Hughes, five others sent to minor league camp

Derek's new digs
Yanks' top single-game ticket goes for $2625

Prior to this afternoon’s game against Detroit, the Yanks optioned Phil Hughes to Triple-A Scranton. Hughes made five appearances (four starts) in the preseason, putting up a 15 IP, 8 H, 5 R, 6 BB, 10 K pitching line while working on a new changeup grip. The Yanks also optioned Steven Jackson and Anthony Claggett to Scranton, while Humberto Sanchez was optioned down to Double-A Trenton. Jason Johnson and Sergio Mitre were also assigned to minor league camp. As camp draws to a close, there just aren’t enough innings to go around anymore. (h/t Bryan Hoch)

Derek's new digs
Yanks' top single-game ticket goes for $2625
  • Tom Zig

    Who is still left?

  • dkidd

    nice spring by claggett

    • Troy

      We’ll see him at some point this season with the Yankees.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Might as well, he’s on the 40-man. He should already start booking hotel rooms for friends and family.

  • AndrewYF

    How many option years does Hughes have left? If they optioned him in 2007 when he got injured, then there’s none, and he will have to stick in the majors for good in 2010. If not, he has until 2011.

    • Mike

      I think hughes still has multiply options left. Remember when he has gotten hurt the last two year he was put on the DL not optioned to the minors. When he got healthy and was pitching rehab start for scranton he was on the reserve list meaning that he could pitch for scranton for a certain period of time without being optioned there. An option would only come into play if he needed more time there then the reserve period.

      • Rich

        He does have option years left:


        If a player is on the 40-man roster but not on the active major league roster, he is said to be on optional assignment—his organization may freely move him between the major league club and the minor league club. If a player is on the 40-man roster and not the active 25 man roster for any part of more than three seasons (in which he spent 20 or more total days of service in the minors), he is out of options and may not be assigned to the minors without first clearing waivers. However, if a player has less than 5 years of professional experience, he may be optioned to the minors in a fourth season without being subject to waivers. If a major league player is ineligible for free agency and “has options” remaining, his team may option him to a minor league team without consequence. This is usually what is meant when players are “sent down” to the minors. Likewise, when a player on the 40-man roster is added to the active major league roster, he is “called up” to the majors.

    • Mike A.

      One option after today. In 2007 he was called up and got hurt, but was on rehab assignment in the minors and was called up before he spent 20 days in the minors, so an option was never used that year.

      An option was used in 2008, and then again today (assuming he stays down for longer than 20 days), so he has one left.

  • Matt

    I’m surprised Hungry Hungry didn’t get optioned to Scranton. I still have pretty high hopes for him as a reliever.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Yeah, I was wondering about that. Should we be reading anything into the fact that they sent him to Trenton and not Scranton? Is it just that he’s behind other guys because he missed so much injury time?

      • Rich


        Sanchez, who missed ’07 with Tommy John surgery and was plagued by elbow tendinitis last year and forearm tightness this spring, expects to start pitching in minor-league by next week, though his status as a prospect has taken quite a hit. He’ll turn 26 in May.

        • Phrancis

          Hungry Humberto = Carl Pavano – 40 Million

  • Jake H

    We knew it was coming but man I wish it hadn’t.

    • Ryan S.

      :::sigh::: we’ll just have to settle for CC and The Gang instead.

      • Mike Pop

        Heh, what a dissapointment.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    Please let it be for Pena making the team instead of Berrora. defense matters.

    • Mike Pop

      Not with that blackhole that is Pena. The way Berroa has been playing, he deserves to make the team.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Yup. I was pooh-poohing Berroa at first, but he’s looked impressive. He’s earned a 25-man spot (during ARod’s absence.)

      • Rich

        I disagree. He has hit, but his fielding has been awful. Given that his role would mostly be as a defensive replacement if/when they pinch hit for Ransom, he’s a bad fit.

    • Paulie

      Is he comparable to alberto gonzalez?

      • dan

        In the field, yea. At the plate, he’s even worse.

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  • atlas

    $200M payroll and infield back-up Berroa who is ticking time-bommb with glove…Apart from all those bad pitching deals, this is Cashman at this worst. Back-up infielders have to pick up the ball. And why would anybody be fooled by a spring training BA?

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