Heyman: Yanks can’t add payroll (for now)

2009 Draft: Yanks connected to Sanchez
Game 43: Starting a new streak

ESPN puts the Yankees’ payroll at a cool $201,449,189. It is nearly $55 million more than the Mets who come in second on that illustrious salary list. Now, though, Heyman claims that the Yanks cannot add more payroll. Right now, this item jibes with what we heard about the Yanks’ spending in December: The team has reached its limit and cannot add any more. We’ll see if the same holds true when late July rolls around and the Yanks are one piece short of locking up a playoff spot.

2009 Draft: Yanks connected to Sanchez
Game 43: Starting a new streak
  • Yankeegirl49

    “Cannot” and “will not” are 2 totally different things. They might be saying the will not add payrool, but I find it hard to believe they “cannot”

  • Yankeegirl49


  • John

    I thought this was a interesting thing Heyman said:

    Sure, the Yankees are beating up on teams they usually beat (Twins and Orioles), but they are also playing beautiful fundamental baseball.

    Beautiful?!! Nice…

  • Accent Shallow

    This had better not be a jinx!

  • daneptizl

    A couple stabs at who we may target would be nice… except Cameron can’t be used…

    • whozat

      A) Why does it make sense to exclude Mike Cameron? Did he get hurt recently?

      B) It makes no sense to try to take some stabs now…we don’t know what will happen between now and then. If Melancon emerges like we think he can, Coke remains effective, and Marte comes back healthy, then the pen is less of a problem…If Melky continues to hit, we don’t need a CFer. If one of those things DOESN’T happen, though…Why try to guess now?

      • Drew

        Man, if Brunester, Marte and our position players come back good to go, I don’t even see why we would add payroll.

      • daneptizl

        Exclude Cameron because doing so, would provide a new, extra guess. Guess now, for the fun of it. Trillz bruhddy.

  • Some call me…tim

    who’s salaries are included in this?

    • whozat

      usually the whole 40-man

  • Januz

    I think we will get a good indication what they will or will not spend after July 2nd (The International Free Agent Period). If they decide to not go after the Sano types and go conservative in the draft, then it could very well be a indication,they will not add payroll. In addition, this year’s free agent class (Headed by Lackey and Holliday), is nothing like the Sabathia & Teixeira class of last offseason (Where they chose to spend their money), so they may go conservative there as well. Keep this in mind: While it is true the Yankees will able to shed some big contracts (Damon, Nady, Pettitte etc), the debt service for the new Stadium’s bonds is very high, and the revenues are not what was forecasted, so this claim by Heyman may be very accurate.

    • daneptizl

      It’s been stated that there are separate budgets for everything

      • V

        Exactly. Skimping on FAs and Trades is not the same as skimping on international FAs and the draft. They can’t afford to go cheap in the draft and international market, as that’s the reason they’ve had to spend so much on FAs.

        • steve (different one)

          i agree about the draft and IFA’s, they’ll spend what they have to.

          but he has a point about the stadium revenue.

          attendance has been great considering how much attendance is down all around MLB, but i am sure they were banking on 81 sell-outs with a brand new stadium.

          • Some call me…tim

            It’s all one pot of money when it’s time to pay the mortgage…

    • http://www.teamnerdrage.com leokitty

      Just to drive this home, the Yankees are already tied to a few high priced international guys (they’re the leading candidates to sign Gary Sanchez at $2million+) so yeah it’s not affected.

  • Drew

    Time will tell.. In my opinion this is all posturing by Cash and the FO.

  • steve (different one)

    i wouldn’t be surprised if they add a few million for a reliever. someone like Octavio Dotel.

    but there is still time for them to assess their needs. but that’s where i would expect them to spend if they had to.

    i’d love to add Cameron, but the Brewers are currently in first place.

    • Drew

      Oh Mo. No Dotel.

      • steve (different one)

        could happen. he makes too much money, the White Sox are in 4th place, and Cashman and Williams like to deal with each other.

        not sure who else is going to be available. street?

        even though i agree that he’s not all that, he’d instantly upgrade the yankee bullpen.

        but we have a ways to go until then. have to assess Bruney and Marte first. hopefully they don’t need anyone.

        • Drew

          Eventually Dotel will blow up, if his numbers are stil respectable in a month or two then I guess I’m all for it. I think that once we get Bruney and Marte back the pen will be fine.
          I do however really want Street.

  • DCR

    I wish the Yankees could find someone to take Igawa.

  • NaOH

    Just for perspective, there is a large monetary difference between adding high-salaried players now compared to at the July 31st deadline. Using the named players in the comments as examples, here are numbers (presuming the Yankees don’t trade anyone on the 40-man roster to make these acquisitions):

    Dotel: $4mm (salary)+$1.6mm (Luxury Tax)=$5.6mm

    Cameron: $6.7mm (salary)+$2.7mm (Luxury Tax)=$9.4mm

    These numbers are reduced by 50% if trades are made at the July trade deadline. If the Yankees have budgetary constraints they are following, the savings are significant if they wait. Obviously, in terms of on-field performance, determining if they can afford to wait is a separate issue.

    • steve (different one)

      very true, but where are you getting those salary numbers?

      i think Dotel makes $6M and Cameron makes $10M.

      • NaOH

        The players are basically paid from April through September. I considered May already over, so they have two-thirds of the season remaining to be paid. Yes, it’s imprecise, but I thought it gave a sufficiently reasonable idea of the cost obligations for the players.

      • NaOH

        The other factor which I’m not certain about is this: Say the Yankees acquire Cameron at the trade deadline. The Yankees are then responsible for the remaining third of his salary for the last two months of the season. Fine. I think – but I’m not certain – that for luxury tax purposes the calculation is based on the the player contract, not a pro-rated portion based on a player’s time with the team. If that’s the case, the luxury tax numbers I cited would be significantly higher regardless of when the player is acquired. For Dotel, the luxury tax would be 40% of his 2009 salary ($2.4mm) and for Cameron it would be $4mm.

    • E-ROC

      NaOH = Sodium hydroxide

      • NaOH

        I know. And I just got a shipment the other day.

  • Ivan

    Hey there’s a difference between “cannot” and “will not”.

    I think the Yankees do not want to add payroll but if they had too or the team needed an necessity, I have a hard time believing that the yanks cannot add payroll.

    • Zack

      I agree. We can spend 205m, but 215m is too much. Makes no sense

  • Jeff

    Why do people want Cameron? I’m just not that impressed with what he can do. If Nady comes back healthy he might be enough. Like someone said with the Brewers leading the NL Central Cameron is off the block.

    I think it’s really hard to say what the Yankees need right now. If Bruney and Marte are out for an extended period an additional arm would be helpful, but I think Robertson or Melancon can do that job. The only places I can see that can be improved upon are the offense at RF and DH, but I kind of expect Matsui to get back to hitting around .300 and it’s hard to say Nady will hit better than Swisher. Swisher’s wOBA of .383 is currently higher than any other year in his career and his power has been valuable, I’ll always be wanting Kevin Long to get him to hit for more AVG.

    The hardest part about predicting what the Yankees need is also what they can get from teams. You can usually rule out within division trades and the only teams definitely out of the races are the Orioles, Indians, A’s, Nationals, and maybe Rockies. It will take time to identify the rest of the buyers and sellers.

    What do people think about trading away Jose Molina when healthy and letting Cervelli take over the back up catcher duties permanently?