All is well: Joba OK, Yanks win 9th straight

Joba update: x-rays negative
Stadium Metro-North stop to open tomorrow

Yankees fans collectively gasped during the first inning last night, as Joba Chamberlain took an Adam Jones comebacker off the knee. The concern started when Joba doubled over, ditching his hat and glove and holding his knee. Out jogged Girardi and the trainer. We could only hope that it was just tender, and that Joba could continue. He did, but after surrendering singles to Nick Markakis and Aubrey Huff it was clear to the guys in the dugout that Joba wasn’t all there. Girardi removed him — to Joba’s chagrin, it appeared — and called upon Alfredo Aceves, who had pitched two innings the night before.

Even with Aceves throwing well, the Yanks stood to be in for a long night. Aceves was only available for a few innings, and after that there were slim pickings until the last couple of innings. The Yanks got all they could out of Aceves, as he finished the first and then pitched the next three, surrendering three hits and a walk, but no runs. Next up was Jon Albaladejo, who is looking more and more like the 2009 version of Ross Ohlendorf. He allowed four runs in 2.1 innings and allowed the Orioles to get back into the game. Thankfully, Jose Veras of all people bailed him out, finishing off the seventh and pitching a scoreless eighth before Mo came on to close it out.

The night was made possible by the offense and their surging first inning. Adam Eaton is the kind of pitcher the Yanks need to beat up, and that they did right from the start. Back to back to back doubles by Jeter, Cano, and Teixeira put the Yanks up 2-0. After two outs and a Nick Swisher walk, Melky Cabrera slammed a double to the gap, plating Tex and Swish. He himself was caught between second and third. To some it seemed boneheaded, though others defended it as him ensuring the run got home. I’m not so sure. Boneheaded sounds like a more plausible explanation.

Tuesday night saw two of the longest home runs yet hit in the new Yankee Stadium. Alex Rodriguez parked one in the left field bleachers, and Mark Teixeira hit one way, way out into the second deck in right, barely missing the seemingly impossible to reach upper deck. In the second inning Robinson Cano didn’t hit one nearly as far as those, but it was impressive nonetheless. It was an absolute pea, getting out of the park in roughly a half second. It put the Yanks up comfortably, 6-0, and Hideki Matsui piled it on in the fifth with a second-deck shot of his own.

There were really only two things to complain about in that game, and one leads to the other. The obvious one is Albaladejo’s performance. With Aceves presumably on the shelf and Phil coke still not 100 percent (he was only available in an emergency tonight), he could join Edwar Ramirez in Scranton if the Yanks decide they could use another reliever. Since Mo pitched two days in a row and likely won’t be available (hence the lack of Bruney last night), swapping Albie for Robertson or Melancon would be a good idea. Neither has pitched since the 18th, so it’s a pretty obvious move.

The good news is that Joba’s X-ray came back negative. It’s just a bruise, and I’m assuming it’s going to be just a tad sore tomorrow. Girardi seemed optimistic about Joba making his next start, but that’s probably going to depend on how he feels during his side session over the weekend. It’s doubtful, but I wonder if they reconsider Chien-Ming Wang‘s status and decide to start him Friday or Saturday, pushing everyone back a day and allowing the Yanks to skip Joba’s turn in the rotation. Again, it’s unlikely, but it’s certainly an option.

Interleague play opens tomorrow night with the World Champion Phillies heading into the Stadium to wrap-up the homestand. It’ll be Brett Myers vs. A.J. Burnett.

Joba update: x-rays negative
Stadium Metro-North stop to open tomorrow
  • Drew

    I hope Bruney is okay. I don’t know why he didn’t pitch today.

    • kunaldo

      save him for tomorrow since mo won’t be able to pitch?

      • Drew

        I suppose, but Bruney had two full days off going into today.
        Also, Mo’s only thrown 25 pitches in the last two games. He’s probably good to go tomorrow if we need a save.

        • Slugger27

          he pitched tuesday right? thats one full day off

          • Drew

            True, yeah the 19th.

            • Bo

              They are going to be extra cautious with Bruney. Be patient.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    I’ll be there tomorrow. Who’s joining me?

    • radnom

      Your ,mother.

  • Peedlum

    Good to see the Yankees keep moving up the run differential standings too. In positive territory the last 2 days and extending.

    • Zack

      Does that REALLY matter?

      You sound like Michael Kay- ‘that hit raises Cano’s average .002 points’

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        Yea, actually, it does matter. You generally want to score more runs than you allow.

        • Rich

          I’m not aware of any team that was kept out of the playoffs because of their run differential even if their actual win-loss record would suffice.

          When the rule changes please let me know.

          • Matt ACTY/BBD

            You do realize that those two things usually go hand in hand, right? Teams that get outscored and still have a winning record (think ’07 Mariners and Diamondbacks) are generally lucky and don’t do well in the long term.

            • Ed

              Wang giving up 23 runs in 6 innings certainly put the run differential out of whack, and that’s ignoring the effects of the bullpen doing extended mop up jobs to finish those games.

              Run differential can be useful, but when you’re early in the season and you’ve got some huge outliers like that, it can be misleading. Really bad pitching performances affect the stats far more than really good ones do.

      • Joseph Pawlikowski

        Does any of this really matter?

        • Matt ACTY/BBD

          Baseball is serious business, Joe. Just ask Jorge.

  • Drew

    Sounds like Joba is okay beyond the X-ray, over on Lohud they have some quotes from Joey G and Jober. Looking good for his next start, hopefully they’re right.

  • ledarthdavid

    Nothing like riding a win streak into interleague play.

    Sucks he couldn’t pitch maybe he should throw out of the pen tomorrow night to you know stay warm , but skip out on such a heavy work load. ahahah

    But in all seriousness its no big deal. Dude is going to have to miss starts at some point this season.

  • Mike Pop

    Was there tonight, first time. Just an awesome experience, love the new stadium…. and Aceves…. He threw me a ball :)…. Not to mention my buddy and me got some pics for Joba’s thing was scary, but I am glad all is well.

  • JackISBACK

    2/3 IP? JOBER CLEARLY needs to head to the pen. The line of thinking is that for short stints out there (80 IP over a season) he is less likely to get hit by line drives. The Yankees are obviously putting JOBBER at risk here, he NEEDS to be IN THE PEN!!

    • al

      i agree.. lets sign a front line starter like ponson or colon to take up the slack..

      • AlexNYC

        You mean trade.

        I appreciate the sarcasm.

        • al

          can we trade for the american idle?

    • Jeremy

      Exactly – if Joba had been in the pen, he could not have been hit by a ball in the first inning. Therefore, he should be in the pen.

      The thing is, I wouldn’t be some surprised if a Kruk-type analyst made this observation and actually meant it.

    • Zack

      As a starter he’s only a 0.2 IP pitcher

  • Joe M.

    I know this comment is going to be completely unrelated, but congratulations Mike on getting the MLBTradeRumors job.

  • YankeeScribe

    Should Cano continue batting 2nd? If so, where does Damon bat?

    • Bo


      • AlexNYC


  • Joe LA

    It’ll be Brett Myers vs. A.J. Burnett.

    Brett Myers has given up 14 HR in 50 IP to the tune of a 4.50 ERA (100 ERA+ on the season)

    That HR total isn’t super high, but considering how homer happy the Yankees have been lately, I’m pretty pumped for 10 in a row.

    • Drew

      Baseball ref said 12 hr’s earlier…

      • Joe LA

        oops, I only read comment threads I intend on commenting on. This is the first time I saw Brett Myers name so I jumped at the opportunity. His slightly high HR’s surrendered is all the talk here in Philly.

  • jonathan

    I am actually alittle scared about the phils glut of left handed power bats. Rollins,Utley,Howard,and Ibanez…this could be a really long game if AJ doesnt have it tonite with lots of homers given up.

    • Bo

      That’s why Coke got the day off yesterday.

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      They key to getting Ryan Howard out: no fastballs. Breaking balls low and away KILL him.

  • Expired Milk

    I loved how Mo struck out Huff to end the game and some little kid in the stands fist pumped.

    • jsbrendog

      haha, smart kid

    • Coach6423

      I fistpumped all the way up here in Michigan

      • Mike Pop


  • donttradecano

    Besides getting yelled at by a cop to sit down after standing up and high fiving the people behind me after Mo got the first out, being at the stadium was awesome once again.

  • Marc

    I just relized that by taking Joba out, they used a good opportunity to limit his seasons innings. Thats about 6 innings shaved off his total.

    • sabernar


      That’s exactly what I was going to say.

  • Tampa Yankee

    From Mike and Mike w/ Gammons this morning:

    M&M: Yankees lead the AL in home runs and Phillies lead the NL in home runs. What’s the over/under for home runs hit in the new Yankee Stadium this weekend?

    PG: Three games, I’m taking 16. Buster Olney has been pointing out that they’re going to pass last year’s totals in the old [Yankee] Stadium by about June 15. I’m tired of people saying that it’s too early and we don’t have enough games.

    We have enough games and it wasn’t a very well-planned ballpark. Any player will tell you that [the new Yankee Stadium] has become one of the biggest jokes in baseball.

    No, Peter, you and the rest of ESoxPN are becoming the biggest joke in baseball…

    • AlexNYC

      People never understand SSS. Screw you Gammons.

  • cult of basebaal

    Per LoHud, CMW will not start at SWB tonite, but will be in the bullpen as “long relief”.

    No word yet on the corresponding move, I’m betting it’s Elba getting the boot after his performance last night …