parsing of who should be allowed to be a fan and who shouldn’t when you said “’one of us’ refers to guys who bleed Yankee blood. Some fans qualify. Some players qualify. Ster-Rod does not…” You started the personal attacks by claiming that some fans aren’t “true” Yankee fans that “bleed” Yankee blood. Based on your comments, you’re not only claiming that some Yankee players aren’t to be respected, you’re claiming that some Yankee fans aren’t to be respected. You opened this can of worms. If we’re judging fans on their worthiness based on their actions, I find your actions at fault, Scott. I find fault with your egregious piousness and gall to dare say that some of the men who suit up to play for the team I love isn’t worthy of respect. I find fault with your willingness to boo or jeer or slander or otherwise disrespect men who are trying to help us win.

            Don’t act like I’m the only one resorting to personal attacks when you’ve been attacking Yankee fans for supporting ARod all week.

            • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

              “Some fans qualify” is not personal. I haven’t attacked anyone, I have disagreed with people who are supporting him. Now that I have read more, I don’t begrudge anyone who supports him, I just personally won’t.

              I really have to run, but your argument is based on a false assumption.

              Again, I generally enjoy your posts… I just don’t see a need to personalize it.

              I have to go, so I’ll agree to disagree til next time. Until then I’m the devil I guess. I can take it and smile, no worries…


              • Fair enough. If I misinterpreted your statement about “some fans qualify and some players qualify”, when you get the time to write more, please spell it out for me as cleanly and as intelligently as you can.

                I don’t see how “some fans qualify” as “one of us” is anything but a personal attack, but I’ll give you the chance to prove your case.

            • kSturnz says:

              What Tommie said. I am disappointed that Alex took part in the PEDs of his generation, but it is what it is, and I support who he is.

        • JeffG says:

          Telling people to go root for another team? That’s a little over the top – no?

          For some, the concept of being a true Yankee is more or less the feeling of when certain players melded with expectations. Lots of fans have an idea of how our guys should perform/compete. Giambi with the extra inning blast in the rain, Matsui hitting in the black seats… entered the hearts of a lot of fans.

          Pretty much it is the point where the fans feel won over. I think it is a little silly to say A-Rod doesn’t deserve that. I think after the 07 season he was right there on his way to being a Yankee legend… I think the opt out hurt turned back the love though.

          I support him and think he is an amazing asset that needs to rooted for. It kind of blew to hear some boos during the all star game. But fans are entitled to think they way they want to – this is a democracy and I guess we should just hope that there are more people with decent minds that find it smarter to support our players than to try to put them down.

          I agree that the whole “true Yankee” concept is a little overblown but then again I understand that certain people want to define the team they root for in a way that makes sense to them.

  27. Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

    Then you can buy up all the Ster-rod jerseys. They were 50% off at the Yankee store.

    You can call it BS…I have gone to 30-40 games a year for the past 20 years. I leave after 3 outs in the 9th, unlike alot of others. I can tell who’se a real Yankee in my gut. Maybe others can’t.

    50% off…If he’s such a great Yankee, buy up the jerseys and mark them up in 6 months…..I’ll pass.


    • Matt says:

      So because his jerseys were on sale, he’s not a true Yankee? When I was home for winter break, there were a bunch of jersey sales at Modell’s, which included Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera jerseys. I guess that means they’re not real Yankees, huh?

      I stay for every out of every game and keep score on every pitch. But, I can usually only go to 5-7 games a year. I guess I’m not as much of a “Yankee” as you are, right?

      Funny, I’ve never heard any Red Sox fans claim that Manny wasn’t a “true” Red Sox or any Giants fans say that Barry Bonds wasn’t a “true” Giant or any Cubs fans say that Alfonso Soriano isn’t a “true” Cub or any Reds fans say that Adam Dunn wasn’t a “true” Red, or any Pirates fans claim that Jason Bay wasn’t a “true” Pirate. Those teams have a ton of history just like the Yankees.

      So, please, post the list of true Yankees and true fans.

      • rbizzler says:

        To be fair, I have a fair amount of Red Sox fan friends and they sometimes engage in the same type of hyperbole. No one is really immune, but the ‘True Yankee’ fallacy has taken on a life of its own.

    • rbizzler says:

      What does your gut tell you about my fandom?

    • “I can tell who’se a real Yankee in my gut. Maybe others can’t.”

      No, you can’t. You can’t tell who’s a “real Yankee” in your gut, because it’s a made-up nonsense concept that you use to segregate people in the little fantasy world you live in.

      Believing in the idea that some Yankees are “true” Yankees and should be celebrated and other Yankees aren’t “true” Yankees and should be mocked or derided doesn’t make you a better Yankee fan, IT MAKES YOU A WORSE YANKEE FAN.

    • Mike Pop says:

      I need to get to those jerseys.

  28. SG says:

    courtesy of FJM (thanks for the memories, guys)

    True Yankee
    A leader. A guy who’s full of intangible qualities that help him triumph – with class. Derek Jeter. A guy who has a certain look in his eye, like he knows what it means to don the pinstripes with some motherfletching pride. Bernie. Mantle. Joe D. Jeter. A guy who you want in the trenches with you. Mattingly. Joe Girardi. Derek. Jim Leyritz. Posada. Derek Jeter. A guy who stares adversity in the face and says, “I play for the Yankees, and that means something, and I am going to hit a HR off BK Kim in this World Series Game because I am a New York Yankee.” Scott Brosius. Tino. Dave Justice. Derek Jeter. A winner. Derek Jeter.

    Here are some people who are not True Yankees: Alex Rodriguez, Mike Mussina, Jason Giambi, Alfonso Soriano, Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright, and every other New York Yankee who has never been on a Yankees’ World Series winning team.

    If you ever – ever – hear someone use the phrase “True Yankee,” for any reason, I want you to find the nearest exit, form an orderly line, and leave the premises quickly and calmly. Seek shelter. Cover head. Report the incident to your nearest FJM representative immediately. You are in great danger, because the person you are talking to is an idiot.

    • jsbrendog says:

      RIP. tear.

    • Robert Akers says:

      If you ever – ever – hear someone use the phrase “True Yankee,” for any reason, I want you to find the nearest exit, form an orderly line, and leave the premises quickly and calmly. Seek shelter. Cover head. Report the incident to your nearest FJM representative immediately. You are in great danger, because the person you are talking to is an idiot.
      BRILLIANT!!!! I was wondering if there was some sort of protacall for that situation! Well said

  29. Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

    It’s amazing to me how many are in an uproar because I don’t, and never did like Ster-Rod. No one had a problem when I never liked Farnsworth. Think about it…

    Got to run…


    • Nady Nation says:

      You’re entitled to not like A-Rod. But when you start saying “he’ll never be a true Yankee” or “he’s not one of us,” you’re leaving yourself open to a lot of criticism.

    • Matt says:

      No, we have a problem with your definition of “true Yankee” because it’s bullshit. I wasn’t around for your Farnsworth hate (wish I had been, I’ve some choice words for that guy) but if you say your distaste for Krazy Kyle is based on the back that he wasn’t a ‘true Yankee’ then I would disagree with that. No one’s a “true Yankee” and no one’s a “fake Yankee.” They’re all Yankees to me.

      • usty says:

        Exactly. Some play like crap and I despise them coming into games to pitch when the Yanks are winning and others hit about 40 homeruns a year for the team and I enjoy watching them play.

        I guess those HR’s help the “true” Yankees win or should we give those runs back and only take ones scored by…well I guess only Jeter and Posada now. Better teach Mo to hit too.

  30. MattG says:

    Going WAY off-topic here, but I need someone’s help. This place is buzzing with video game talk in the open threads, but I can’t wait that long…

    Yesterday was my son’s 8th birthday. He wanted Rock Band 2. We have a Wii, and I searched everywhere for it, but couldn’t find it. I was confused why it was impossible to find, so I looked at Amazon.com out of curiosity. I searched “Rock Band 2 for Wii,” and it came up at the top of the listings. It said order it in the next 2 hours, and get it Feb 9th (his birthday). So I snagged it.

    It was for X-Box, but I missed that detail. He did not, practically the second he got the wrapping off.

    So, now, what to do? He is being a good sport. He understands we can’t find it for Wii. He has not asked my to buy the X-Box, which really the $190 for the game was more than we can afford right now.

    What I want you guys to tell me is this: go ahead, get the X-Box. Rock Band is way better on the X-Box anyway. The low-end X-Box 360 is totally fine, and worth the $200. There are plenty of games for X-Box that don’t come for the Wii, so you need both anyway…and so forth. Is there really a few good reasons to get the X-Box, or should I just return this and get him Mario Tennis and a couple of other games?

  31. MattG says:

    What the hell! They told me they did not have it, and did not expect to have it! This is so awesome!

  32. [...] Ben K at River Ave. Blues asks an interesting question: “Remember: Cummings would be quizzing A-Rod on a failed drug test from 2003 and PED use from [...]

  33. JeffG says:

    The big thing I worry about is Congress trying to pin down the start and stop time with Alex’s PEDs use and somehow finding evidence that he was untruthful.
    That is the real danger. Somehow I think that his lawyers should go back to the fact that his rights were already violated and he deserves the right to concentrate on his job.

  34. Dave says:

    My favorite part is that he said arod “who violates the policies of the game and gets rich.” VIOLATES THE POLICIES OF THE GAME? Does this guy even know what the policies of the game were? The whole issue is that in 2003, taking roids or hgh were not in violation of the game’s policy. That is why this is such a farce and this congressman or whoever this moron is doesnt even know it. Please, One would think congress has better things to do with their time then to sit around and question arod about events in 2002 like maybe something relevant to the country. And this guy says they are doing this to try to put this mess behind baseball – ummm… we would have done that already if the government and the media didnt keep bringing up things from a decade ago. Its just prolonging the agony. When will they learn – they are not going to get re-elected or get fame and fortune from acting like an idiot in front of a camera talking to a baseball player about steroids use over ten years ago. If anything, tht should hurt their career and their reputation. If he was my congressman, I think I would be saying, what are you doing this for and how is this helping the people of your district? What a waste of time and resources? What a joke.

    • Ed says:

      VIOLATES THE POLICIES OF THE GAME? Does this guy even know what the policies of the game were? The whole issue is that in 2003, taking roids or hgh were not in violation of the game’s policy.

      Yeah, it was in violation of the game’s policy.

      a) It’s a felony. Federal law trumps all else.

      b) The standard player contract bans taking illegal substances.

      c) The commissioner’s office sent out drug policies in 1991 and 1997 which explicitly banned the use illegal drugs, leaving punishment up to the commissioner’s discretion.

      The commissioner’s power over illegal drug usage goes further back than the memos – see the cocaine problems in the 80′s for one example.

      All that changed in 2003/2004 was testing policies & standardization of the punishments.

  35. donttradecano says:

    Can someone explain this too me:

    Josh Hamilton takes illegal drugs such as cocaine and other hard drugs (which are worse than steroids), and almost ruins his career. He comes clean, admits his mistakes, and is looked at as a hero.

    Arod takes steroids, admits it, and is villified.

    Is there really a difference?

  36. Bo says:

    Thank God we got politicians concerned about steroids from 6 yrs ago and not focused on the economy, terrorists. The Democrats certainly know how to focus on whats important.

  37. Jake says:

    Economy in shambles and two wars…lets talk about cheating in baseball instead.

  38. [...] up on my Congressionally inspired rant, we learn that Congress will not summon A-Rod to D.C. Edolphus Towns, Henry Waxman’s [...]

  39. barry says:

    How about revisiting Congress’ current bad decisions, we don’t even have to worry about 7 years ago anymore, we’ve got bigger problems arising.

  40. [...] congressman is calling for Alex Rodriguez to testify before a committee. Why not just make lying to Peter Gammons a crime and go from [...]

  41. coffee says:

    at this point i can hardly remember whether using steroids in pro sports is illegal or not

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