The Abreu market


According to Daily News writer Roger Rubin, the White Sox have, at some point this winter, extended a one-year, $8-million offer to Bobby Abreu. The Yanks’ former right fielder made $16 million last year and had originally wanted a three-year deal at a similar average annual value. He may find it tough to swallow a 50-percent pay cut, but in this economy, Abreu might have to. How he makes the White Sox a better team though is something I can’t quite fathom.

Update 3:15 p.m.: A suburban Chicago newspaper has debunked this Abreu rumor in a rather roundabout way. A White Sox has “dismissed” the rumor, according to the Daily Herald news service. Take that for what you will.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Kenny Williams strikes again!!

    If he signs they need to trade…or else Abreu in center with Dye RF and Quentin LF.

    Yikes on that defense

  2. steve (different one) says:

    i’d assume he already has a landing place for Dye lined up. that would be my guess.

  3. r.w.g. says:

    If he takes Jim Thome’s place, it’s just one left-handed hitter replacing another, except Bobby would be better on the base paths. Pretty similar production at this point in their careers.

  4. A.D. says:

    Will the White Sox have one of the worst all around defenses?:

    1B: Konerko, -2 UZR/150 past couple years
    2B: no info on Getz
    3B: Fields, -12 UZR/150 career
    SS: Alexei -8 at 2b…probably goes to -10 or so at SS
    LF: Quentin: -8
    RF: Dye -16….if Bobby replaces him it should be the same or worse.
    CF Brian Anderson, pretty good at +8.5

    Either way that’s pretty ugly

  5. Bo says:

    How doesn’t he make them better especially when they trade Dye for a pitcher?

    • Because
      A) Dye can most assuredly still outproduce him offesnively, and Abreu’s definitely a huge defensive downgrade, and
      B) With Dye’s huge contract and advanced age, he’s not going to bring back any pitching of any value.

      If they need pitching, they’re better off just overpaying for Wolf or Sheets and keeping Dye.

      • Ryan S. says:

        No doubt you’re using the term “overpaying” loosely considering the current baseball market. I bet they could get Sheets on a 2 year / $25MM contract, and he was going into this winter looking for something like what Derek Lowe, or even AJ Burnett, got. Shit, he’s younger than both and started the all star game.

        • Mike Pop says:

          It really is shocking that him, Dunn, and Manny are still FA’s.

          Especially since these teams should of signed Manny or Dunn by now:
          Mets-more Manny
          Angels-either one
          Nationals-I guess they fit the bill
          Giants-could use either bat and make them competitive.

          All these teams fit Manny more but still Dunn’s bat would be great for LA Angels.

        • Oh, yeah. I was just saying “overpaying” in the sense that you could just throw an extra 1-2M on top of the bargain-basement prices the Dodgers and Rangers are throwing at Wolf and Sheets and steal them right away.

          Not overpaying in the traditional sense, overpaying in the collapsed-market sense.

          • Ryan S. says:

            You’re totally right then, and the ChiSox definitely have the spare cash to make some moves on the bargain bin discounts. I’m not intimately familiar with the White Sox, but it seems like Sheets would fit right in with their rotation and be a great #3 SP for them.

    • steve (different one) says:

      depends who the pitcher is.

      you are right, it *could* make them better.

      but it’s not at all a given.

      • Jermaine Dye turned 35 last week and is owed 23.5M over the next two years. If Williams called up Cashman and said “I’d like a pitcher of yours in exchange for Jermaine Dye”, Cashman wouldn’t give him anything better than Adam Olbrychowski.

        So yes, it “could” make them better depending on the pitcher, but we’re already stretching the limit of this hypothetical past its breaking point, I’d imagine.

  6. The Evil Empire says:

    They’re getting rid of Thome

  7. MattG says:

    Why would anyone trade for Dye before Nady, or Thome before signing Dunn? I call BS.

  8. steve (different one) says:

    small sample size alert:

    Abreu at US Cellular:

    .381/.487/.746 in 76 PA’s.

    so there’s that…

  9. Mike Pop says:

    Who replaces JAvy Vazquez’s spot in the rotation for Chitown?

  10. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    i want mannyy if he hasnt aceepted those to offers the yanks should jump in give him an offer give him 3 years 60 million and move on

  11. Mike Pop says:

    Anyone have Chicago for 8 million for Abreu? You might be winning the book.

  12. Mike Pop says:

    Abreu goes to the Dodgers after Manny goes to SF. Trust me, I know these types of things.

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