Bernie still wants to play


Watching Bernie Williams play during the World Baseball Classic was one of the more discouraging parts of an otherwise entertaining tournament. He didn’t look mobile in the field; his poor baserunning abilities seemed overexposed by a lack of speed; and his bat, while decent, is hardly feared. No one watching would peg Bernie as anything but retired. No one, that is, except Bernie Williams. In a CenterStage appearance taped yesterday, Bernie told reporters that he can “still play” and wants to get back into game.

Now, I love Bernie as much as any Yankee from the 1990s dynasty. I still proudly wear his jersey to games. But at this point, his repeated statements about playing are just awkward. There’s nothing wrong with retiring gracefully when age catches up, and Bernie has yet to embrace that. I wish he would.

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  • Steve H

    Great players have trouble knowing when to say when.

    Feared players have an impossible time knowing when to say when.

    Bernie Williams was the most feared hitter in the last 30 years, hence he still thinks he can play. When you’ve stood in the batters box (on both sides of the plate no less) and seen the pitchers literally shit their pants in fear, how could you possibly not have confidence you can play forever?

    • Arman Tamzarian

      I don’t know about the most feared hitter of the last 30 years, that may be stretching it.

      • Steve H


        • Arman Tamzarian

          Keep Going

          • Bronx Baseball Daily

            17 months?

    • Paul Oneil

      When we were on the road during the 97 season Bernie got so much pussy that he started growing a pussy.

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    I have 3 words for Bernie.


    OK, that’s 4. But Luis Polonia is about 50 and he’s still playing down there. Knock yourself out, kiddo.

    • Drew

      no independent/minor league he said.

      • La Costco Nostra

        no major league contract every GM said.

  • john

    what was his average in the WBC

    • Drew


      • Muel

        People go 0-5 all the time. Supremely small sample size. He also walked a few times. Not suggesting he can still play, but there’s more to how he performed than just looking at his 5 at-bats.

        • Drew

          I was just answering his question. You say there’s more than looking at his AB’s. I’d say from watching about 3 of his AB’s he still has a good eye. I wouldn’t doubt he’d still hit somewhere over .250. And if he was just facing lefties it might even be higher.

  • john

    how fitting is that Learn to play the guitar ad for this post?

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    I just want everyone to know that I was singing “Bern baby Bern” in my seat long before they started playing it at the stadium.

    They stole it from me.

    • Rich

      Now I know who to blame for Sterling’s horrific HR call…

  • Baseballnation

    “Burn Baby Burn.”

  • dongintheface

    Paul Oneil says:

    When we were on the road during the 97 season Bernie got so much pussy that he started growing a pussy.

  • Mike Francesa

    Make him the Yankee starting CFer now! Bernie should be the Yankee CFer for life! He’ll hit .280 and slug 20 HRs! Think of all the clutch hits! His defense? Bernie is so classy the balls will want to fall in his glove.