Facing heart surgery, Boone out for 2009

The spring is still young, but Joba concern abounds
Open Thread: What If-Rod?

Since cementing his place in Yankee lore with a dramatic home run in the 11th inning of Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, Aaron Boone hasn’t had much of a baseball career. After tearing his knee in a pick-up basketball game that would alter the course of Yankee history, Boone has played just 420 games over five years and has been a non-entity in baseball.

In that time, he has played for the Indians, Marlins and Nationals. He’s hit just .250/.317/.383 with 34 home runs and 162 RBIs in 1286 ABs. It’s almost as though he made a deal with the baseball devil. For hitting that home run off of Tim Wakefield, Boone would never again be the solid, if unspectacular, Major Leaguer he was before arriving in the Bronx. Only recently, in fact, did he learn to embrace that career-defining moment.

Today, Boone announced that he will miss the entire 2009 season as he faces surgery for a faulty heart valve. Whether Boone will attempt a comeback in 2010 as he nears age 37 is unknown. Right now, he, as he should be, is focused on his current health scare.

Hopefully, he’ll be okay. His home run was an era-defining and era-ending moment for millions of young Yankee fans, and we’re all rooting for Boone to pull through.

The spring is still young, but Joba concern abounds
Open Thread: What If-Rod?
  • http://mantisfists.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/julius-carry-aka-shonuff.jpg The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    Best wishes to him. That HR might have been my favorite sports moment. It didn’t win a title, but it won the pennant and came against their rivals and capped off an amazing, competitive, classic series.

  • E-ROC

    I remember that Aaron “bleeping” Boone’s homerun. I was in Nebraska at Offut AFB for training. Sitting in a hotel on base with popcorn and soda in each hand. First words out of my mouth after that shot was “Hell Yeah B*tches!” I had a couple of folks tell me to pipe down. What an unlikely hero.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Jeebus, how many Nebraskans do we have on here?

      You, me, and Old Ranger have all spent time in the Cornhusker state.

  • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt

    Get well soon, Aaron. Thanks for the memory. And A-Rod.

  • E-ROC

    Didn’t Eddy Curry have the same problem? Hopefully, this works out well for Aaron.

  • Yankeegirl49

    I wish him all the best. I have seen a lot of great Yankee moments, but that is my favorite.
    I have the game on my computer and watch it regularly.

  • Joey

    Good luck Booney, we’re rooting for ya

  • Rich

    Good luck to him. I’m sure his incredibly hot wife will he there to nurse him through.

  • anonymous

    Good luck Booney.

  • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.
  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    Best of luck and speedy recovery, AFB.

  • Corey

    I will never forget how the crowd made the stadium shake that night. Just thinking about it gives me chills.

    Greatest sporting event I’ve ever atttended

  • pounder

    Get well and come back as a Yankee coach.