Official MLB 09: The Show Plug

RAB enters the terrible twos
This afternoon. 2 p.m. Be there

If you’re an RAB regular then you know I’ve made no secret of my affinity for video games, especially sports games. I’ve always found them to be a great way to mellow out and blow off some steam, but I also enjoy them because it’s chance to do things we normally never would be able too. Right at our fingertips is the ability to run a baseball team, or battle an army of Nazi zombies, or jump off the Empire State Building after a long night of stealing cars and killing hookers, or literally countless other possibilities. Needless to say that when we received an email from the crew behind MLB 09: The Show asking to plug some screen shots of the game, I jumped at the chance.

The game has a ton of new improvements this year, including fielding and pitching/hitting upgrades, and even has some new training modes. If you’ve ever played The Show, then you know it’s attention to detail is unmatched. You probably remember the New Yankee Stadium and CitiField clips we had last month, but if not here’s the link. The game is scheduled for release on on March 3rd, and will be available on PS3, PS2, and PSP (sorry Xboxers).

After the jump are some screen shots of the game on each console, courtesy of Playstation’s Press Center. Click the images for a larger view.

First the PS3.






Now, PS2.





And finally, the good ol’ handheld PSP.





Remember the date: March 3rd.

RAB enters the terrible twos
This afternoon. 2 p.m. Be there
  • Cam

    I like the new site guys! Nice, simple, clean rework of the original.

    As for this game, this frustrates me more than anything as an XBox owner. I used to buy the new EA Sports baseball game every year for PS2 but haven’t even bothered buying one for XBox cause none of them ever get any good reviews. I’m almost tempted to break out the PS2 just for this, but I’d rather just go buy a PS3 and this game together.

    • Cam

      Also, funny that it’s Cash catching for the Sox in that last screen shot from the PS3 lot where Swish (I think) is touching home after a HR.

  • Joe R

    This blows. Being an XBox owner, i’m very angry at how EA sports decided to make every game under the sun except baseball. With 2K sports being the only game out there i’m very jealous of the PS3 owners right now. I would consider getting one just for this game.

    Also, shouldnt Cash have a Yankees uniform on in that picture? :D

    • Joseph P.

      EA doesn’t make a baseball game because it can’t. After they negotiated an exclusive license with the NFL for Madden, the creators of the 2K series got an exclusive with MLB. This is bad for everyone, because I was just starting to like the 2K football game, and I loved EA’s MVP series.

      • Joe R

        I thought EA sold the license to 2k.

      • Joe R

        Either way the MVP series was above and beyond everything else. Oh well.

        • kSturnz

          I always got 2k over EA for hockey/basketball because it was 20 bucks less. but because 2k has no comp for baseball, they’ll charge 50/60, kindof a turnoff,

  • Steve

    As much as it sucks, I’m pretty hooked on Front Office Manager. It’s super frustrating at first, and gets pretty easy if you make it through a few seasons, but damn is it fun to see what you can do. (It really sucks when Jeter, Mo and Posada all retire after the 2010 season)

    Also wondering if anyone is up for a RAB fantasy league. I just started reading RAB regularly this past summer so I don’t know if it’s something ya’ll do already.

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, there will be one. There may only be two or three spots open though because everyone in the fantasy football league gets first crack at a spot. Sometime next week I’ll have a post up about it.

      • jsbrendog

        boo yah


    After viewing this “plug”
    I suddenly remembered that last season this time you guys had a contest and the winner should have won a copy of MLB the show of last season…I actually tried to find the original post but it was nowhere to be found…I did however find this post

    What ever happened with that contest? Did you guys actually crunch all the numbers and find out who won? or did you guys quit figuring out bec it was to difficult…not busting your balls or anything . im just curious

  • yankeefan91 Arod fan

    damm i want this gameeeeeee but i cant have it i have an xbox 360 dammmmmmm itttttt

  • Benny Blanco

    I guess no Wii platform for this? The wife just picked up a Wii and I’m looking for good sports games for it. I heard College Football by EA blows. Any suggestions?

  • mko

    I’m also pissed at the baseball gaming situation.

    1. I have an Xbox 360. So I can’t play this apparently wonderful game. But I still think that the 360 overall has the better games and the better controller, so I have to keep it.

    2. I live in Austria, Europe. The 2K MLB game is not marketed or sold here and the US version is region coded, so it cannot be played with a European 360. And the 2K game isn’t that good anyway.

    Which leads me to conclude with a loud WHAT THE FUCK! Why can’t they a) make the games for all the consoles like most companies do and b) don’t region code it, what the hell is it good for?

    Thanks for reading my rant.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Region coding is some evil, messed up bullcrap. The Man strikes again.

    • btour99

      1. MLB The Show 09 has over 9-Gigabytes of audio data. 9GB just for audio!! There’s no way the full game would fit on a DVD-9 disc for the 360. If it did fit, there would be significant compression, and huge loss of overall quality, and then it wouldn’t be the same game anyway.

      2. PS3 games are not region-code-locked. I can play a game from Japan or Europe without issue.

      • Jesus

        Yea that no region coding has allowed me to play the best baseball game in the world. The Japanese league Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5, simply amazing, 1080p native resolution.

  • Matt

    Damn, even the PS2 version looks incredible. I am so pumped for this game!

  • Tim

    I loved the Show 08. The Show 09 has been embargoed thanks to the cover boy. I can’t do it. I just can’t.

    And I had the EA MVP Baseball with Manny on the cover.

    • Tim
    • btour99

      Woah woah woah!! Thats no reason to not get the game!! Just because squirrel-boy is on the cover?

      Here take a look at this cover I made.

      If you like it I’ll send you a higher res version you can print out and slip in front of current cover.

      Also there are a ton of other covers out there, just google.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Can you do me a favor and photoshop a vial of “Boli” into his pocket? That would be awesome.

      • mko

        Wow, good job, this cover looks great! ;)

  • btour99

    MLB The Show’s New Yankee Stadium trailer, in 720p.

  • Kilgore Trout

    Mike, you get your early copy yet?

    • Mike A.

      I’m hoping today or tomorrow. Should be soon.

  • Joe

    Whats your highest level on nazi zombies?

    • Mike A.

      My brother and I got up to level 18, just the two of us. It was kind of the perfect storm, we both got lasers and big as machine guns from the random box.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        I’m still waiting for the game where you can hit a game-winning World Series extra-inning homerun, then go kill some Nazi zombies and save Gotham City, followed by stealing a car, having sex with (and then killing, and then bringing back to life) some hookers and finally jumping off the Empire State Building, dusting yourself off, and walking straight into batting practice the next morning, fresh as a bird.

        It’s called Derek Jeter’s Life. Available on PS4 only.

      • Joe

        random gun’s the way to go. my highest is level 11, i can’t imagine what 18 is like

  • Charlie (in SD)

    Is that Swisher touching home? Funny how he still has a jazz-patch / chin fuzz. Didn’t the programmers remember the no facial hair mandate?

    I’m just funnin’, the game looks great. I need to convince my buddy to get it for his PS3.


  • McCaff

    Damn man, wish they had this 360

  • Joey

    Cannot freakin wait to get this, it’s been in my phone agenda (making it official, like dating status on facebook) since the date came out, this is the main reason I got a PS3 last year and it was so worth it.

  • DocBooch

    I absolutely can’t wait for this game. The trailer for the new yankee stadium is AWESOME. I can watch Tex hitting a homer off of Lester at least 10x in a row and not get tired of it.

    If anyone wants to play when this thing releases the 3rd hit me up on the PS3, I’m on it almost every night and am a self prolcaimed trophy whore (level 12)…DocBooch is the PSN name.

    One question, why didnt the producers send you the trailer of Yankee stadium, don’t they get the name of the site?

  • DocBooch

    Also, you can download the demo on the PSN network, it’s 4 innings in Philly of a world series rematch. The player animations are crazy in this game. The mannerisms and stances look so damn real.

    I’m pretty sure you can do a league in this game online, anyone interested?

  • UKYankee

    guys….feel like helping out a poor English Yankee fan. The game is not available in the UK…if anyone would be willing to post me a PS3 version I would be happy to pay $30 above the purchase and postage cost

    • Mike A.

      You can’t order it on Amazon?

      • UKYankee

        no…they won’t shhip outside of the U.S
        we have to use which doesn’t stock it

  • Rob Abruzzese

    This is probably the biggest reason I regret getting a 360 over a PS3. MVP was even better than the show. Too bad I can’t get either of them.

  • Nigel Bangs

    Kind of a personal plug, but my band The Parlor Mob has a song on the soundtrack for The Show: 09. It’s pretty exciting, especially since I’m such a huge baseball/Yankee/videogame fan.

    Check us out if you dig legit Rock and Roll.

  • JoHn

    Worst baseball game ever, i have the game for ps3, and i curse the day i ever got this game, waste of my money, and a waste of my time, the game play is horrible!!!! I will return this game no questions asked!!!!!