Coke ready for action tonight

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Apparently, Phil Coke‘s balky back had been worse than we realized. While Coke first said he was unavailable to prior to this week’s series against the Blue Jays, not until today has the Yanks’ lone remaining lefty reliever felt well enough to pitch. Coke told Marc Carig of The Star Ledger that he expects to be available out of the pen tonight. Coke says he back was so tight on Tuesday that he couldn’t stand up straight. He had a catcher yesterday though and should be ready to go if he’s called upon to face Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau in a tight spot this weekend.

BA's Mock Draft V1.0
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  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    Ooooh, we’re getting Coke tonight? Somebody’s happy…

    • thurdonpaul

      are we sharing ?
      (just kidding)

  • Mattingly’s Love Child

    I’m always up for a little Coke action!

  • Drew

    One lefty back, any word on how Marte is doing?

    • Nady Nation

      Girardi indicated on Francesa’s show a couple of days ago that Marte is not close to returning. He hadn’t even picked up a ball yet. The interview is probably on the FAN’s website if you wanna take a listen.

      • Drew

        Damn, thanks.

  • ChrisS

    That Marte signing still grinds my gears.

    • Bo

      When they could have just picked up his option, yea. It does.

  • Cor Shep

    im still laughing from small papi leaving 12 on base haha

    big start from CC last night not allowing the bullpen to suck :)

    • Bo

      I wonder what the odds were that Gardner homer’d before Ortiz.

  • Brendo

    Well, it’s good to have one other reliable arm out there besides Mo.