Tex appreciates Yanks’ stealth

First replacement park to open in April
Will Stan's thrive with the new Stadium?

When the Yankees signed Mark Teixeira on Dec. 23, 2008, it was seemingly a stealth move by the organization. While it was clear from media reports that the Nationals, Red Sox and Angels were all interested in landing the Gold Glove first baseman, the Yankees — an obvious destination for Teixeira — had seemed all but uninterested in the switch-hitter.

In an interview with WFAN on Friday, Teixeira revealed why. He had asked teams not to negotiate through the media, and only the Yankees, it seems, were able to honor that request. Said the first baseman:

“I always had the Yankees in my sights, and one thing my agent and I had asked every single team is, we’re not going to negotiate through the media, and we ask you not to. The Yankees were really the only team that did that. The other teams went out and told everybody their offers, told everybody that they talked to me, that they made this call, made that trip. The Yankees kept quiet. We talked all winter. When they were ready to make their final offer, it was a great offer, and my wife and I were excited about going to New York.”

Of the Red Sox, Teixeira was particularly critical. “I think in the end, it probably worked against them a little bit, because everyone thought the Red Sox were my No. 1 choice,” Teixeira said. “The Yankees had a leg up all along.”

It’s really interesting, to me at least, to see Teixeira pursue this line of thinking. With the onset of the Internet and the rise of blogging, free agent deals and trades have lost any sense of secrecy. Beat writers race to get rumors out there, and everyone else passes them along as quasi-facts in order to analyze them. Teams, then, have to make a concerted effort to keep negotiations under wraps.

Based on What Teixeira is saying, the Yankees did just that. Throughout December, we knew that the Yankees and Texiera were a match made in a heaven. After all, Teixeira, turning 29 right after Opening Day, was the obvious man to replace Jason Giambi, but the Yanks were quiet. Now we know they were quiet about it on purpose, and in the end, it helped them land the big prize.

I’m sure Boston fans will be all sour grapes about this, but that’s the way things are. Respect the player, respect the process, and land yourself the big fish.

First replacement park to open in April
Will Stan's thrive with the new Stadium?
  • http://mantisfists.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/julius-carry-aka-shonuff.jpg The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    On a related note, if Teixeira’s comments are accurate, I think this provides a little vindication to Jon Heyman (as much as I don’t like admitting it). Heyman has taken a lot of flack this offseason for being too cozy with Boras and allegedly providing Boras with an outlet to float rumors and information or misinformation. Tex seems to believe that his side kept quiet about the negotiations while the teams (other than the Yankees, apparently) fed information to the media. So whatever, this isn’t evidence that Heyman never acts as a Boras mouthpiece, but it seems to at least provide one example in which that accusation rings hollow.

    • whozat

      I’m not sure I agree. A mouthpiece is only useful if some people don’t believe that he’s your mouthpiece. Boras couldn’t have told Heyman to just never talk about Tex, so they guy used other sources for those stories. You can’t anti-leak info. If there had been conspicuous silence on the Tex issue, it’d have raised flags. So, Boras just didn’t talk to Heyman much about Tex. He didn’t like…try to lean on him to silence the stories or anything.

      • http://mantisfists.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/julius-carry-aka-shonuff.jpg The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        I actually don’t know that we disagree, I think you’re misrepresenting my comment a bit. I never said that Boras tried to “lean on him to silence the stories.” My point was that Heyman has been accused of being influenced by Boras, that some have said that Boras feeds information to the public through Heyman, but that in this instance that doesn’t seem to be the case (as I said, if Teixeira’s comments are accurate). According to Tex, there was “conspicuous silence on the Tex issue”… from the Boras/Tex camp. But Heyman wasn’t silent on the issue, and I never claimed he was, nor did I claim that Heyman was silent because he was leaned on by Boras. In fact, the idea that Heyman was silent on the issue (which he wasn’t) because he was leaned on by Boras to be silent would be the opposite of my point, that would validate the allegation that Heyman sometimes acts as an “information pass-through” for Boras.

        • http://mantisfists.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/julius-carry-aka-shonuff.jpg The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          I should clarify that last sentence. It should read:

          “In fact, the idea that Heyman was silent on the issue (which he wasn’t) because he was leaned on by Boras to be silent would be the opposite of my point, that would validate the allegation that Heyman sometimes acts as an “information pass-through” for Boras because it would be an example of Boras exerting his influence on Heyman (influencing Heyman to stay quiet is the same thing as influencing him to speak, it’s the existence of the influence itself that’s in question.

  • steve (different one)

    also, isn’t this proof that the Yankee FO is involved with a bunch of deals we will never find out about??

    so when a good player is traded or signs with another team, maybe we shouldn’t always be like “I CAN’T BELIEVE CASHMAN NEVER EVEN LOOKED INTO THIS~!1!!!”

    we simply don’t know all the facts.

    • Joey

      but but but IPK + Melky for TEH JOHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://statspeak.net dan

        I thought it was Hilligoss and Marquez for teh johan plus cash?

    • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Bronx Baseball Daily

      Exactly. We have no idea who they are talking to exactly. For all we know he called every team about a replacement third baseman and couldn’t find any matches. Just because Ransom is the third baseman does mean they didn’t come very close to adding Crosby or ect.

  • Mike Pop

    The comments on this on MLBTR were unreal.

    • Joe R

      In which way? Bad LoHudian type unreal?

      • Mike Pop

        Just hate on Tex in so many ways. Like Ben put it, they are sour.

        • Yankeegirl49

          Ive been arguing with Sox fans about this on a couple of msg boards. They are more than sour.

    • andrew

      Wow, i just went over there to read some… I’ll post some of my favorites for those of us too lazy to go over to check it out ourselves:

      “Texiera has become one of baseballs biggest douchebags. Obviously he chose money and hes not admitting it= douchebag”

      “I can’t wait to boo his lying ass from my field box seats next to the Yankee dugout on opening day at Camden Yards.”

      “Tex is such a D-bag. His wife has him by the nuts.”

      ” ‘The Yankees had a leg up all along’
      Wow if this was the case why did he have the Red Sox at his home? This makes him sound so self-centered and egotistical. It sounds like he used the other teams to set his market valve and then went to the Yanks and said I’ll sign for this much”

      “This guy is a complete fruad and an obviously liar. I hope NYY fans like having their intelligence insulted because it looks like you’re in for some whoppers over the next 8 years!!!!”

      and my favorite rebuttal:

      “Think about it….the most logical team to pursue Tex, with the biggest check book and in the biggest media market with a gazillion newspapers, tv stations and bloggers and not a single peep about ANY negotiations other than a prelimenary offer made during late november/early december.”

      • Mike Pop

        Heh, they act like he murdered the Yaz!!!!

        • MurrayPresent

          Unbelievable. Saying I asked teams to be quiet and only the Yankees complied makes someone a douchebag.

          It’s funny how the ceiling for non-Boston douchebaggery is so low but in Boston douchebaggery is so high.

          • Yankeegirl49

            On the forums I frequent, the same people who defended Manny to the end are now calling Teix a douchebag and unprofessional. Its quite comical.

  • GG

    Not only were the bosox fans, but so were the bosox. In Buster Olney’s Holliday post a week ago, he said of their relationship with Boras, they were without a doubt livid over how the Teixeira thing played out. I would say I dont understand why, but I do because they are chowderheads, as indicated by Mr. Henry’s comments about the little train that could’nt compete, aww so sad. Marky Tex put em in their place with these comments.

    • MurrayPresent

      wicked retahded chowda heads

      • kSturnz

        baahstin sawks cack

        • Brian from Boston

          Being a Yanks fan here in the Hub, this stuff makes me laugh. Got the accent down to a t. I’ve heard every single one of these ridiculous arguments this off-season. Sux fans come off as whiny and bitchy most of the time, but the Tex stuff has put them in another solar system.

  • John

    Tex is looking more and more like “True Yankee” everyday.

  • Steve in MN

    I think this also speaks volumes about Cash. The way he treated both Tex and CC seem like exactly what they were both looking for.

  • whozat

    I know this isn’t an open thread, but according to this:


    the tigers were willing to flip Ryan Raburn to the mets for some relief help. One assumes Cash is at least looking into this as an option, what with a decently deep relief corps that could stand losing, say, one of Veras/Ramirez/Alby/Bruney in exchange for someone better than Ransom. What does RAB think about this guy?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

      I don’t know anything about Raburn, but it looks to me like he hasn’t spent significant time at third base in a few years. He also hasn’t hit much in the Majors.

      Considering that A-Rod is out for just six weeks max, I’m not sure how that makes Raburn, who will cost the Yanks a player, a better option than Ransom who the Yanks can keep for free.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

        Oh. Also, in case anyone is confused, we’ve added full first and last names now. While old comment names won’t update, our post bylines will.

        So Ben K. = Benjamin Kabak

        • Mike Pop

          I fear change.

      • whozat

        Yeah, I didn’t look too closely at when he’d played where. Duh.

        As for the hitting thing…he hit well in a smaller, concentrated sample in 07 and poorly in a less-small, but much more sporadic sample in 08. And he had good AAA numbers back in 06 and 07 as well.

        If he can’t really play much infield anymore, useless. But I dunno…he looks like a better hitter than Ransom to me, and I feel like the downgrade from an arm like Veras to an arm like Alby is outweighed by the upgrade over Ransom. Don’t feel that strongly about it, though. And the defensive difference could easily nullify any advantage with the bat.

    • andrew

      Doesn’t look much better than Ransom at a glance.

  • Chofo

    “Respect the player, respect the process, and land yourself the big fish.”

    There were people angry with Cashman because he respected the unwritten rule with the Japanesse league about signing undrafted playeres and never went after Tazawa, as the Sox did. I don´t care who you land, honor is better than any player.

  • Whitey14

    I’m not sour. Business is business. He didn’t need to make these comments though and I’d hardly consider them well thought out. All he had to say was that he considered every team’s offers and in the end he chose New York’s. When he says that he always had the Yanks in his sights he’s just proving Henry’s points for him and exposing the system for what it is, which is full of greed on both sides (players/clubs). Also, based on past history, it was most likely his own agent leaking stories about the Sox brass visiting his home and not the Sox brass leaking that info. They are notoriously mum on such actions whereas many of you have noted that Boras has certain writers that tend to leak info for him.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      And THEN where would the rivalry be?

      • Whitey14

        Great point, although the players will tell you it mostly exists with the fans anyway. Outside of MAYBE Varitek/A Rod, these guys don’t hate each other like the old days of Munson/Fisk or Bill Lee/Anyone ;-)

  • Schteeve

    People in a position to be greedy usually are greedy, film at 11.

    Tiex totally should have cold called the Royals, offered to play for free, and then learned how to pitch so that he could help them even more. For free. Since he didn’t do that, or take a gajillion dollars from the Sox, he’s clearly,…..CLEARLY a douchebag.