First replacement park to open in April

What are the odds?
Tex appreciates Yanks' stealth

Since I’ve been slamming the city and the Yankees for their sluggish pace in rebuilding the South Bronx parkland lost to the new stadium, it’s only right that I recognize some good news about the parks. According to The Daily News, the first replacement park is set open next month, and local community leaders are pleased with its appearance. This park — part of a new soccer field being constructed atop a parking garage — is the first new green space to appear after Macombs Dam Park was shuttered nearly three years ago and will eventually feature, per Bill Egbert, “four handball courts, four basketball courts, grandstand seating, a new comfort station and picnic table terrace.”

While the full park won’t open until 2010 — and other replacement parks are at least two years off — Bronx leaders are glad to see this glimmer of green appear in a construction-filled neighborhood. “If the parks are going to look like what Parks presented to us,” Jose Rodriguez, district manager for Community Board 4, said, “it’s going to be beautiful.”

What are the odds?
Tex appreciates Yanks' stealth
  • Rob S.

    How about you stop boring us with your politics and talk some baseball? Baseball fans care about winning baseball games, politicians hem and haw about stadium financing or parkland in NYC. The new Yankee stadium will bring far more money into the city than it will ever take away.

    • Joseph P.

      How about you stop complaining about free content and just skip the post if you don’t like it? We constantly publish content, even on the weekends. Where else are you going to find that? Sometimes, we’re going to ::gasp:: touch on some subjects that might not interest you. It’s what happens when you post six to 12 times a day.

    • Ben K.

      Sorry, Rob. I didn’t mean to offend your precious sensibilities. In the future, we’ll be sure to only post “rah, rah, Yankees” cheerleading posts while ignoring the reality that, whether Rob S. likes it or not, baseball and politics will be forever intertwined in American society.

      If you want no oversight process for your tax money and if you want the city to take away parks at will without replacing them or involving the community in it, start your own site.