Open Thread: Strasburg is teh awesome


Buster Olney spoke to a “longtime scout” about SDSU’s Stephen Strasburg, the consensus top talent for the 2009 Draft. The scout likes him. Like really likes him. Some quotes:

“The best I’ve ever seen,” says a longtime scout. “And it’s not even close.”

Yeah, heard he had a good fastball. Straight as a string, right? “That’s the thing,” said the scout. “Whenever you see a fastball at 100 mph, it’s always straight. No movement. But his fastball has a lot of movement, which really doesn’t make that much sense, because it’s on the hitter so quickly. His fastball cuts.”

“He’s got a plus slider, at 93-94 mph, and he’s got a plus changeup. He’s the best I’ve ever seen.”

“You could put him in a rotation right now, and he could be a No. 2 or No. 3 starter,” says the scout. “Right now, he’s better than A.J. Burnett.”

I also hear that his tears cure cancer. But seriously … take it easy, champ. Why don’t you sit this next one out, stop talking for a while.

Look, Stephen Strasburg is awesome, he’s easily the best prospect for this year’s draft and would have been last year too. But the best ever? Nope, sorry. Take Mark Prior for example. He came out of school with four plus or better pitches, outstanding command, and a superior track record at a more significant college program in a tougher conference. What happened after the fact isn’t important, Prior was a better prospect then than Strasburg is now.

Price was better as well. Top of the line fastball and slider, good changeup, excellent command, and again a better track record in the toughest conference in college baseball. Josh Beckett and Brien Taylor basically had the same skill set as Strasburg when they were drafted. And that’s just pitchers. I know it’s easy to fall in love with prospects when they start the season on such great streaks, but let’s keep things in perspective. Stephen Strasburg is not the greatest prospect ever.

Anywho, here’s your open thread for the night. The only local team in action is the new look and suddenly hot Rangers, who are down in Raleigh to take on the Hurricanes. Anything goes, just be nice.

Oh, and you haven’t voted in this week’s Fan Confidence Poll, make sure you get on it.

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  1. Drew says:

    Bern baby Bern. Bernie sighting!

  2. Lanny says:

    Buster Olney will never live this blog post down. It’s flat out hilarious.

  3. The scout also mentioned that he throws a gyroball. This kid is SO good he once struck a guy out on an intentional walk.

    Was this the scout?

    • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

      Just for kicks, one day he decided to throw left handed.

      He struck out the side. On 7 pitches.

  4. Matt says:

    Just like I said when Roy Oswalt said something nuts: “Holy overreaction, Batman!”

  5. So I’ve made it to page seven! Progress!

    • Chris C. says:

      “Price was better as well. Top of the line fastball and slider, good changeup, excellent command, and again a better track record in the toughest conference in college baseball. Josh Beckett and Brien Taylor basically had the same skill set as Strasburg when they were drafted.”

      Not that I believe in everything scouts say, but how can YOU posibly know this??????
      Beckett and Taylor had the same skill set??? What, they both threw really hard for high-schoolers? And you’re comparing Price to this kid too?
      How can you knock a scout’s opinion, and then state your own as fact???

  6. A.D. says:

    Reading this love fest today was redic….with all due respect for Strasburg I think I’ll go ahead and take Burnett for this season

  7. Steve H says:

    When does he become a free agent?

  8. Mike Pop says:

    Haha, he also said “We’d trade our entire draft for Strasburg”.

  9. What this Strasburg kid get hurt.

  10. pat says:

    A 94 mph slider? How do you even catch that? Ill be the first naysayer, I bet his changeup isn’t even that good it just plays off the ridiculous heat he brings. I guess it doesnt really even have to be that good when u throw 100.

  11. Eirias says:

    Isn’t there some way we could tamper with him? Screw the legality. Can’t we promise him eleventy-million dollars and have him declare that he’ll only sign with a drafting team for 10^x million dollars?

  12. Mike Pop says:

    NAtionals should get 2 top pitchers in this draft. They should look very good in a few years.

  13. Jake H says:

    I laughed so hard at that tears thing. Yes the guy is good but there are guys who don’t like his mechanics.

    • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

      That, and doctors who practice sports medicine will tell you that the shoulder and ligaments are already maxed out throwing the ball at 95 MPH. Unless you’re a freak of nature like Nolan Ryan, the harder you throw, the more likely to you are to break down.

      How many guys have we all seen drafted that throw the ball 100MPH that flame out due to injury in the minors?

  14. Rich says:

    I just read Olney’s blog entry.

    It makes me wish that the rules permitted the Yankees to trade up for the first pick in the draft.

  15. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I believe that’s called a San Di-Ah-Go

  16. In light of Ben’s brilliant turn of phrase (“He’s A-OK-Rod”), I’ve decided to help save the New York Post some time, because we all know thinking of new ARod rhyming nicknames can be a taxing, time consuming process. I’ve compiled a nice quick list of names they can use. This should cover just about everything ARod could potentially do in the next 30-odd years, so the Post can focus their creative efforts on making those awesome cartoons.

    Gray-Rod (when he gets old)
    Lay-Rod (when he reclines to a prone position down to take an afternoon nap)
    Filet-Rod (when he takes Dorothy Mantooth out for a lovely seafood dinner and never calls her again)
    Ben-Gay-Rod (when he has mild soreness in his shoulder and has a medicated rub applied by his friend Yuri Sucart)
    Spay-Rod (when he takes his female dog to the vet to be fixed; may also apply to Madonna)
    Weigh-Rod (when he shows up to spring training 15 pounds lighter and in great shape, ready to move to CF)
    Neigh-Rod (when he and his friend Yuri Sucart buy a thoroughbred racehorse together)
    Kay-Rod (when Verducci’s new tell-all book reveals Alex and Michael Kay are secret homosexual lovers)
    Ray-Rod (when Verducci’s new tell-all book reveals Alex and Ray Liotta are secret homosexual lovers)
    Trey-Rod (when Verducci’s new tell-all book reveals Alex and the fictional character Trey Styles from the movie Boyz ‘N’ Tha Hood (portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr.) are secret homosexual lovers)
    Pray-Rod (when he’s ordained a minister, by Chad Curtis)
    Yay-Rod (when Alex hits a game winning homer run and everybody cheers; this name likely will never be needed)
    Llell-Rod (when it’s revealed that Alex has been running a massive illegal cocaine importing ring through his Miami home with his friend Yuri Sucart)
    Say-Hey-Rod (when he injects himself with the harvested testosterone of the now-dead baseball great Willie Mays, because he’s obsessed with injecting various types of testosterone into his buttcheeks to see what happens)
    Beignet-Rod (when he goes to New Orleans and enjoys some delicious pastries in the French Quarter)
    Slay-Rod (when he brutally stabs his ex-wife and her new lover in a fit of jealous rage and then hops in his friend Yuri Sucart’s white Cadillac Escalade to escape the police pursuit in a low-speed chase down the West Side Highway)
    Duvet-Rod (when he redecorates his condo in a tasteful Art Nouveau style)
    Bray-Rod (when he buys a new pet donkey or camel)
    Obeah-Rod (when he goes to Jamaica and a voodoo woman puts a “root” on him)
    Blue-Jay-Rod (when Ian O’Connor’s dream comes true and he’s finally traded to Toronto for Joe Inglett and Kevin Millar)
    Foray-Rod (when he makes a sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something)
    Pay-Rod for Play-Rod (when he becomes a radio DJ and starts charging artists to spin their records in an elaborate illegal scheme using his friend Yuri Sucart as a go-between)
    Hey-Hey-Hey-Rod (when he buys the Fat Albert show catalog from Bill Cosby and puts it back on the air)
    Malay-Rod Peninsula (when he flies to Southeast Asia to help broker a new round of peace negotiations resolving the East Timor situation)
    Where My Homiez? [Come Around My Way-Rod] (when he drops a crazy phat dope CD full of illmatic gangsta rap tracks with his friend Yuri Sucart)
    NCAA-Rod (when he pulls a Neuheisel and gets in hot water for betting on a March Madness office pool)
    Today-Rod (when some stupid minute insignificant pointless detail in Alex’s life happens TODAY and we all must obsess about it with 10,000 word columns about nothing)
    A-Roddenberry (when he shows up to a Star Trek convention dressed as Seven of Nine with his friend Yuri Sucart dressed as Worf)
    A-Rodin (when he makes you think)

  17. Michael Kay says:

    how pissed are the Mariners that they didn’t just tank a couple more games?

  18. Mike Pop says:

    2nd pick? Who do I take?

  19. Manimal says:

    He will have Tommy John surgery in a year and a half. Count on it.

    • Steve H says:

      He’ll pitch lefty while rehabbing and go 32-1 with 0.97 ERA and 412k’s in 279 innings. Then he’ll come back from TJS throwing 104.

      Just ask Buster Olney.

    • Artist formerly known as 'The' Steve says:

      That wouldn’t be so bad. I was thinking torn labrum, myself.

      Seriously, if I drafted him, the first thing I would tell him is take it down a notch, focus on location. Then I’d fine him $500 every time the radar gun hits 100.

  20. Simon B. says:

    I wonder if “longtime” scout means senile. Those are some pretty ridiculous comments.

  21. Steve H says:

    So he’s going to be an 8th inning guy, right?

  22. “I know it’s easy to fall in love with prospects when they start the season on such great streaks, but let’s keep things in perspective. Stephen Strasburg is not the greatest prospect ever.”

    That’s right. Nails Krzyzewski is the greatest prospect ever.

  23. Ace says:

    This Netherlands @ Puerto Rico game is INCREDIBLE. A 19 year old pitcher for the Netherlands just got out of a 1 out bases loaded jam to preserve a 1-0 lead.

  24. Joe Mauer will have an MRI tomorrow to examine his balky back:

    How DARE HE get injured! What a self-obsessed, insecure, Single-White-Femalish spotlight hog! He’s clearly jealous of his more heralded teammate Justin Morneau and injured himself to be the center of attention again.

  25. I am SO EXCITED to see The Netherlands win the World Baseball Classic.

    I want Hollanders to walk around for the next three years proclaiming themselves the Kings of Baseball.

    There are two things I can’t stand: People intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.

  26. This Nederland/Puerto Rico game is going to kill me.

  27. Matt says:

    Okay so I was just offered Hawpe and Glaus for Magglio. I’m thinking of countering by offering Putz and Maggs for Hawpe, Jeter, and Glaus–good idea or bad?

    My current shortstop is Mike Aviles, my current third baseman is Adrian Beltre, and my other non-Magglio OFs are Manny, Milton Bradley, and Garret Anderson (he’s a bench guy).

    • A.D. says:

      Realistically if they repeat last years performance thats a great deal for you, without countering.

      Counter is Putz for Jeter… which is obviously excellent

    • Bad idea. I wouldn’t count on Glaus, Hawpe can’t hit lefties, and Jeter is *GASP* not that much better than Aviles in fantasy.

      Yes, that was a shot at Derek Jeter.

      • Matt says:

        Haha, I canceled it. I can find some other way to improve my SS position. I have Felipe Lopez on the bench which is awesome because via Yahoo! he qualifies at 2B/SS/3B/OF. Super-Sub, FTW!

      • A.D. says:

        I wouldn’t count on Glaus

        Well he doesn’t have to trade Beltre in this proposed deal so he’s not risking that much, and while Glaus is still a little banged up, he’ll still give you power.

        Hawpe can’t hit lefties

        It doesn’t really matter that Hawpe doesn’t hit lefties well, how he hits righties + Coors field more than makes up for it.

        Jeter is *GASP* not that much better than Aviles in fantasy.

        If Aviles plays like last year then he and Jeter are similar, but he doesn’t have to give up Aviles for him in in proposed trade, so he’s not risking that much.

        He’s trading Mag-Pipes & a relief pitcher, that won’t even get saves for Hawpe, Jeter, and Glaus. That trade is a no brainer.

  28. A.D. says:

    Randall Simon has to get it going for the Netherlands…not a good sign

  29. Wow, the Jaguars signed Tra Thomas. That came out of leftfield.

    Now what do the Eagles do? Play Winston Justice at LT? That’s going to be fun… for the Giants, that is.

    • A.D. says:

      Osi & Tuck can’t wait

    • andrew says:

      I think they signed Stacy Andrews with the intention of letting Thomas go and moving Justice over… my friend who’s an Eagles fan, well, let’s just say he’s not pleased.

      Granted, everyone the Eagles have let go this year, although they were great players, they were getting old and are probably not worth the money they are making. I don’t think the fan base is pleased, but they may be making the right moves.
      In any event. I’m looking forward to the Giants line running right through this Eagles team.

  30. Old Ranger says:

    Sounds a lot like a Hall of Fame I remember as a very hard throwing youngster coming up with the Dodgers…a few years ago. The kid had it all, fastball, slider and curve/change (can’t remember which)…it took him a few years to learn to slow down a bit, after (Bob Feller talked to him) that…unhittable…Sandy Kofaxs (spelling) was the guy.
    The only three pitchers I saw that kept their speed (more or less), was Nolan Ryan, Sandy and Bob Feller.
    I’ll believe this kids tools, when I see them…sounds like he has a big health problem in his future. I sure hope not, for his sake!

  31. A.D. says:

    Damn South Africa’s starter for tonights game is 19

  32. Tom Zig says:

    Quick question. I remember TSJC linking to the picture of this seat a while ago, but does anyone know what stadium it is?

  33. Tom Zig says:

    Any word on how Jesus Montero is doing?

  34. Drew says:

    Dwyane Wade, need I say more?

  35. jdubs says:

    I would say some of those comments are a little crazy, but the fact remains he can throw over 100 mph, his slider/curve is in the mid-80s, and his change up should be around his curve speed. You’re change up is good if it is located and is about 10 mph slower than a fastball. I don’t think many people have the same skill set as him, I don’t know where you see many starting pitchers hitting high 90s in the 9th inning and touching 102 mph. And from a lot of you’re comments you must all be about 16 years old, because the you’re immaturity is blatantly apparent.

  36. [...] That’s a 19.40 Kper9 and a 10.57 K/BB. Remember when I said Price and Prior and all of them were better prospects? I take it back. This kid is as real as it gets, and is making a case to be the greatest amateur [...]

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