Pics from today’s intrasquad game

A-Rod on the mend
Open Thread: TGIFR


That shot of some players walking around the infield comes courtesy of longtime RABer Andy in Sunny Daytona (I have no idea who they are, so don’t ask). Apparently Daytona wasn’t sunny enough for Andy today, so he drove across the state to watch a bunch of minor leaguers. We benefit though, because he also got some pictures of Jorge Posada catching, Andy Pettitte walking around the mound, and Mark Melancon in mid-delivery. Pete Caldera also has some pics of Andy pitching, which you can see here and here.

Someone stole a base off Posada, who had to made three throws to second base, all of which went fine. Melancon struck out the side. Andy also send along a picture of the monstrosity he ate for dinner last night. I think it’s sushi. Anyway, thanks to Andy for the pics. I wish I was there.

A-Rod on the mend
Open Thread: TGIFR
  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Sorry, no pictures of Melvin Croussett. Everytime I pointed my blackberry at him, it showed him enveloped in a bright light coming out of a cloud.

    • jsbrendog


  • robert skollar

    Need a caption?

    What happened with the elephant contest?

    • Mike A.

      Ben’s working on it.

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