Bruney activated; Veras DFA’d


The winner of the “Bruney Bruney’s Off the DL and Someone Gets Sent Down or Released” Contest is none other than Jose Veras. After a few days of speculation, the Yankees went with the decision to DFA Jose Veras when they activated Bruney a few minutes ago. They now have 10 days to waive, trade or release him before he can become an unrestricted free agent. Our money’s on a trade.

For the Yankees, this decision seemingly came down to a choice between Veras and Brett Tomko. David Robertson has an option but has also been a part of the newly effective bullpen. While Tomko has hardly been spectacular, Veras has been worse, and the Yankees no longer trust him in any sort of medium- or high-leverage situations. Tomko will go when Damaso Marte is back. For now, Veras drew the short straw, and it’s hard to argue with that decision.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Well that debate is over, going for the low leverage innings guy…and a spot on the 40 man.

  2. ChrisS says:

    Oof. Over/under on Veras being claimed?

    I’m going with 36 hours.

  3. Kilgore Trout says:

    I can’t believe it wasn’t Tomko.

  4. dkidd says:

    was the deciding factor that tomko can be a better long man?

  5. Sam P. says:

    I would have thought Tomko, but perhaps the Jekyll/Hyde faces of Veras were just too maddening to take with Bruney ready for action again.

    Still, I’m OK with the change.

  6. A.D. says:

    Wonder if they have a deal for Veras.

  7. dkidd says:

    what are the chances veras is claimed by the natinals and pitches against us?

    • ChrisS says:

      My fantasy, pure and simple (in order):

      Strasburg signed by Natinals to a 6 year/$50 million contract

      Veras claimed by the Natinals

      Natinals and Yankees work out a trade: Strasburg for Veras.



    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

      The Yanks have 10 days to try and find a trade for him before he is waived. So, the answer to your question is, no, not unless the Yanks trade him to the Nats.

      • In ten days, he’s a free agent no matter what. In the meantime, they can trade or waive him.

        • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

          Well, there is no down side to waiving a guy eight days into the 10 days (since it takes two business days for waiver requests), so that you have a shot at him if nobody clears him. I could be wrong, but I don’t think teams generally just let a guy be a free agent after 10 days. They generally ask for waivers after eight.

        • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

          Sorry, I forgot to note that the reason the teams put the guy on waivers is that if another team claims a player on waivers, that team assumes the contract. If the guy clears waivers and is released, the new team that signs him is only responsible for the prorated MLB minimum, while the releasing team is on the hook for the rest of the contract amount.

          I know it’s not much with Veras, but still.

  8. Nick says:

    I hate Veras but I’d rather them DFA Tomko. Tomko has been bad for 13 years now and Veras at least has the ability to look good when he’s in there for multiple innings.

  9. Evan says:

    Here’s to hoping he doesn’t land in the AL…

  10. Observer283 says:

    Probably should have been Tomko. I thought his last “effort” might have scared of the management.

    Veras has been aweful. I mean fear and ulcer inducing bad. But he is younger and has a plus arm.

    Though, I guess maybe the thought is the Yankees have a glut of young, plus arms who might someday become serviceable middle relievers. Better to go with the guy that is more likely to help the team this year than someone who might have a slightly better future.

  11. ZDawg says:

    BoSux pick him up, turn him into Cy Young

  12. John says:

    Hopefully he falls through the waivers and improves his control so he can return soon.

    I dont know, Veras still has a lot of upside and Tomko’s strikeout numbers are not that good (way too small SSS so far though).

  13. Scott a.k.a. BINNER says:

    Both have been lousy this year, but if it was my choice I’d have kicked Tomko to the curb unless they think they can trade Veras….


  14. JeffG says:

    I would have rather seen Tomko DFA’d. Hard to cry over losing Veras at this point.

  15. e mills says:

    Christmas in June?!?!

  16. Evan says:

    This goes back to that interview with Tomko where he said Cashman had been calling his agent for years trying to get him to convert to a reliever. Someone in the organization clearly thinks Tomko has the stuff to be a succesful reliever. And the guy for the most part has thrown strikes.

    • Tomko: 58 percent strikes
      Veras: 57 percent strikes

      I was going to go with that argument too, and then I looked up the numbers. Caveat: That’s just for 2009. Tomko has been better at throwing strikes over the course of his career than Veras has.

      • KW says:

        I’ve never really seen the value of the % strikes stat. Call me crazy, but effective strikes are more useful to me. I can chuck meatballs down the plate on 0-0 and 0-1, but that doesn’t mean anything regarding my effectiveness. The new runs by pitch would be a lot more effective as a means of evaluating how a reliever may do.

  17. josh says:

    could someone explain to me why a team would trade for him if they can just sign him in 10 days

    • ChrisS says:

      Depends on where the team falls in the waiver order. If they’re dead last or or close to it, a team would trade for Veras if they think that a team with a higher priority will submit a claim.

    • Because in 10 days, anyone else can outbid you for him. By trading for him, you preclude him from hitting the market and being available to any of your competitors.

      • Rob says:

        You really think there is going to be a bidding war for Jose Veras? I wouldn’t count the Mets out of the Veras sweepstakes.

        • The Yankees, Red Sox, and Orioles all jockeying for Mark Teixeira for an 8 year, 150M+ deal and the Nationals, Pirates, Angels, and Mets all jockeying for Jose Veras for a prorated veteran minimum contract are both technically “bidding wars”.

          They’re much smaller and more insigificant bids, but they’re both bidding wars.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Because if you don’t put in a claim, some other team might. Then, he’s not there for you to sign as a free agent 10 days later. Of course, if you don’t think anyone else will claim him…

  18. Jake H says:

    Poor jose.

  19. Stryker says:

    wow all this bitching and moaning for tomko to be DFA’d yet every time veras makes an appearance in a game people are calling for the guillotine.

    the yankees finally do what people have been clamoring for since the beginning of the season and now wish they hadn’t.

    what a bunch of flip-floppers.

    /john kerry

    personally, i thought veras had the better stuff but the fact that it seemed like he had no idea where the ball was going once it left his hand was absolutely maddening.

    • Stryker says:

      sucks to see him go but hopefully this will help shore up the bullpen.

    • Eh, I think there’s a difference between people saying “It probably should have been Tomko” and actual “bitching and moaning”.

      • whozat says:

        It’s also the case that it’s not necessarily the same people that were calling for Veras’ head that are now saying it should have been Tomko instead.

        I will freely admit that I don’t really mentally register the names of a lot of posters beyond the regulars that I actually converse with relatively often. So, outside of those people, I mostly just get a sense of the community’s tone…which has been clamoring for Veras to go. And now some folks are saying it should’ve been Tomko, which isn’t a flip flop…those people may have been saying that all along, or not saying anything, and I just don’t remember.

        • Stryker says:

          yeah you guys are right – my apologies for the language. i, too, only remember a handful or two of names of posters on the site – i was more making a comment (however ill-informed it was) on the overall feeling of the RAB user base cross-referenced with the opinions in this thread.

          • whozat says:

            Sure, and I think that behaving the way we’re talking about is normal — that one kind of gets a sense of the community voice, and may react to certain specific opinions as seeming contradictory.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Don’t try to swift boat us Yankees fans.

  20. Yankee1010 says:

    I’m just glad they didn’t send Robertson down because he had an option. Sadly, I was scared that it was a possibility. Hell, it’s allowed Veras to get this far into the season.

  21. Charlie says:

    it’s about time this happened. I am ecstatic that i won’t have to watch Veras for a while. He just sucks (except for his last outing). simply has no clue where the ball he throws is going.

  22. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yeah I’d rather see Tomko go but whatever. As long as he’s gone next I don’t care.

  23. Andy says:

    I like it! Now if Wanger can just get it going, and Marte can get back, the bullpen will be pretty good with Mo, Bruney, Marte, Robertson, Coke, Aceves and Melancon…

    • e mills says:

      bullpen will look good with Wang in it too after tomorrow night…although they yankees do pull out the win

    • Charlie says:

      yea, i think there’s a chance that Our pen in 3 weeks> Boston’s pen… Oh wait, I forgot that the red sox pen is unhittable, nevermind.

  24. Justin says:

    Makes sense to me. The Yanks basically needed to DFA an arm for low-leverage situations to replace him with an arm that is suitable for higher leverage situations. Whether that person was Tomko or Veras, I don’t think it really matters much anyway. Neither guy was going to get any game-changing type appearances. Tomko does have the advantage of pitching multiple innings however.

    Like someone else said above, Tomko will probably be the one to go in favor of someone like Marte or Melancon. So if we had DFA’ed Tomko and kept Veras, then Veras would be the one to go in favor of Marte or Melancon instead. Seems like the team would end up looking the same by the All-Star break either way.

      • Justin says:

        By the way, that ‘pen won’t look so bad with Mo, Robertson, Marte, Coke, Hughes, Bruney, and Aceves. Especially with Melancon, Edwar, (maybe) Veras, and plenty of other options in AAA.

      • I’ll second that “yup.” I thought they’d DFA Veras, but, to follow up on Justin’s point, if they are both (Tomko and Veras) probably going to be DFA’d in the next couple of months, anyway, then I totally get why they’d DFA Veras first. Who knows when the F Veras would improve and figure out how to control his pitches. At least they have faith that Tomko can go out there and have some semblance of a plan. So… Long-term, I’d prefer Veras over Tomko, but I totally get this decision since it’s probably being made with the short-term future in mind.

        I was kind of thinking along these lines the last time we discussed this when I wondered if Bruney’s health would affect this decision – I wondered if, if the Yanks have no faith in Bruney’s health, Tomko might be the better option over Veras because he’s probably the safer option. I think this is the same principle… Go with the safer option.

        • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

          Good point.

          One thing I’ve noticed is that in Tomko’s career, 2009 is the first season he didn’t start a game. I am not arguing that he is going to become a dominant reliever. But I will say that to spend a whole season knowing he is a reliever might allow him to do better than he’s done as a starter or spot starter/long reliever. It’s the first time he has been able to just let it fly for an inning or two.

          Since all relievers are guys who either weren’t good enough to start or didn’t have the pitches to start, you can argue that Tomko is typical, except he is being converted 10 years later than most. It’s worth seeing if he can be decent out of the pen.

    • Evan NYC says:

      Basically it was a decision of valuing a guy who throws harder vs a guy who throws longer. Both being around for another 3 weeks either way. Meh, as long as Veras doesn’t find his was in the AL East then I’m content with it.

  25. Evan NYC says:

    At least we don’t have to watch Veras come in in a low-leverage situation and put 2 men on via walk and or 3-0 hits. I won’t miss him.

  26. chriskeo says:

    As has been stated many times, the bullpen in April is much different than the one in September, by the end of the summer neither of them will be here, (unless tomko is lights out) so this move should’ve been thought of by the yankees in the short term.

  27. I like the move. Tomko’s been good except for shitting the bed against the Mets. If he were gone instead, I’d have no problem, though. I’m just glad to see Bruney back.

  28. Charlie says:

    i’m fine with him being a reliever, but anyone know why Melancon isn’t a starter? Not enough pitches? Not good enough stuff?

  29. Zach says:

    If Veras gets on another big league roster will you guys be rooting for him?

  30. Evan BK says:

    Will the bring Ransom back and DFA Berroa soon as well?

    • I wonder if we use the open spot on the 40 man now to add another position player for increased flexibility. UTI Kevin Russo and his .357/.449/.393 line at Scranton? John Rodriguez and his .286/.373/.503? Shelley Duncan Pt. Deux (.303/.378/.649)?

      • JohnnyC says:

        Would help in the 9 games they’re playing in NL parks.

      • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

        It’s an idea. The thing to remember, though, is there are future roster management issues implicated. Once you put Shelley or J-Rod on the 25-man, they are, I’m sure, out of options, so if you need a spot on the 25- or 40-man, you have to waive them to remove them. (I know, neither is likely to be claimed, but still.) Russo has an option, so the 25-man isn’t an issue, but considering you probably aren’t going to give up on him this year, the 40-man spot could be a problem.

        In a way, Ransom is a more fungible 40-man member. Activate him, DFA Berroa, and if it turns out that Ransom is as awful as a utility guy as he was as the starting third baseman, then you can always DFA him if you need the spot.

      • whozat says:

        Well, you can DFA Berroa and get back Ransom in one transaction, and still have a 40-man slot open. I think you fill that slot when you discover what you need…if ARod, Pena or Cano or Jeter goes on the 15-day, then you add Russo. If it’s an OFer or Tex, you add Rodriguez or Shelley.

  31. Arod, all the time says:

    Wow. When I first read that I read “Bruney arrested”, and the first thing that crossed my mind was he better stop hanging with Joba. My error, though. I’m glad that’s not the case.

    Would Tomko have a place in any other ML pen? (I think not) Discuss amongst yourselves.

    • chriskeo says:

      its possible, but wasn’t he on a minor league deal to start the season, and he wasn’t even on the 40 man at that point. He wants to pitch in the majors, if he thought he had a solid job somewhere he would not be in the Bronx.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      This from the guy whose team used Javier Lopez in 14 games. Tomko was like, their 15th relief option.

  32. -Scott a.k.a. BINNER says:

    Can we DFA Tomko and bring up Melancon next? WHo knows when Marte is coming back for sure…


  33. JP says:

    I’m going to miss his all-out, lurching delivery, and darting ball flight.

    I won’t miss the walks.

  34. pat says:

    This is so wonderful.

  35. Mister Delaware says:

    I don’t mind dumping Veras as much as I mind dumping Veras over Tomko. Whatever the logic is behind the move disturbs me.

    • Meh, if, like we’ve been saying, they’re both gonna end up getting DFA’d in the next month or two, I get the logic.

      Veras is gonna end up having more value, so DFA him and trade him first to a team that is willing to give you something that might help. Tomko has less value but is actually pitching well now, so keep him and get the benefit of him not walking guys right now.

    • Stryker says:

      as it’s been said before, it’s only a matter of time before tomko gets designated for assignment. it just so happens that tomko has had a better time getting the ball over the plate.

  36. sockboy50 says:

    I think that its a valid point that Tomko’s duties as a reliever are new to him being that he was a starter before for many years. Veras on the other hand has had a longer amount of time to ‘get jiggy’ with the relievers role , so the fact that Tomko throws less strikes by one is not that big a deal. Its the lesser of two evils – i admit that i have not faith in Tomko either but at least he ‘kinda’ knows where the ball ‘should’ be going when he throws it. Also the redsox (im a sox hater) may have some baggage in ortiz and lugo but do have many choices in the pitching department ps i think marte is going to be just as big a bust as veras (long live Phil Coke)also where is Brackman? any updates on him?

  37. Fred says:

    Tomko needs to go too.

    Hard to believe we can’t find better.

    • JP says:

      Really? I think, league wide, pitching is atrocious. I think it’s hard to believe you can find any decent, reliable relief pitchers.

  38. sockboy50 says:

    Yeah I agree with you
    Tomko needs to go too
    Do you think if we give our AA and AAA pitchers a chance that we’ll see more stories like David Robertson who was given the opporunity quickly to show what he can do on the big league level?

  39. [...] Jose Veras was designated for assignment when Brian Bruney came off the DL. Damaso Marte’s shoulder was given the stamp of approval by Dr. James Andrew, and he’ll continue his rehab in Tampa. [...]

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