2009 Draft: Scheppers stock dropping

Should the Yanks bring back Betemit?
Game 54: Progressing to the mean

Keith Law tweeted that RHP Tanner Scheppers, once projected to go as high as #2 overall to the Mariners, is dropping on draft boards because of bonus demands and questionable medicals. Scheppers was a top ten talent for the 2008 draft, but fell to the Pirates in the second round after suffering a stress fracture in his throwing shoulder. He didn’t sign and is currently playing for the independent St. Paul Saints.

Marc Hulet recently interviewed Scheppers for Baseball Analysts, and (surprise surprise) Scheppers said his shoulder feels great and is stronger now than it was before the injury. Scheppers said Dr. Lewis Yocum attributed the injury to “normal wear and tear on an overworked arm,” and he spent four months doing strictly shoulder strengthening excercises as part of his rehab.

I don’t know what kind of bonus money Scheppers is looking for, but I’m sure he and his agent are looking for a Major League deal. In terms of talent, he’d be a steal for the Yanks at any point, and then you just have to hope the doctors like what they see.

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Should the Yanks bring back Betemit?
Game 54: Progressing to the mean
  • Chip

    I’d be incredibly excited to take the guy as long as it’s not before the fourth round

  • V

    I wouldn’t mind taking a gamble in a later round (5th+) and having him checked out before signing him.

    I don’t like major league deals though. Just pay him an extra $1M. The 40 man roster spot is too important.

    • Chip

      True, but agents seem to just love the major league deals.

      • Zack

        why the love for ML deals?

        • ChrisS

          I think it expedites their service time and makes them eligible for free agency sooner.

          I may be talking out of my ass though.

          • Doug

            nope, that’s it

        • UWS

          I think it’s because it starts the arbitration clock earlier.

  • Reggie C.

    Scheppers was hitting 98 last time I bothered to read up on him. Has something happened since his last start or is this talk of bothersome medicals merely a smokescreen originating from a team hoping to get Scheppers to drop to ’em??

    • Doug

      That’s the million $ question. Do we have a new injury here or are teams just being overly cautious about an old shoulder injury?

  • Doug

    What makes him different than Brackman? Even if we knew he needed surgery, why wouldn’t we do the same here with Scheppers

    • http://mantisfists.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/julius-carry-aka-shonuff.jpg The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Well there’s a big difference between elbow and shoulder injuries.

      • Doug

        That is true. Shoulders are potentially more troublesome indeed

    • Reggie C.

      Scheppers dominated the college ranks. I think he was the second or third best college pitcher last season. Scheppers is somebody who’ll probably start right off at High-A, and move up the ladder QUICK.

  • A.D.

    Any reason on why Purke has also seemingly dropped in recent mocks?

    • Thomas

      They think he has high bonus demands ($3M+).

      • Mike

        Purke is the guy we want if he is there. Scheppers has potential but w the injury issues more sketchy. Lefties with Purkes stuff dont come around often. The comparison for him is probably someone like Kershaw.

      • rbizzler

        KLaw/Callis said in a recent chat that his demands were more like 5+ million. A rather large pile of dough…

  • Dan

    Burnett suspended six games…WTF?

    • cult of basebaal

      yeah, seriously, that was brilliant by MLB.

      Burnett sent the message he had to send and nobody else even had to get hit, problem resolved.

      But hell, if you’re going to get suspended for throwing ‘near’ a guy, why not hit the guy instead? It’s not like MLB’s been suspending people longer than 6 games for that.

      • Thomas

        The reason for the six games is they want to ensure that Burnett misses/postpones a start. If hey set the suspension at 4 games, it is just a standard rest for Burnett.

        However, I suspect Burnett will appeal and get his suspension lower one or two games.

        • Mister Delaware

          Regardless of whether AJ meant to go that up and in (and I’m sure he didn’t), it was a clear purpose pitch that ended up in a really bad place. Hard to complain about this suspension from my point of view. If Beckett came that close to Teixeira’s face, we’d all be screaming I’m sure.

          • Doug

            so what’s wrong with purpose pitches?

      • jman

        Dumb suspension. What AJ did ended the whole thing and solved further escalation of the conflict. It was clear he was trying to send a message and not to hit Nelson Cruz. If the MLB follows through with the suspension after AJ appeals it, (which they will), it will take some of the players’ policing system out of baseball. Everybody knew somebody was gonna get thrown at, its the code. If the MLB cracks down on pitchers like AJ, soon pitchers such as Padilla will be able to hit players consequence-free. Even the Rangers were mad at Padilla because they knew there would be retaliation; even Saltalamacchia refused to back him up. Texas responded by placing Padilla on waivers. Even worse Padilla, a known headhunter with a long history of beanballs, got off with a fine after blatantly hitting Teixeira for no apparent reason.

        • K.B.D.

          I don’t think throwing at someone’s head “solved further escalation of the conflict” at all. The situation could ONLY have escalated by the Yankees retaliating, which is exactly what Burnett did. If anything, it escalated the conflict.

          And if you think they designated Padilla because he hit Tex twice, and not the fact that he’s sporting a 5.57 ERA and Neftali Feliz is killing AAA right now, you’re sorely mistaken.

          I’m not saying Burnett was wrong in throwing at Cruz (although it was too high for my taste), but I’m not blind enough to believe that Burnett was “resolving” the conflict.

    • whozat

      Well…they just inserted Wang back into the rotation…maybe they don’t have to do ANY finagling to push AJ back a day?

  • Dan

    My EXACT first thought. If you are going to get suspended for throwing NEAR someone, and just get off with a fine for HITTING someone TWICE, why not nail em every single time. Bob Watson still looking for revenge on the Yankees after all these years.

  • JohnC

    I guess they feel it is similar to the incident with Beckett in Anaheim. Difference is, Beckett initiated that incident

    • A.D.

      And Bobby Abreu wasn’t in the batters box.

  • jman

    AJ kinda broke an unspoken rule however; he should have just plunked Cruz in the ribs; not thrown at his head; a small suspension could have been expected; but he should got a smaller suspension than Padilla.

    • dudes

      he could have been aiming at the ribs and missed high…

      • kSturnz

        the pitch was between the black and the white of teh batters box.

        the only reason it almost hit cruz in the head is because he set it up with a pitch outside which cruz took all the way. he must have thought he was in the clear after the first pitch

        Watson/Selig is going to turn this into how they are giving QBs the ‘holier than thou’ treatment in the NFL

  • James K

    Can we try to keep this near the topic listed, guys?

  • kSturnz

    and if scheppers slips out of first, more of a reason why purke falling to the Yanks will NOT come to fruition.

    i see rsox taking someone we would take and following it up with a big “Tate You”