• steve (different one)

    anyone have any ideas why i can’t see these all of a sudden? i haven’t changed browsers but starting last week, i am SOL.

    has anything changed?

    • andrew

      Mines still workin’ fine… I got nothing for you, sorry.

    • Doug

      mine’s not working either…a few weeks now

    • Simon B.

      It worked for me in IE, but not Firefox.

      This has happened the last two times, but was fine before that.

  • Tom Zig

    First team to have a fire sale?

    • J.R.


      • Tom Zig

        I’d bet on the Mariners or Tigers.

        • J.R.

          If you were going to disagree with any answer besides those two, why’d you ask?

  • pat

    Damon has played well throughout his career here but we signed him to be CF not a LF. His not being able to play CF anymore has led to us having to throw a black hole out there everyday and has hurt the team offensively. I love the guy but the severe dropoff in offense we suffer because he can’t play there any more should be taken into account.