2009 Draft: Callis on tough signs

Bruney goes for MRI, Albie optioned
Game 42: Bring on the Champs

Jim Callis of Baseball America discussed three players likely to fall in next month’s draft because of signability concerns. I profiled two of the players – CF Donovan Tate (Georgia HS) & RHP Jacob Turner (St. Louis HS) – earlier this year. Tate is a supreme athlete but is still learning to convert those physical gifts into baseball tools. He also has the added leverage of a football scholarship to UNC working for him. Turner has started to make good on some of the projection he offers, jumping from 89-91 earlier in the year to 95-97 down the stretch. The third player, California Texas HS LHP Matt Purke, wants a boatload of cash but offers an extremely live arm (92-94 mph heat with plenty of projection remaining) and is arguably the best lefty prospect in the draft. Any of the three would be a major, major steal for the Yanks at #29.

Bruney goes for MRI, Albie optioned
Game 42: Bring on the Champs
  • Drew

    I’m not prepared for another Gerrit. I sure hope we sign whoever we pick, especially in the first and second round.

    • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Bronx Baseball Daily

      Too bad that if anyone of any value falls the Red Sox will swoop in and get him.

  • Tank the Frank

    Really looking forward to a nice rebound after last year’s non-signings.

  • Chip

    Time to start allowing the teams to trade picks so the Yankees can trade somebody right now for the National’s 2011 1st round pick and just pray that they can land Harper. Either that, or he moves to the DR and renounces his US citizenship!

  • putt

    I’m not a draft expert and sometimes this strategy confuses me. I understand drafting the best player available when it’s your turn to pick, but it seems like Yankee brass always deems the best player available to be a RHP. Is it just that quality position prospects are just not available at the typical point when the Yanks draft every year?

    I feel like if two players are close in value, for instance one being a RHP and the other a position player (I’m thinking SS/3B/2B), wouldn’t the fact that they have little organizational depth at those positions increase the value of the pick for the team?

    I know it’s foolish to draft a SS this year just because you need to move Jeter eventually, but shouldn’t they be trying to restock those specific shelves at some point?

    • Drew

      Yes, but hopefully we can restock our position prospects via international FA. Cough Cough, Miguel Sano, Cough Cough.

      • putt

        True, I guess I neglected to take that into consideration. I do like what I’ve read on him so far.

    • whozat

      “Is it just that quality position prospects are just not available at the typical point when the Yanks draft every year? ”

      Define “quality position prospects”.

      High-probability/high-upside college position players? All gone by the time the Yanks draft.

      High-upside high-school position players? Pretty much all gone by the time the Yanks draft, unless there are signability or injury concerns.

      Extremely raw, but very athletic High school position player signability cases? Some of those might be there, but they’ll take longer to get to the bigs — and will usually still be there in later rounds. See: Austin Jackson

      You take Hugheses and IPKs and Jobas early because they won’t be there in the 8th round like an Austin Jackson, and all the Derek Jeters are gone. And the thing is, having Hughes with Brackman, Kennedy, Betances and ZMac behind him lets you do stuff like trade one of them (or an established guy like Wang) to get a new, young SS or OFer when you need one.

  • Januz

    This draft will be very interesting to see. I think you will see a lot of players drop like rocks, because certain teams will not be big spenders because of the economy (Detroit comes to mind). Another factor is how can teams possibly justify not giving players like Bobby Abreu decent contracts, but shell out millions to unproven talent? That issue would help the players in a collusion case, if they decided to press for one (Although the Yankees would probably be exempt because how much they spent). There could be a lot of opportunities for teams like the Yankees and Red Sox to take advantage of this.

  • Mike

    Purke is from Texas. Tyler Matzek is the LHP from Cali.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      You’re right, my bad.