Derek’s new digs

Stephen muthaf*%^in Strasburg
Hughes, five others sent to minor league camp

What do you do when you’re New York’s most eligible bachelor, making $20 million a year and with a five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Tampa? Why, build another one, of course. That is, in fact, what Derek Jeter is doing.

According to a report on Tampa Bay Online, Jeter is constructing a seven-room, nine-bathroom, 30,875 square-foot mansion on Davis Island. The house, as points out, is about three-quarters the size of your typical Best Buy. It’s big enough, in fact, for Derek to keep multiple girlfriends in the house.

Anyway, a cursory glance through Google Maps reveals that Derek is probably building on this vacant lot with this view of Hillsborough Bay.

I have to wonder two things though: Why will that house’s carbon footprint be? And will he make it hurricane-resistant? That’s a flooded out mansion waiting to happen. No matter; it’s good to be king.

Stephen muthaf*%^in Strasburg
Hughes, five others sent to minor league camp
  • Giuseppe Franco

    No worse than Al Gore’s carbon footprint for sure.

  • Matt

    This is a shot at Alex Rodriguez.

  • steve (different one)

    Why will that house’s carbon footprint be?


  • Tom Zig

    And Derek Jeter needs 9 bedrooms because……

    Does Jeter even qualify as a “slugger”?

    • radnom

      In the bedroom, yes.

  • Al

    As I believe someone at LoHud pointed out, the first Hurricane for the 2010 season is named Alex. Do we think Alex might come blowing through and knock over DJ’s new digs next summer?

    • Tom Zig

      Oh that would be special.

  • Rich

    He needs to begin thinking about moving in the Bronx as well, but probably to a less desirable location.

  • Double-J

    I wonder how many mirrors will be in Jeter’s new place.

  • anonymous

    I wish I was Derek Jeter.

    • Double-J

      That’s a (double) shot at Derek Jeter.

  • Mark

    Using I looked at the square footage at others houses. No other house is above 10000 sq ft, yet Jeter’s will be over 30k. He’ll have by far the biggest and most expensive house in that area. I wonder why he wants to stand out so much? Is he trying to compensate for some insecurity or prove something to himself?

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Who cares.

      It’s his money and he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. He can buy the whole city of Tampa for all I care.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    There’s only one problem with Jeter’s new, palatial house: It’s in Tampa.


    (Seriously, dude, if I were Jeter I’d build that house in Miami. Tampa is a snoozefest.)

    • Joey

      not just Tampa, it’s on the gulf which sucks, Atlantic is much nicer.

  • Victoria

    It’s for the two of us.

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