• Simon B.

    What happened to Cover It Live?

    A couple months ago it worked fantastic, but now I can’t get it working in Firefox, and even have some problems with it in IE.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

      Are other people having the same problem? I can get it working fine on Firefox and IE on both a Windows and Mac machine? I am inclined to say, Simon, that the issue is your computer and not the Cover It Live platform.

      • radnom

        Working solidly for me in Chrome.

        Mike mentioned they keep changing the software, perhaps it now requires a different browser plug which you don’t have?

        How doesn’t it work?

  • pat

    RAB livechat should be renamed “Mike Answers Questions People are Too Lazy or Stupid to Google”

  • Brett

    You had me until BK over Wendys. No way. Also, love the verb Proctored, but I think Tanyon Sturtze would stake a previous claim

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

      Steve Karsay beat them both by a few seasons.

      • cgs

        Yeah, but, Sturtzed or Proctored flow from the toungue better than Karsayed, imo.

        • cgs


  • steve (different one)

    hey, not trying to call you out at all, since i can imagine it’s very hard to do these chats, but just had a comment about Coke.

    he’s thrown 20.1 innings so far. we’re at game 48.

    that’s a 70 inning pace.

    Scott Proctor WISHES he was treated like Coke.

    also on pace for roughly 70 innings?


    the load is being spread around beautifully, the problem is these guys (except for Mo) aren’t pitching all that well.

    • pat

      Coke also was the beneficiary of being a starter turned reliever last year which gave him a shit ton of extra arm strength.
      FB- 93.6
      SL- 83.4

      FB- 91.5
      SL- 81.6

      Obviously velocity isn’t everything but as he is prone to hang a few, having a couple extra mph would help.