All goes well for Posada behind the plate

More players shipped to minor league camp
Open Thread: USA FTW

Jorge Posada made his long awaited catching debut today, handing four innings behind the plate without incident. He didn’t have to make any throws during the game (other than back to the pitcher, obviously), but did throw down to second between innings. According to Kat O’Brien, Posada said he felt “surprisingly good” and will be on an every other day catching schedule for now, with a day of rest between starts behind the plate. I’m guessing they’ll work this like a starting pitcher, building him up to the point when he can catch a full nine innings. I also assume they’d want him to catch back-to-back days before breaking camp. All in all, today was a success for the Yanks’ stalwart.

The rest of the game went according to plan as well. Andy Pettitte twirled three scoreless innings, striking out one and allowing just two hits while working on the ol’ Uncle Charlie. Phil Coke followed with three strong innings, giving up the only run the team allowed  on three hits and a walk. He’s looking like a lock for a bullpen at this point, Damaso Marte’s injury notwithstanding.  Jose Veras, Anthony Claggett and Steven Jackson closed out the game with a three scoreless innings.

At the plate, Posada chipped in a single and a double in two at-bats, coming around to score both times. Hideki Matsui beat out a double play and he’s knees didn’t fall off afterwards, so that has to be considered a win. Melky and Nick Swisher each doubled as did Angel Berroa, who drove in two runs and raised his spring line to .438-.454-.625 in 32 at-bats. Huh, maybe he should fill-in for A-Rod?

The Yanks beat the Twins 5-1, but the real win was getting Posada back behind the plate.

More players shipped to minor league camp
Open Thread: USA FTW
  • Tom Zig

    I heard Posada’s shoulder was touched by the Hand of Mo and was healed instantaneously……


    I really like this one day catch one day rest situation since his bat seems to be fine. One thing is that I want him catching AJ and CC. I think it hurt last year was not having a rather stable catching situation.

  • A.D.

    Good news and a nice step in the right direction for Posada

  • AndrewYF

    What is the ideal in-season plan for Posada? If they want him to catch 110 games, that’s simply 2/3 of the major league games. So 2 days of catching, one day of rest/DHing, maybe even allowing off-days to count as rest? I really hope that doesn’t necessitate Kevin Cash being on the roster.

    Even though Molina sucks at hitting, I’m really glad we have him on the team. Imagine Kelly Stinnett being the primary BUC.