Fangraphs reviews Yanks’ recent drafts

On sample sizes, too small and just right
Game 22: Start of a streak?

Marc Hulet at Fangraphs is running though how each organization each organization has performed in recent drafts, as well as a taking a quick look at what we could expect this year, and today he touched on the Yankees. Everything is pretty much spot on regarding the ’08, ’07 and ’06 drafts (remember that it’s tough to say anything definitive on last year’s or even 2007’s class), and for the most part the ’09 outlook is solid. I do disagree that the Yanks need relievers though, they actually have bullpen arms coming out of their ears at the upper levels, it’s just that they’ve performed poorly in the first twenty games of the season. And besides, drafting relievers high is a dumb strategy anyway. Give a read, it’s quick, painless and informative.

On sample sizes, too small and just right
Game 22: Start of a streak?
  • Matt ACTY

    And besides, drafting relievers high is a dumb strategy anyway.

    The Mariners did not get this memo.

    • dudes

      neither did the mets–eddie kunz anyone?

      • Pablo Zevallos

        Kunz? talk about quick and painless…

  • Drew

    Wow, how good was 06. Yeah, Cash is TEH SUXOr!!1!

  • Darth Stein

    People are nuts in the comments with the Montero talk. I am a little surprised that folks can get so fired up and be so sure about the fact that a 20 year kid in A ball will never be an MLB catcher. Just let the kid develop and hope he sticks at catcher. There is not a whole lot to debate at this point.

    • Tom Zig

      Lets trade him for Farnsworth!

    • Matt ACTY

      I say as long as he can play Jorge/Piazza level defense, he’ll be fine.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        He could play Chris Stewart defense and I wouldn’t care (that much).

      • Pablo Zevallos

        Jorge/Piazza level defense

        Dude, Jorge is below-average, but did you just put his defense in the same breath as Piazza’s ?

    • Drew

      Yeah, You’d think people would be more worried about Angelini. Just let Montero grow and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Rich

      That’s at least in part because Dave Cameron has made that definitive assessment and people are just following on that.

      But as I posted there when he first made that statement, just because he says it doesn’t make it so.

    • Darth Stein

      After making my bold statement here I got curious and did a little research on B-Ball Ref. Here is what I found as far as catching prospects comparisons based on 2008 numbers:

      (Note: I am not sure that Fld% is a valid stat for catchers but decided to include it anyway. I apologize in advance if I have made and ass of my self.)

      Montero in low A – G:71 Fld%:.993 PB:11 CS:25%
      Wieters in high A and AA – G:93 Fld%.989 PB:3 CS:40%
      Carlos Santana in high A and AA – G:106 Fld%:.978 PB:14 CS:27%
      Teagarden in AA and AAA – G:67 Fld%:.996 PB:3 CS:38%
      Max Ramirez in AA and AAA – G:53 Fld%:.971 PB:5 CS:24%

      for comparison:
      Jose Molina in MLB – G:97 Fld%:.996 PB:7 CS:44%

      and just for fun:
      Romine in low A – G:54 Fld%:.988 PB:18 CS:20%

      My observations from the data above are:
      1. That Wieters kid is a stud and Teagarden isn’t bad either
      2. There is nothing in these numbers that lead me to believe that Montero cannot be at least a passable catcher, especially considering his youth
      3. I was disappointed that I could not find a stat that told me how many no hitters each player caught so we could identify the next V-Tech and assign a “Grit Factor” to each player

      • Accent Shallow

        Interesting numbers, but it’s next to impossible to quantify catcher defense using those numbers, especially for the minor leagues.

        For Montero being a catcher, there’s nothing we can do but wait and see. The organization is really high on his work ethic, so maybe he can learn. Wouldn’t be the first time the scouts have been wrong. And maybe he’s a DH/1B in the making. . . let’s see what the same experts are saying at the end of the year.

  • Drew

    This dude on Yes has monstrous ears. Sorry for straying from the thread, but he looks like a gremlin.

  • kenthadley

    and in seven years when Tex is done, Montero will be 27……he can catch for a few years and move to 1b in his prime…..not a problem unless he absolutely cannot play the position……

  • shasha

    i think montero will move to LF because 1st base is taken and he has a very good work ethic and a good arm so he can learn the position. besides manny isnt a gold glove winner and look at him.

  • shasha

    what do you guys think??