Getting to know Nick Swisher

Possible sign-and-trade mini-rant
SNY's "Best in New York" roundup

With so many new Yankees in camp this spring, many of the non-A-Rod stories focus on these new faces. We met Mark Teixeira last night; today, we meet the player Teixeira pushed back into the outfield picture. In The Journal News today, Peter Abraham profiles Nick Swisher. While he was briefly disappointed when the Yanks signed Teixeira, Swisher realizes they couldn’t just pass up on the opportunity to land the All Star first baseman. All things considered, Swisher sounds like he’s ready for a season in New York that will see him play a number of roles and positions in the Bronx.

Possible sign-and-trade mini-rant
SNY's "Best in New York" roundup
  • Matt

    Swisher for Starting Right Fielder in ’09!

  • Mike Pop

    He’s the man.

  • Mike

    Why does it scroll down automatically to yesterday’s chat when the page loads?

    • Ben K.

      If you are having problems with the site’s loading, it is far more appropriate to e-mail us than it is to post it in the comments. Anyway, without more info — what browser you’re using, what operating system you’re using — we can’t fix the problem. I’ve never seen this happen before so I have to guess that it’s a problem with something you’re using and not the way the site’s loading.

    • Manimal

      Try clearing your cache

  • Rich

    Swisher is a grinder like many of the hitters who composed the Yankees’ lineup during the run. In other words, a true yankee™. ;)

  • Cor Shep

    Swisher is gonna get a lot of at-bats playing LF RF DH 1B. Next year is when he’ll start in RF.

    • kSturnz

      Got to get X that Type A to replace the hole left by Jose’s departure

      • steve (different one)

        Jose Molina?

        • Mike Pop

          New comments are Yankee symbols now. Badass, RAB is moving on up.

          • Matt

            To the East Side? They finally got a piece of the pie?

            • Mike Pop

              Yes, yes they did!

    • Matt

      He should start in RF this season.

  • My Geass Makes You My Slave

    Swisher was disappointed when they signed Teix? That made my day.

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