Yanks acquire Romulo Sanchez

Game 36 Spillover Thread II
The Mark and Alex show leads Yanks to walk-off

Via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Yanks have acquired righty reliever Romulo Sanchez from the Pirates in exchange for righty starter Eric Hacker. The Yankees had ten days to trade Hacker after designating him for assignment last week to make room on the 40-man roster for Angel Berroa. Sanchez, 25,  had a 4.60 ERA in 12 appearances for the Bucs over the last two years, but he was outrighted off the 40-man roster in early April. He had a 4.50 ERA in 10 relief appearances for Triple-A Indianapolis this season.

Baseball America rated Sanchez the Pirates’ 25th best prospect coming into the year, noting that he sits 92-94 with his fastball and has a very good curveball. He’s a big boy, standing 6′-5″, 260 lbs. I’m assuming he’ll head to Triple-A Scranton’s bullpen.

Game 36 Spillover Thread II
The Mark and Alex show leads Yanks to walk-off
  • Tony

    Even Cash is on the Star Trek bandwagon these days.

    • dkidd

      they should’ve gone after fred vulcan of the padres

      • whozat

        Or Albert United Federation of Planets, from the Chisox.

        • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

          Or Bjorn Borg from Sweden.

          • whozat


    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      What’s the “Data” on him?

      • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

        Baseball Prospectus says he throws a great knuckle-kirk, which causes him to have an sensational WORF.

  • EvoLuTioN

    I read he tops out at 98mph

  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    He’s a big boy, standing 6?-5?, 260 lbs.

    Oooooh, Jon Albaladejo has a twin!


  • Crab Dribble Ointment

    So we released Humberto Sanchez…then traded for him?

    • whozat

      Nah. In a continuing effort to diversify the Yankee organization’s portfolio, they’re preparing to launch a competitive eating team in parallel with the ongoing baseball operations effort. That’s why they paid so much for Sabathia this offseason — as a two-sport player, he’s particularly valuable. I suspect that Alby will be the only other crossover player from the 25-man roster (Joba needs to focus on being a starting pitcher, despite his potential value at the buffet line), but it looks like Hungry-Hungry Humberto might transition full-time to the pie-eating relief corps. This latest move is clearly in response to ARod’s failures at the table — he only eats to impress others, so he’s really killing them out there. Fortunately, the Yankees have the organizational depth and funds to make moves like this one and compensate for a poor signing.

      • V


      • http://www.theyankeeuniverse.com/ Eric

        Another reason to put Joba in the pen: so he can focus on his eating.

        B Jobber out

  • Charlie

    i wish this guy was a lefty

    • whozat

      Why would anyone trade a lefty reliever with some promise for Eric Hacker?

      • John

        is it too late to make him lefty or even better a switch-pitcher?

        • dkidd

          i like that idea. the yankees issue an organization wide directive: forget teaching the curve, teach throwing with your left hand

        • whozat

          Heh. Speaking of Venditte, they need to promote him to Tampa soon. He’s just destroying the Sally league, and he’s 24. I mean, he probably won’t be a big leaguer, but when he’s that old for the league and exhibiting that kind of dominance…push him a little, no?

          • http://theenlighteneddespot.com NC Saint

            I’m with you, sir. If he’s got zero shot, why did we take him? And if he has even a tiny shot, why keep him in a league that he’s too old and too good for? I don’t get it.

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