Putting up the target for Johnny


Yeah, it’s a bit hackneyed, but it’s still a damn good idea from the folks at New Stadium Insider. There’s a lot of complaining going on in Yankeeland right now, which makes sense because there’s a lot to complain about. One exception is Johnny Damon, who is not only turning in a solid season to date, but is doing it in a timely fashion, knocking in runners that no one else can pick up. We might as well celebrate the guy who’s doing everything in his power to overcome the team’s futility of late. Plus, Johnny’s been taking advantage of the short porch more than ever this season, knocking six of his seven homers at home.

The only issue at this point is of how to print out these puppies. Anyone work in the printing business?

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  1. Actually my cousin makes signs for a living.

    She’s an O’s fan…

    But i’m sure if you pull together however much it’d cost she might be able to do it.

  2. jsbrendog says:


    get some oak tag, print out each letter on one page legal sized so its the whole damn thing then stick them on.

    or buy a huge ass piece of oaktag and stop being a lazy ass and draw it in blue sharpie then you can customize your bullseye…and draw the yankee bat with the hat on top coming out with the stars and stripes…..i love it..if only i was artistic…

    if it ried this is would look lik markers vomited on oaktag..


  3. Ross says:

    Feel free to remove the NewStadiumInsider when printing, but remember to check out our site every once in a while ;)

    We will be honored if fans run with this idea.

  4. great idea, may be costly to execute.

  5. Iowa Yank says:

    HAPPY A ROD DAY!!1!11 (captialized cuz I’m yelling) but seriously our lineup has got to be deeper with a tender-hipped #13 back right?

  6. Joey H says:

    Did I just hear that IPK has an aneurysm in his arm?

  7. Nady Nation says:

    From Abe:

    UPDATE, 6:06 p.m.: Terrible news for Ian Kennedy. He has an aneurysm and will have surgery in New York on Tuesday. The same surgeon that worked on David Cone, Dr. George Todd, will do the surgery.

  8. Joba the Hut says:

    Any of you guys read Peter Abraham’s blog of late?

    I think its success is starting to get to his head.

    He’s become more and more snide and arrogant in his posts than ever before and he makes no secret about his absolute hate for Alex Rodriguez.

    One dude posted what I considered a wonderfully optimistic (albeit false in terms of what A-Rod has done in his career in terms of winning) post and Peter just laughed at it and called the guy out via a post on his blog.

    If nothing else, he should have withheld the poster’s name.

    That’s a good way to lose readers. Very petty thing to do.

    • Joey H says:

      Yeah. He’s getting a big ridiculous. The people that comment there (like them or not) is what makes him successful so he’s better off appreciating them and not calling them out. Besides, why is he reading comments on a blog anyway?! Doesn’t he have a job to do?

      • Joba the Hut says:

        Seriously…I’ve been reading that blog for about 3 years now and at first it was great, top notch.

        But now, its just really difficult to read that guy without wishing I could reach through cyberspace and give him gastric bypass surgery and a kick in the temple.

        • Joey H says:

          I only read the comments when I want a laugh. Snideness aside. Pete does a good job of bringing the inside experience online to the fans.

          • Joba the Hut says:

            Oh I agree…I’m not criticizing his coverage of the team.

            He’s one of the best on that front and I appreciate it.

            Maybe he is just as fed up with some readers/comments as I am.

            I used to read and participate in the discussions religiously, but nowadays its consumed with whiners, outrageous trade ideas, pessimists, and fans that really just do not know baseball.

            There are some posters like SJ44, CB, Doreen, Nick in SF that are a lot of fun to banter with and read, but they are few and far in between these days.

            • whozat says:

              I used to spend all sorts of time over there two or three years ago, and loved talking to SJ and CB and those kids. Then idiots like randy l and trisha came in and sorta made it their stomping grounds and really drove me away with their militant lack of curiosity and unwillingness to listen to opinions that differ from their own.

  9. Iowa Yank says:

    It’s 5:20 here So if I report it will I scoop both of you?

    jokes about the midwest will nest below this level

  10. I think we should make one of these targets with Kevin Cash’s name on it.

    We can put in in the shallow infield.

  11. Tom Zig says:

    This game started at 7?

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