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Architectural praise for the new Stadium
Yanks content with Alex being Alex

On Friday, we were completely unsurprised when the news “broke” that Brian Cashman knew about Jason Giambi‘s steroid use. This story came out in Jeff Pearlman’s latest book on Roger Clemens, the Yankees and PED, and it constitutes as obvious a “duh” moment as one could imagine. Despite that, Pearlman has done a thorough job putting this sordid tale together, and he recently answered 20 questions from Jason at IIATMS. Pearlman takes about Clemens, Pettitte, the work behind the book and PED use today. Check it out.

Architectural praise for the new Stadium
Yanks content with Alex being Alex
  • radnom

    Nice interview, I took away two specific things from it.

    1. Pearlman attributes equal blame (%5) for the steroid era to clean players as he does to the media? ….. yeah ok

    2. They mentioned this –,137562

    – in passing.

    I don’t know if this was widespread and I just missed it, but holy shit clemens really was out of his mind

  • cult of basebaal

    JP: I couldn’t give a % at this point; it’d be a pure guess. But I still believe it to be very high. You know HGH was widely used before the so-called crackdown, and there remains no test for it. I look at a guy like Jason Giambi, and think, “He was a pretty mediocre prospect, then he takes, presumably, roids and HGH and is great. He gets caught, supposedly stops taking … and is still great? Hard to believe. Not impossible, I guess. But hard.

    ah yes, the famous pearlman research at work.

    giambi was drafted 2 slots after Todd Helton, 58th overall in the ’92 draft and basically smacked the crap out the ball until he was called up by the A’s in ’95.
    guess that means that “mediocre” todd helton must have used too.

    also, if 1/2 clemens’ reason to start using steroids was to show he wasn’t done in 96, why did he not start using steroids (by mcnamee’s testimony) until ’98?

    at least when pearlman admits he’s has no idea about things (what % of players are using in 2009) we don’t have to assume he’s making things up …

    • steve (different one)

      also, it is a MYTH that Clemens was washed up at the end of his Boston years.

      1996 AL Pitchers:
      1. Pat Hentgen TOR 94.2
      2. Alex Fernandez CHA 81.3
      3. Ken Hill TEX 80.5
      4. Charles Nagy CLE 78.1
      5. Roger Clemens BOS 77.2

  • Jason @ IIATMS

    Thanks for the link, Ben. Thanks to those who came by to read it.

  • Ed

    You’d think that a guy who has spent so much time researching illegal drug use would know that medical studies show HGH doesn’t help at all but can actually have negative effects.