A conspiracy theory and A-Rod’s delayed return

Damon wants to remain a Yank
You lose some, you win some back

For the last few weeks, we’ve heard numerous rumblings of an earlier-than-expected return to the lineup by A-Rod, and earlier this week, even A-Rod’s doctor admitted that the Yanks’ May 15th date seemed far too conservative. A-Rod, he said, could return by next weekend. Now, though, it appears as though the club is tempering those lofty expectations.

Joe Girardi told the Daily News’ Roger Rubin that the team doesn’t want to rush back its rehabbing superstar. While it would be great to get A-Rod back for the Baltimore series, the team sounds very hesitant about playing A-Rod in Toronto on artificial turf. So we may wait until the Twins arrive in tow for A-Rod.

And so here’s where my conspiracy theory comes into play. Because of a leak, Selena Roberts’ publishers are releasing her book on Monday. If A-Rod comes back on Friday, he will arrive amidst a storm over the gossip-filled tome. If the Yanks wait until May 15th, the 11 days should be long enough for everyone to forget about the book. A-Rod, while not in the clear, wouldn’t be the main detraction. Don’t believe me? Just ask Joe Torre. After two weeks, his book was old news.

Damon wants to remain a Yank
You lose some, you win some back
  • steve (different one)

    sure, but then the publisher will just push the release date back…j/k.

    • UWS

      I wouldn’t be surprised. They should wait until the book comes out and THEN say ARod’s been delayed.

      • Zack

        They’re linked, they’re not releasing the book until ARod comes back so your plan wouldnt work.

        • Zack

          Oh wait I agree with your plan. ha my bad

    • Zack

      They would.

      Yankees should give a date for ARod, have the book released and have ARod go on the bereavement list or something just to screw over Robertys and her book (that no one is going to buy anyways)

  • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

    Who cares? We have The Ramiro Pena.

    • Dan12

      best comment

  • Zack

    Didn’t the Joe Torre book go away because ARod’s failed test was revealed?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

      Details, details.

  • Brett

    Is that such a conspiracy theory, we’re not talking the assassination of JFK here, its simple politics, and its smart if you ask me, very smart, A-rods prone to being caught up in whatever is going on and the boos that could come especially with the book, so why not let him get some more practice and avoid a lot of problems.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

      Oh, I’m not saying I disagree with the move. It’s about as obvious though as Roberts’ publishers moving the street date of her book around. I’m more amused by it than anything else.

      • Brett

        Oh then fair enough. I agree it’s incredibly amusing to me how often the Yankees operate like some sort of political operative.

  • dave

    Torre’s book was old news after two weeks, because there was bigger news – A-Rod’s positive steroid test. So, I don’t know if two weeks is going to be enough this time, unless, say, there’s a leak of Babe Ruth’s positive steroid test.

  • http://actyankee.blogspot.com Matt ACTY

    Just wait until the Twins series. He’s not running much yet and I don’t think he’s played third in a spring game yet, right? If he hasn’t done that stuff yet, why rush him back?

    • pat

      I agree. It doesn’t seem like he is even in true game shape yet. After he actually gets 100% healthy I’d imagine he needs a week or two of better BP than some kids floating around EST.

  • Steve B Ball

    It’s enough bullshit …he said ,she said…just let A-Rod play baseball.
    What about the other 104 players that were test positive with A-Rod?
    Please , what a bunch of crap!

    • Thomas A. Anderson

      If we don’t know the other 103 players on that list before next season starts, I would be stunned. Most of the stuff that has been related to the whole steroid controversy has remained confidential for long. This is the ultimate smoking gun. I would be willing to bet that some enterprising reporter will “stumble across” the rest of the names on that list sooner or later.