Athletics Nation interviews Giambi

Quick hits: Cano, Marte, Kroenke
Yanks' stadium debt hits $1.3 billion

If anyone is missing Jason Giambi this spring, you can head over to Athletics Nation where Tyler Bleszinski has conducted an interview with the former Yanks first baseman. It’s quite the long one — and it’s only the first part. Jason talks about the difference between playing in Oakland and playing in New York, how he views himself on each team, and the adjustments he made to his swing upon coming to the Yanks.

Head over to read the whole thing — I can’t possibly do it justice without completely reprinting it. However, there were a couple of parts I found particularly interesting. The first of which is Giambi’s reply to the question of how he views himself as a defensive first baseman. I didn’t know what to expect after reading the question, but it certainly wasn’t this: “I view myself as great.” Yeah, right. Tyler’s talking about playing first base, Jason, not about chugging Jack. Jay at Fack Youk takes a closer look at this statement.

Most interesting, though, is the revelation that Giambi very well might not have been a Yankee had ownership not intervened. The A’s and Giambi apparently had a place in deal before the 2001 season which would have paid Big G around $90 million over six years.

Trust me, I wanted to stay in Oakland. We had a deal done. You can ask Billy Beane. It was my free agent year before the season started. And ownership at the time pulled the deal off the table. I had flown my parents out, my agent, everybody. A lot of people don’t know that.

That creates one massive what-if scenario. Looking at the list of free agents that year, there was really only one superstar bat available: Barry Bonds. Would the Yanks have pursued him to fill their left field void? He was, after all, fresh off a record-breaking season. The Giants ended up signing him for four years and $72 million with a $18 million club option, but without another blue-chip slugger on the market perhaps the Yankees would have put their resources towards Bonds.

Barring that, they could have gone forward with a Johnny Damon signing, putting him in left field. Considering the money they would have saved on Giambi, they could have as easily signed Rondell White, too, to play right field.

I love how one little interview sparks so many questions. We’ll never know how Yankee history would have unfolded had Giambi re-upped with the A’s in 2001. But it’s fun to think about for sure.

Quick hits: Cano, Marte, Kroenke
Yanks' stadium debt hits $1.3 billion
  • jsbrendog

    break out the delorean. im curious.

  • radnom

    Alou was a FA as well..

  • Memo

    No matter how often I view myself as a size 4 I’m still not.

  • Ace

    Off topic but I have to post it…

    Kei Igawa this spring – 9 innings, 5 hits, 9 strikeouts, 0 earned runs

    • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

      That’s clearly a shot at Jeter.

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        • radnom

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          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            Heh… I haven’t been around much, is that meme finally starting to grate on people? Talk about getting beaten into the ground.

            • radnom

              As you can clearly see from my handy little scale, it has officially crossed over the middle point and is well into “omg stfu” territory.

              • steve (different one)

                your scale is a shot at Jeter.

            • Ryan S.

              Yeah, we need to let that meme slip for a while now and then bust it out in like, 2 or 3 months and use it sparingly from there on.

              • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                Dude, I vote for instant meme-death and brutal mocking of anyone who continues using it. That shit was funny for like 10 minutes. Laziest joke since the post-under-someone-else’s-name tard-fest.

                • Joseph P.

                  I think the post-under-someone-else’s-name one was worse. This one is pretty bad, though.

    • A.D.

      Cy Young special!!!!

      With last years AAA numbers, hopefully pitching himself into a bad contract swap

    • J.R.

      I want to say i have hope for the guy, but whenever he has hit the pros, he blows up.

    • anonymous

      He still has too much of a stigma to move. He needs a few solid starts in the majors before someone will take him.

      • Dave

        The Padres were interested in him before when he was putting up terrible numbers. There are probably a few teams who feel he just has to get out of NY.

        There is definitely a market for him. Some stupid GM will see his spring numbers and think there is something there.

        • Mike Pop

          Well Jim Bowden and Bill Bavasi are both gone, so we are running out of options here.

          • Joseph P.

            Dayton Moore’s still around.

  • Jake H

    That’s crazy.

  • A.D.

    List of FA that year:

    Realistically Bonds, Alou & Damon are the only 3 that seem to make sense as a Giambi replacement

    • Ed

      Juan Gonzalez would’ve looked like a great signing at the time. Would’ve played out terribly fo course.

      • Drew

        I think most of the FA’s would’ve shaken out similarly to Giambino. The one big difference would’ve been Damon which might have saved us great pain in ’04. It does make me wonder though, who would we have picked up at first base via trade or FA?

        • steve (different one)

          they would have brought Tino back, i’d imagine

  • Miles Roche

    “They could have signed Rondell White, too. . . ”
    As far as i remember, Joe, they did sign him. . .

    • Joseph P.

      Yeah, of course they did. The bit Ben did on Damon in 2002, though, was based on the idea that they would sign Damon instead of White. Sans Giambi, they might have gone for both.