Nady scheduled to begin hitting drills


Xavier Nady, suffering from a partially torn elbow ligament, will begin hitting drills on Friday. These exercises will be a true bellwether for Nady. If the Yanks’ outfielder can swing without completely rupturing the ligament or feeling more pain, then he and the Yanks can begin thinking about rehab. Nady has been undergoing a platelet-rich plasma injection regime in the hopes of avoiding Tommy John surgery. If he responds well to the baseball exercises, he feels he could start a rehab assignment on Monday, May 25 with mid-June as a possible return date. He would probably just DH for the rest of the season.

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  1. OmgZombies says:

    Isnt that right around when Matusi will be able to play the field?

  2. CP3 says:

    I really don’t see any playing time for nady if he can’t play the field. First, that is matsui’s spot and even if you put matsui in the field I would much rather put damon or swisher in the DH spot than nady.

    • Let’s put it this way:

      Bench now: Gardner, Peña, Berroa, Cash
      Bench in four weeks: Nady, Gardner, Molina, Peña

      That’s how Nady makes the team better.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Matsui is going to get days off. Swisher is going to get days off. During those days off Nady will play. And I’d rather have Nady start at home anyways. Swisher is dead cold at home so far. Hopefully it won’t last but if it continues I’d rather have Nady.

  3. pat says:

    I’m not too optimistic if one of the benchmarks is whether or not his elbow ligature tears completely when he takes a swing.

    • Just e-mail us with corrections in the future. If you see any of us in the comments, we’re right at our computers.

      • pat says:

        Dude, I actually thought ligature was the technical name for it and you were just being fancy. Hahah, I’d never put you on blast like that Ben. My bad.

        • Hah! My bad then. A ligature is a typography term or part of a reed instrument. A ligament is what Nady’s at risk of rupturing.

          I agree though with your point generally. It can’t really be a good sign if we’re concerned that he’s ligament is going to flat-out rupture.

  4. Even if Nady can only DH and we have to chose between hitting Matsui or hitting Nady to start a game, it’s still a nice problem to have

  5. El Generalissimo says:

    Plus a bat off the bench late in games for Gardner, or if melky comes back to earth

  6. Joey H says:

    Keep him far away from Shelly Duncan.

  7. Todd says:

    I simply have a problem with the potential roster with Nady. The team will have two full-time DHs. All I can say is they better rake.

    • Let me refer you to this comment. Nady makes the team better even if he’s just a threat on the bench to PH late in the game and play an inning in the field. Luis Gonzalez had a very productive season needing TJS a few years ago, and Nady, who’s younger than Gonzo was, can probably do the same.

      • pat says:

        I hope you gnashed your teeth or cracked your knuckles after typing Luis Gonzalez

        Effing gonzo.

      • Todd says:

        The issue I have with a roster that has 2 DH’s, is the lack of flexibility. Not only game to game, but what if you want to give a guy like Damon a few days off for whatever reason. Now your bench is thin and offers nothing. But I am not disputing the fact that the bench you presented is better than the current bench. But I would almost rather have Shelley Duncan because at least he can do a few things. That’s why I say Nady better hit because he does nothing else.

        • steve (different one) says:

          they should send down Gardner and call up Linden or J-Rod.

          Nady, Molina, Pena, Linden/J-Rod

          that’s not a bad bench.

          your bench CAN afford to have one guy who is only there to DH/pinch hit.

          but i think you need to replace Gardner with someone who can hit.

          you say “2 DH’s”, but that isn’t really accurate. Matsui is in the starting lineup, usually every day. his position just happens to be DH. he’s not a bench player.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Matsui isn’t going to play everyday. Swisher won’t play everyday. Having a bench is great.

  8. Michael W. says:

    If Nady is unable to play the outfield this season, will the rest of the offseason enable him to return to the outfield in 2010 or will he need surgery to fix whatever’s wrong?

    Nady’s bat off the bench helps the team so long as Melky continues to be a serviceable ML outfielder. If he goes back to hitting like his line from 2008, then we’re overcrowded with players who either can’t hit or can’t play the field.

  9. Lanny says:

    After a month of having Berroa as the main RH pinch hitter on the bench everyone should jump for joy if Nady is the guy.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Definitely a huge improvement!

    • steve (different one) says:

      Lanny, did you have to cut and paste the word “joy” from another person’s post? surely your keyboard would have blocked a positive sounding word like that, right?

  10. A.D. says:

    Saito was able to come back and pitch last year, is Nady elbow that much worse that he couldn’t throw from the outfield?

    • pat says:

      The only difference is that Nady actually has a tendon in his elbow not a ligament. It worked for Saito because the platelets were able to help the ligament heal quickly. They’re unsure as to whether or not a tendon will react the same way.

  11. touchtoneterriost says:

    Why can’t Nady play the field in June or July.It’s not like he has knee problems.The guy is in he’s prime.

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