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I have over 100 baseball feeds in my RSS reader,. so I often come across some interesting stuff that either doesn’t relate to the Yankees or doesn’t warrant an entire post. Some of them I can’t help but share, so I’m going to start dumping these links into a bullet-point post. Let me know if you guys like the features. If so, we’ll consider running it in the mornings during the season.

  • After showering praise on White Sox GM Ken Williams, Jon Heyman discusses possible A-Rod replacements. He mentions two Dodgers, Mark Loretta and Blake DeWitt, though either would be a complicated acquisition. Loretta signed this winter, and his consent would be required for a trade. DeWitt is young and promising; the Dodgers might want Phil Hughes, which would be ridiculous. Heyman mentions Kennedy, but would LA go for that? If so, it’s something the Yanks would have to consider. As a footnote Heyman mentions Chone Figgins if Brandon Wood steps up and starts at third base.
  • There’s a great thread at The Book blog about the science of bat/ball collision. If you’re up to the task, it’s a good read-through.
  • It looks like Ross Ohlendorf is re-learning his changeup with hopes of cracking the Pirates starting rotation. Ohlie ditched the changeup when the Yanks moved him to the bullpen, opting for a fastball/slider combo. Now that Pittsburgh wants him to start, he needs to get the feel back for his change. Thankfully for him, Pittsburgh represents one of his best chances at a starting gig. Not like they have a ton of promising pitchers to choose from.
  • Josh at Jorge Says No! discusses the Kyle Lohse situation. Boy, did he luck out. Guy with a career ERA north of 4.00 gets a four-year, $41 million deal. He rewarded the Cardinals with 200 innings of 3.78 ERA ball last year, but at age 30 what are the chances he sustains that? With his K/BB ratio from the past few years, I’d say not very good.
  • Jason at IIATMS riffs on the Pete Toms article Ben addressed yesterday. It’s a good read in itself, but what I really enjoyed was Jay at Fack Youk riffing on Jason’s line about the Yankees being a Ponzi scheme. Thankfully, as long as the team wins they probably have nothing to worry about.
  • Then again, maybe there is something to worry about. I got an email from yesterday afternoon announcing seating between the bases. These are primo seats that run from first base, behind the plate, and around to third base. Not only are these open for full-season tickets (at $325 per seat per game, so over $52,000 for the season for a pair), but also 41-game plans ($14,350 per seat), and two 20-game plans ($350 per seat per game, so $7,000 for one seat).
Davidoff: Careful what you wish for
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  • Rich I.

    Wow, I read about thirty baseball feeds. How about a list of the ones you read?

  • radnom

    I feel like I accidently loaded up

    • random

      To be clear, considering the rest of the comments were negative, I was not implying that was a bad thing. This could be a nice feature, maybe not as a daily thing but every once in a while. I don’t get people complaining that this should be Yankee focused; every link in there was either Yankee related or just general game of baseball related besides that one about Loshe.

  • Simon B.

    Remember all the hype about Ohlendorf as a reliever based on 6 1/3 innings at the end of 2007? Wow.

    • random

      No, don’t remember that. I do remember being hyped because of his stuff and his ceiling, and I think he could do well out in the NL, but I don’t think anyone was really basing Ohlendorf hype off of the end of 2007. With him it was all about potential.

      • Simon B.

        I wonder why there wasn’t as much enthusiasm over Latroy Hawkins. His sinker and slider are better and had a better track record.

        • random

          He had a decent 2007 in the national league but I wouldnt say he had a good track record. I think most people were just of the attitude “whatever it is only a couple million” if it fails…which it did.

          He was in the AL East in 2006 and got destroyed, and 07 was the first year in 3 years that he gave up fewer hits than innings pitched. He also didn’t strike anyone out…even in 07.

          Not a lot to get excited about.

          • Simon B.

            His relief numbers have been good since 2002, only having a down year in 2006, and it wasn’t that bad with a slightly above average ERA.

            That’s not the really the point though. Ohlendorf was thoroughly mediocre in the minors (that includes as a reliever). He comes up overthrowing what used to be a sinker at 95 and a slider that he couldn’t command if his life depends on it and people think he’s the missing piece for the pen.

            • random

              “His relief numbers have been good since 2002, only having a down year in 2006, and it wasn’t that bad with a slightly above average ERA.”

              Not really…if you actually read what I wrote and look at his total numbers and not just ERA you would see that he was actually pretty bad for 3 years before 07 where he had a good/lucky year. This was the reason no one really cared for him when he was signed, and it turned out we were right.
              I’m not sure what you are trying to argue, that Hawkins was some sort of great releiver up until last year and 2008 was a complete fluke that everyone just randomly lucked out when they saw comming?

              Also Minor League numbers are not really of that much importance to me…Olhendorf had (has) some potential and we were excited to see if he would reach it last year. Didn’t happen, but hey, it doesn’t always work out that way.

  • A.D.

    DeWitt for Hughes would be laughable

    • Reggie C.

      Its pretty funny considering the Kemp for Hughes rumor that didn’t want to die. Did Hughes’s star fall so far that he could only land the Yanks a replacement 3B? Damn Heyman… that one made no sense.

      • A.D.

        Well its more that would be what the Dodgers would ask. They got bamboozled on the Casey Blake deal, so maybe they think everyone is as dumb as they are

  • Yankees_Universe

    No, I am not one in the favor of this feature. If you think there is overwhelming majority of people who would like this feature then at least put it somewhere on other page or at the bottom. This is Yankees blog and I want everything Yankees as soon as I get on the site. It is my daily ritual to check here once I get to work.

    • UWS

      I would agree with this. It’s too much like the MLBTR features.

  • Yankeegirl49

    Agree as well

    • KW

      Same, I like it, but I think the blog is best suited for Yankee exclusive content. It keeps the message focused and uncluttered. As is, you guys have the best content around anyway.

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    I vote in favor of this feature. I’m all for any feature that adds more information to the site, and I think this feature will be pretty nice for people reading the site on an iPhone or other mobile device. I don’t really see the downside.

    • Joseph P.

      Maybe more would favor it if we move it to the afternoon.

      • andrew

        I actually kinda like it more in the morning because then whenever I have some free time all day I can come back here and grab one of those links for a quick read. Definitely like the feature feature though. Some people are saying its too much like MLBTR but this is one of my favorite things over there. It gives you access to a lot of information all at once and then allows us to choose what we want to read and what we dont.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        I don’t see anything wrong with doing it twice a day like a lot of blogs do, but that my be a little too much change to force onto people all at once. (Kidding, people just seem a bit sensitive about this.)

  • rbizzler

    I am in the ‘the more the merrier’ camp when it comes to information. If people aren’t into it, they can skip it. I think that most people here are baseball fans at heart and not JUST Yankee fans.

    Maybe if you bury it right away with a Yankee-centric post, people wouldn’t be so hostile.

  • Tom Zig

    I didn’t think Ken Williams was a good GM….

    Overall I don’t mind the links. I don’t see anything wrong with them.

  • jsbrendog

    this kind of stuff is good because it will help educate the ig’nant as to baseball matters and not just yankee centric nonsense.

    plus i love baseball and anything baseball ill chekc out.

  • Joe R

    What if you make both sides happy and just have a link to a daily post that has the links that goes up at like 9 every morn.

  • pat

    I’m all for it Joe. My mind is continually blown by the amount of criticism and complaints people bring up when talking about this FREE website we all visit so much. Is it really that difficult to skip over content that doesnt necessarily %100 appeal to you? Maybe because I grew up poor I never complained about getting things handed to me for free. Oh well, you asked for opinions so I guess thats what you got.
    Oh and stay off my lawn you damn kids.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      I agree. Nothing wrong with a post like this that’s an aggregation of all sorts of links. It’s only one post, so you can easily skip over it/ignore it if you choose to, and it can serve as a quasi-open thread for people who want to post something not-quite on topic during the day without having to wait for the nightly open thread.

    • A.D.

      I really don’t get the criticism either, makes no sense.

    • random

      “My mind is continually blown by the amount of criticism and complaints people bring up when talking about this FREE website ”

      He asked for opinion on the post. What on earth are you graving on about?

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        I could be wrong, but I’m guessing this was directed more at the Bo/Grant’s of the world, the commenters who’s only response to, say, a midday post about 2006 Dominance Factors is something along the lines of:

        “Great, another stupid post about bust pitchers from two years ago. Isn’t there something better we could be discussing? Stop wasting our time.”

        Crap like that.

        • pat

          Indeed sir.

        • random

          Ah, weird then that it was posted in here, where there is admittedly a ton of critisism, but it was directly asked for.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    On the Yankees struggling to sell out the primo seats, any chance you think they lower the price temporarily (say, drop it from $325 a seat to like $250 a seat), claiming the bad economy has forced ticket prices down? And then, by 2011 when the economy is on the upswing again and we’ve won two more World Series titles, they can start ratcheting the prices back up…

  • Moshe Mandel

    I dont get the problem. You didn’t just post links, you commented on them. In fact, a few of them, with another sentence or two, would qualify as one of those shorter posts you guys have (the ones formatted differently on the front page). I think it is great.

  • leo

    The $350 ($325 for full season!!!) seats are actually available for all of the plans now. If you go to the Season Plans–>Buy Plan Now option on that’s what they’re hawking.