Trenton gets the stadium beer right

Kennedy has a vasospasm
Game 21: Phenom vs. Phenom

Yesterday morning, we talked about the disappointing beer options at Yankee Stadium. Today, the Trenton Thunder’s P.R. head emailed me with a very timely promotion. Tomorrow night down in Trenton, the team is hosting a $1 domestic beer night in Waterfront Park’s new picnic area. All domestic draft beers in the picnic area will be on sale for $1, and all fans can get to the picnic area. Find out more at the Thunder’s website.

Bill Cook, the director of P.R. for the Thunder, also provided me with the beer list, and as stadium brews go, it’s a good one: Sam Adams Brown Lager, Coors Light, Miller Light, Miller MGD, Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Corona, Corona Light, Yuengling Lager, Yuengling Black and Tan, Heineken, Amstel Light, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Bass, Spaten Lager, Spaten Octoberfest, Spaten Franzikaner Hefe Weiss and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The parent club could take a lesson.

Kennedy has a vasospasm
Game 21: Phenom vs. Phenom
  • kenthadley

    you really cant beat this……for those who cant or wont afford the price of MLB, Trenton hits the spot…….

  • james

    Everyone in he crown is gonna get blacked out. I wish i could go to that game

  • james

    the crowd*

  • MattB

    I see no possible way this could go wrong….

  • RCK

    Seriously. The pleasure of a beer plus a baseball game should not be impeded by crappy beer at the ball park. I know one can go to the special “beers of the world” or whatever stand, but it’s so frustrating to me that it’s not easier to get a decent beer at the stadium.

  • jsbrendog

    wow its like they have a beer garden in their miniature stadium

  • Shamik

    Beer at Yankee Stadium is kind of ridiculous. $9 and limited selection. I have to walk around a while just to get a light beer on the main concourse. All they have is Bud. If I am paying $9 a beer…atleast give me a selection.

  • Jake H

    I have to have 2 things when I go to a ball game. 1 a good beer(Here in KC there is a brewing company called Boulevard Brewing company and they brew great beers) and 2 a Hot dog. Went to a game last year and it was 40 degrees and I still had both.

  • Rob S.

    Now you’re bitching about the kind of beer available at Yankee Satdium? Have you ever said one good word about anything concerning the Yankees? Why do you care what kind of beer it is since your glass is always half empty?

    • pat

      I’m pretty sure a guy who runs one of the most successful Yankee blogs on the internet has said a good thing or two about the Yankees. Is it really bitching when he’s just stating how our AA affiliate has a broader beer selection than the big club?

  • Lanny

    Why would they ever not charge what they charge for beers if people are going to buy them?

    It would be doing business the Oriole way if they charged 3 bucks a beer when people will gladly pay 9.

    • radnom

      According to some random forum post from 2003, beer was 4.50 at Camden Yards. I’m sure its gone up in the six years since then. Nice try though.

  • radnom

    I’m sipping on a Victory Prima Pils after spending all day outside, and I can’t help but think this would be a perfect beer for a ballgame. Sierra Nevada PA is a good choice too, although if Yankee Stadium charges $9 for a Budweiser I don’t even want to think what they would charge for craft beer to get the same profit margin. Too bad they couldn’t have gotten a better octoberfest then Spaten for those late season months..

  • Rick in Boston

    I’ll say this about Trenton: the GM there has very good taste in beer. I used to work with him in Hagerstown (along with the GM of Daytona). He used to complain about all of the quality beers that none of the fans would buy.

    • radnom

      That is always the thing. Its hard for Yankee Stadium to offer a nice selection of beers when 95% of sales are going to go to Budweiser regardless of the selection. Its not good business sense. Especially if there is a price difference, beer is expensive enough that very few people are going to want to pay more for better beer at a ball game.

  • Tom Zig

    Regardless of their beer selection, Trenton is too far for me to attend a ball game. But hopefully Yankee Stadium catches on to this and adds these choices plus St. Pauli’s Girl.

  • Scott-TheBrewClub

    That’s really not too bad of a beer selection. Seems like anyone who likes beer could find something that is at least decent for them.