Sheppard hopes to be ready for Opening Day

Pondering Pedro
In search of the Boss' love

Bob Sheppard, the Yanks’ public address announcer since 1951, spoke to Ed Randall on WFAN this morning about his health and the Yanks in general. You can listen to the audio here. Sheppard says he’s back up to 145 lbs, which is where the doctors want him. He’s hopeful for an Opening Day return, but says that it all depends on his stamina. Make sure you give it listen, it’s worth it just to hear him say “stamina.” The Voice of God. (h/t Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve)

Pondering Pedro
In search of the Boss' love
  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    “Ladies and gentlemen. . welcome to the NEW Yankee stadium!”

    • Paulie

      I can hear it now.

      Say whatever you want to say but Sheppard is God, Rivera is Jesus.

  • Double-J

    It just isn’t the same without Sheppard. Hope to hear his voice again real soon.

  • Tim

    Now batting for the Yankees…Grady…Sizemore. You heard it hear first, next you will hear it at Yankee Stadium.

    • The Evil Empire


      • Tim

        Oh, I’m sorry…pretty stupid of me.

  • Rich

    That would be great. Either way, the guy hasn’t been cheated.

  • TheLastClown

    “A guy who’s here without the assistance of any performance enhancing materials…”

    Much love and many thanks to Bob Shepard.

    I just strongly dislike media personalities taking potshots at A-Rod, however subtly. I mean really, do you think an old, infirm man like Shepard isn’t on any sort of drugs? I mean really? Not only is he on performance enhancing materials, he’s on performance facilitating materials.

    It’s just lame, the paradigm that allows people to condemn those who use drugs, for legitimate or illicit purposes, while just about everyone is on something. It’s just not a big deal compared with the other lapses of judgment or humanity that people exhibit, yet people are totally vilified for it.

    Eh, just had to get that off.

    As many good wishes as I can muster for Saint Bob. Lift a glass for adequate stamina!

  • Yankeegirl49

    Thats great news, there is just something missing without him.