Padres place Nova on waivers


Via Ken Rosenthal, the Padres have placed righty Ivan Nova on outright waivers (as well as lefty Justin Hampson) after he posted an 8.31 ERA and 3-4 K/BB ratio in 8.2 IP this spring. Nova was selected from the Yanks in the Major League portion of the Rule 5 Draft, so he would have had to stuck on the Pads’ 25-man roster all season for them to keep him. If no other team claims Nova, he’ll be offered back to the Yanks for half of the $50,000 R5D fee. I think it’s safe to say Nova will be coming back. I mean if the Padres couldn’t find room for him on their staff, no team will. (h/t pat for the email)

Elsewhere in Rule 5 news, Brian Cashman wouldn’t comment on the rumor that Jason Jones was placed on waivers by the Twins, cleared, and has been offered back to the Yanks. Jones had a 2.70 ERA in 10 IP this spring, and as you probably remember he had some unkind words for the organization last month. The Yankees have more arms than spots available in Triple-A and Double-A, so I suspect they’ll just thank the Twinkies for the $50k and let them keep Mr. Jones.

Update (1:24pm): The Yanks acquired righty reliever Charles Nolte from the Twins for the right to keep Jones today. Nolte had a 2.05 ERA and a 75-35 K/BB ratio in 70.1 IP with Low-A Beloit last year. He was the Twins 24th round pick in 2007. (h/t Marc)

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  • Manimal

    I’d take jones back. He was just pissed that he wasnt put on the 40 man and was left out in the open

  • Troy

    Nova had been getting lit up recently in ST for the Padres…I never thought he’d stick anyway. Someone who was somewhat average in single A last year will stick in the majors the next year?

  • Neil

    we dont need Jason Jones at alll. I’m not mad at him. He desermises better than being the long-man at AAA or a starter at AA.

  • Neil

    Nova, on the other hand could fit nicely in the back end of the tampa bullpen.

    What’s the status on Reggie Corona anyway?

    • Troy

      Nova, on the other hand could fit nicely in the back end of the tampa bullpen.

      I expect him to remain as a starter, be it in Tampa or Trenton this year.

  • Bill O

    I’m glad that it looks like Nova will be coming back. He still has potential to be a very good prospect. I think we’ll squeeze him into the AA rotation.

    Jones wont be back, we’re done with him.

    I’d love to see us get Corona back as well, but with Pena and Russo the middle INF in Scranton could be pretty crowded.

  • Marc

    The Twins traded Class A pitcher Charles Nolte to the Yankees today to acquire the rights of Rule 5 draft pick Jason Jones.

    • Mike A.

      Thank you sir. I updated the post.

      • Mike Pop

        Mike, I expect a prospect profile on this guy ASAP. Thank you.

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona

          San Diego State boy, higher upside than Strasburg.

          • Troy

            Is his upside higher than Melvin’s?

            • Andy In Sunny Daytona

              Ha! As if.

              • steve (different one)

                i think you meant, “is his Melvin higher than Melvin’s?”

                Melvin = upside

    • Mike Pop

      How did Cashman not get an outfielder with upside here? Cashman is the suxor!

      • steve (different one)

        how did he not get Mauer??

        • Drew

          I would’ve taken Nathan

  • Drew

    This cat Nolte looks okay. 70 innings with less hits than innings. Just needs to work on his walks; 35/70. I guess he’ll probably start in Charleston. Hopefully we’ll see him in Trenton eventually.. maybe this year. He’s only 22.

  • Rich

    Baseball America:

    24 752 Charles Nolte rhp San Diego State CA

    The biggest wild card on the SDSU staff is redshirt sophomore Charles Nolte, who was rarely used in important situations. A Tommy John surgery alumnus, the lanky, projectable Nolte (6-foot-3, 175 pounds) can show a 90-93 mph fastball and at times flashes a plus hard breaking ball with late downward movement. He lacks command and feel, not to mention consistent mechanics.


    20) Charles Nolte, RHP, Grade C+: Favorite of ground ball fetishists.

  • Steven

    “GO/AO: 4.82″

    I would guess he starts in Tampa.

  • Mike Pop

    Not a big fan of Nova, anyways.

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