VP of RSN: Teixeira will ‘get booed as much as A-Rod’


Just to round off the early Sunday morning, Ken Davidoff caught up with Rob Crawford, elementary school teacher and vice president of Red Sox Nation. Whatever that means. Davidoff wanted get an idea of Fenway’s eventual reaction to A-Rod on April 24, but Crawford thinks they’ll hold just as much for Mark Teixeira, the one who got away. It will make for an interesting atmosphere when the Yankees send up their three and four hitters. Both were rumored to be Red Sox, but both ended up in pinstripes. “We really thought we had him,” said Crawford.

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  1. Ben K. says:

    Ain’t nothing like crying over spilt milk.

    • Jamal G. says:

      You can say that again. If there was something that I liked almost as much as the signing of Mark Teixeira, it’s the fact that Larry Lucchino and John Henry have been publicly crying about it for over sixty days now.

  2. Mike Pop says:

    “We really thought we had him.”

    Well ya don’t, bitch!

  3. Evan says:

    “vice president of Red Sox nation. Whatever that means.” That means he takes himself way too seriously.

    • Whozat says:

      Nah, he’s actually a really nice guy. We both went to the same college, and I met him at alumni events a couple times. He’s a good guy who wrote some goofy songs about how much he loves the sox. And he got to ride in the 07 world series parade, so it worked out pretty well for him.

  4. Double-J says:

    OMG liek 4 real Boston fanz r gonna boo r playerz?!11?!?1


  5. Kevin G. says:

    They’ll boo them when they come up to plate, but Fenway will become awfully silent when Teixeira and A-Rod hit back-to-back home runs.

    • Mike Pop says:

      In the top of the 9th off Papelbon to put the Yankees up by 1.

      • Ryan S. says:

        …In a game that knocks the Red Sox out of wild card contention and solidifies our stronghold on first place in the Beast.

        • Mike Pop says:

          ..jizzed in my pants..

          • Craig says:

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’d love to have Joba finishing a CG in the bottom of the inning. You think that would be enough for some sawx fans to kill themselves?

            • Whitey14 says:

              Not even close….we’re not the ones on the brink anymore. I’d love to see Jobu pitch a complete game. Odds are he’d go on the DL the next day. He may very well have a case of Papelbonitis.

              • Mike Pop says:

                You will be on the brink when our Yanks take 3 out of the next 5, son!!! Haha.

                • Whitey14 says:

                  I’ll sound ignorant I know when people read this, but growing up in New England and waiting my whole life to see the Red Sox win (especially embarassing New York along the way in 2004) will never allow me to go back to the brink. Knowing this team has good ownership, a fairly bright and successful front office and decent revenue streams keeps me confident they will always be able to compete. If the Yankees win 3 of the next 5 it will just give Boston something to shoot for.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Your a good man Whitey, a good man.

                • Whitey14 says:

                  Hey, you ain’t so bad yourself :-) Take care!

                • Sweet Dick Willie says:

                  Knowing this team has good cheap ownership


  6. Nady Nation says:

    Has there ever been a more applicable time for a “waaaah”?

  7. Paulie says:

    I can’t believe how much they are crying about this. I just love it, the boos for A-Rod and Teixeira will just make me more happy.

  8. Mike says:

    Good planning, poor execution. I’m actually really looking forward to all the booing we will be getting season. Just like Jeter has always said, they only boo you because you’re good.

  9. Ryan S. says:

    Booing Teixeira is nothing more than transference – fans are really booing Henry and Lucchino. Nobody can say “Eh, we didn’t want that guy anyway!” … if he was wearing a Red Sox cap, he’d be getting opening day standing ovations just like Pedroia.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Teixeira for 08 and beyond>Smoltz, Penny, and Saito for this season in my opinion. I can’t beleive they didn’t even try to match the 180(From what I have read). They could of ran away with that division if they got Mark, in my opinion.

      • Matt says:

        I still would’ve liked the Yankees to take Saito. That would’ve been a nice little addition and could take care of teh eighth inning!1!!!!111!

        • Ryan S. says:

          Seriously. I mean…if we went after Brett friggin Tomko, why couldn’t we have bid $1M more than Boston on Takashi? I’d like to think that whenever Cashman is involved in the discussions of a free agent player, he always gets one last phone call from the player’s agent before the dotted line is sign on any agreement. What I’m trying to get at is that, it really seems like we never even made an attempt to sign Saito, and I have no idea why.

          • Matt says:

            Maybe Cash knows something we don’t?

            • Ryan S. says:

              Always possible, but I’d figure if Cash knows something, Theo would know about it too. Then again, Theo’s level of risk tolerance wasn’t exactly conservative this off-season, and our 40-man roster is pretty stuffed with talent.

          • Craig says:

            His numbers in LA are certainly sick, but he’s old (late 30′s), coming off of an elbow injury and the NL W(eak)est is nothing like the AL Beast. Despite that last fact, I still would’ve liked to see us take a look at Juan Cruz. However, I do like the quantity of arms we have to bridge the gap between our starters and Mo. Lets just hope we can find some quality among them.

            • Ryan S. says:

              I’m with you on Juan Cruz – he’s well worth the extra $4M or so it would take to get him (at the most) and the 4th round draft pick. Even if the payroll is bulging at the seams, to me you take advantage of a steal like that if you can.

      • Ryan S. says:

        It boggles my mind too. There’s no doubt that Teixeira is the better investment – he’s an elite player with no holes in his game and has years of his prime ahead of him. Switch hitting, deserving gold glovers with .400 OBPs do not grow on trees, and god bless Lars Anderson if he can ever approach having a career year that’s on par with Teixeira’s season average numbers. I believe Boston could’ve gotten Tex during that now infamous face-to-face meeting if they had offered $12M more over 8 years – an almost insignificant amount for a rich, powerhouse franchise like Boston.

        I disagree with you Mike, on that Boston would’ve run away with the division if they had gotten Teixeira. If Boston had gotten Teixeira, its very likely they wouldn’t have assembled gotten the Rehab Allstars. No doubt they’d have been the favorites, but I’m still confident we would have fielded a competitive team and it was going to be a 3-man race no matter what.

        • Mike Pop says:

          BTW, I meant 09 not 08 obviously.

          But yeah, it would of been a 3 man race I guess. I forgot to take in to account that the Yanks probably would have signed Manny and that would of evened it out a bit.

      • ExpiredMilk says:

        Its not if they matched they would have gotten Tex.It would have started the bidding war that Boras wanted.

  10. steve (different one) says:

    i don’t understand the point of booing someone when your team didn’t make the highest offer. breathtaking stupidity.

    how dare you not forego $12M for the privilege of playing in Boston!!

  11. Sweet Dick Willie says:

    So wait. They’ll boo Teixeira why? Because their ownership wouldn’t come up with another $10 mil?

    Not that we didn’t already know, but I think that speaks volumes as to the intelligence of RS Nation.

    • chris says:

      Sour grapes in Boston as usual. I wonder why the Sawx continue to play the little brother role so well, when they’ve got 2 more rings than the Yanks do since 2000. The Yanks staff will cut through that Boston lineup like a hot knife through butter.

  12. Januz says:

    It is so funny that Boston is so angry about Teixeira, listening to the media, they really don’t need him. The way Lars Anderson is built up, you would have thought that Anderson would be Gehrig, Foxx & Pujois rolled into one(Not to mention the fact that Anderson does not require a $180m 8 year contract).
    Everytime I read reviews of the Yankees and Sox, Boston grades out higher except at third and catcher (Even). The Yankee Haters even have Papplebon over Rivera (Despite the fact that Mariano blew EXACTLY ONE save last year). I also hear about all the question marks about the Yankees and that is fair (Although Mariano is NO question mark). However, what about Lowell, Ortiz, Smoltz, Drew, Beckett, Lowrie & Veritek, don’t they qualify as question marks?

    • 27 this year says:

      yea and lester has a good shot at getting injured and there is no way Pedroia replicates that season, same with Youkilis especially since Manny isn’t in the lineup. With the exception of Ortiz(injury), no one is going to be better in that offense this year.

      • Drew says:

        I hope Pedroia tears his shoulder labrum in half with that stupiud swing of his.

        • Whitey14 says:

          Rooting for injuries? That’s not cool. Wouldn’t you rather try to beat them at full strength?

          • Ryan S. says:

            I’ll agree with you here, Whitey. Pedroia is an awesome player and he’ll be a great part of the Rivalry for years to come. I respect him and I think the MVP was given to the right player last year.

            • Whitey14 says:

              Yeah, he did well. I’m hopeful it wasn’t his career year. I’m probably one of few Red Sox fans that don’t wish injuries on Yankee players though. I get excited for the games, I respect the Yankees (even though I dislike them), and if the Sox finish ahead of them I’d like there to be no excuses. Both teams suffered through multitudes of injuries last year and it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been otherwise.

              • Ryan S. says:

                I’d make the argument that we were hit harder by injuries than the Red Sox by a decent margin but yes, I agree. Honestly, I think the most exciting events in sports is a Yankees / Red Sox ALCS. I love the rivalry and I love how different our two teams are. What pisses me off is the blatant media bias, but that’s not the fault of the Red Sox.

                • Whitey14 says:

                  The injury bug was a bit worse for New York, that’s true, but in all honesty, it’s about time the Sox press was equal to or greater than the press the Yankees get. They dominated the press up until the time they finally lost to Boston in an important game. I think Yankees fans are beginning to understand how cruddy it is when your opponent gets all the attention even though you feel your team deserves an equal amount.

                • Ryan S. says:

                  Its not so much the lack of attention, but rather how negative it is when we get it. Sure, I understand the A-Rod stuff (even though it is ridiculous), so I’m not talking about that. People act like the Yankees farm is non-existent or that other teams (like the Red Sox) had a better free agent haul this off-season. The ignorance people (including some of our own fans) have about this team is very annoying, and its become trendy to make up reasons why we aren’t going to succeed.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Dayn Perry. Goes out of his way to criticize the Yanks moves.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Also, in this article.


                  Hell, I want my $25 entry fee back. And I want A-Rod and his frosted tips, with Madonna on his arm, to hand-deliver it to me this week.

                • Whitey14 says:

                  It is unfortunate that he’s a moron, but some people just can’t be helped ;-)

        • Mike Pop says:

          That’s just not necessary.

  13. Craig says:

    Well, I suppose they could boo because he seemed to prefer the Yankees over the red sox before any money was even discussed. I mean, why you boo someone for being smart though? Would you boo your friend if he choose to sleep with Megan Fox or Jordana Brewster over Kelly Osbourne? Hmmm, neither would I.

    • Whitey14 says:

      Very well put Craig. Sox fans are wise enough to understand how Borass works and they understand that Teixeira (and his wife) were very much open to coming to New York and the Sox ownership group was used to drive up the bidding, with no real chance at landing him. That’s why they’ll boo him, because the ignorant portion feel, unfairly I will admit, that’s he’s dishonest even though he never stated a desire to come to Boston or a dislike of the Yankees. It’s a business and business is dirty, especially when somebody like Borass is involved. I won’t boo Teixeira or Arod if I end up in Fenway when the Yanks are there. I respect them as players and besides, I’ll be having too much fan cheering for the Sox and singing Sweet Caroline (and picturing Jordana Brewster in a Red Sox hat ;-)

      • Ryan S. says:

        You honestly think Boston didn’t have a chance at landing Teixeira if they were the highest bidder? You apparently do not know how Boras works in that case.

        • Whitey14 says:

          I understand it would have been Boras’ reccomendation that he go to Boston, but even he couldn’t have overruled Teixeira’s wife.

          As TSJC pointed out the other day, the Sox offered Pavano more money four years ago, but his wife was the determining factor too.

          I also believe Boras had the Sox brass fly out to meet him to find out for Cashman what his final offer would need to be and to give them hope that they were still in the running. I don’t believe he went back to Boston and gave them another chance.

          • Mike Pop says:

            Have to disagree. If NYY was only willing to go 140 and BOS was going 160, he takes Boston’s offer. Anaheim was out because of family.

            • Tom Zig says:

              Don’t you think Boras preferred Teixeira in Boston? That would have opened up a spot for Manny on the Yanks, no?

              • Whitey14 says:

                You’re absolutely right. I don’t doubt Boras preferred Teixeira with Boston, but like I said, he wasn’t overruling Teixeira’s wife.
                And now he’s still got Manny unsigned, which I find hilarious because I just don’t care for either man. My guess is it’s just a ploy so Manny can skip most of spring training. He’ll probably accept whatever offer the Dodgers come up with in March and then go to work.

            • Whitey14 says:

              You may be right, but outside of Matsuzaka (blind bidding process), they’ve never been able to go $20 million higher than the Yankees for anybody. Plus, $20 million sounds like a great deal for us, but over 8 years it’s only $2.5 million per year. You lose $1 million to taxes every year and in New York, a stud like Teixeira could easily make up the other $1.5 million a year in endorsements over and above what he could have made in Boston. I do honestly think if his wife really preferred NY, that’s where he would end up unless the difference in money was so incredible they couldn’t look past it.

          • Ryan S. says:

            Good point on Pavano, but still, you’re ignoring a couple others:

            1. Cashman and Co. didn’t make a bid for Teixeira until 10 days or so after the Red Sox meeting. If they were having a face-to-face, it was because they were there to seal the deal – Teixeira didn’t want to prolong the process. The only time the Yankees made a hard offer was when reports went out that Teixeira was in the final hours of making a decision no matter what, and it did indeed look like Boston’s $170M was still the most appealing offer. The Nationals offer (which was the overall highest bid) was never being considered apparently, since they aren’t a contending team.

            2. Boras DID give Boston the last look. Accounts were that after Cashman offered the $180M/8 year deal, Boras immediately shopped it to Boston and told Cashman he’d probably lose out if he didn’t up his offer. We stood firm and Boston decided to not bite when Boras said there was another offer being considered and that they needed to raise their offer to win the race. The only thing not disclosed to Boston was that the other offer was from the Yankees – oops.

            • Whitey14 says:

              Good points, but Cashman and Boras had been in touch about Teixeira so it wasn’t as though there was no known interest, just because they hadn’t made a formal offer. I think Boston may have been dumb enough to think the Yankees were done spending after Burnett and Sabathia and they may have thought the $180 million was a bluff.

              • Mike Pop says:

                Obviously. All teams have to be in touch when a player like Tex is on the market even if there is no shot at getting him. That’s what a GM does, his job. Boston had a chance, there is no doubt about that. He wanted money and a contender. That’s what it took to get him.

              • Ryan S. says:

                Definitely agree with you here. Boston was being penny-wise and dollar-foolish. The Yanks truly were standing firm on that $180/8 deal – they weren’t going to allow the bidding war to get ridiculous. That was their valued market price of Tex, and they weren’t going to go over that. I could tell by the smugness of Boras during Tex’s NY signing press conference that Boston was legitimately in this race. Teixeira’s wife remained quiet for a majority of the process, and she supported him in any decision he made. While I bet she did indeed say she wanted him to be a Yankee, I think it was just as much a media ploy to keep the press from decrying him as a mercenary.

                • Whitey14 says:

                  I hadn’t thought of that, but it does make some sense.

                  Been nice chatting with you Ryan S and Mike Pop. Enjoy the afternoon and I’ll see you around another day.

              • Tom Zig says:

                Are you sure you’re a Sox fan? I mean you’re on a Yankee Blog, making rational arguments, being civil, and even agreeing with some of us. I am confused. lol

                • Whitey14 says:

                  Ha, ha, I get that a lot. I hate irrational Red Sox fans just as much as you guys do, probably more because they make me fight an uphill battle when I want to have some friendly debate.

                  I love this site. The guys do a great job of running it and a lot of the commenters are very bright. I’ve learned a lot about the Yankees here and it’s important to “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” ;-)

                  Have a good one!

                • Ryan S. says:

                  Haha you’re all right in my book, Whitey! I respect the hell out of Boston as much as I dislike them, and I follow them almost as closely as the Yankees. I have the MLB package to I can tune in to NESN to root against Boston and listen to Rem-Dog vomit into my ears whenever I’m not watching the Yanks.

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