Burnett dominates Mets as Yanks win 5-0

Staten Island offense finally breaks out
St. Louis lands DeRosa

So how about that A.J. Burnett? Three starts ago, he couldn’t escape the third inning in a game against Boston, and Yankee fans weren’t sure the team would it get its money’s worth from a guy with a 4.89 ERA. So much for that.

Over his last three starts, Burnett has thrown 20.1 innings. He has allowed 10 hits and one earned run while walking 10 and striking out 26. His ERA has dropped to 3.93, and last night against the Mets he was nearly flawless. He gave up one hit and three walks while striking out a season high 10. The Yanks dominated the game again and won 5-0.

What else can we say about Burnett? He threw 108 pitches and 64 of them were strikes. The Mets couldn’t touch his breaking pitches, and his fastball was sitting above 94 for much of the game. Only Alex Cora, the leadoff man, managed a hit. It came in the sixth, when the Yanks already had a 5-0 lead.

For the Bombers’ offense, it was another night of efficiency. Nick Swisher hit a home run in the third to give the Yanks a lead, and the team took off in the sixth. Facing a tiring Tim Redding, the bats came alive in an interesting way. Through the first five innings, the Yanks hadn’t mustered much of anything against Redding, but they made him work. In the sixth, clinging to a 1-0 lead, they struck.

To start the inning, Nick Swisher flew out. After that, Mark Teixeira saw five pitches and doubled. Three pitches later, the Yanks saw three hitters go to the plate and four runs had scored. A-Rod singled in Teixeira; Cano doubled; and with runners on second and third, Jorge Posada took the first pitch of his at-bat and the last of Redding’s night over the wall in left center. Three run home run, five-run lead. Game over.

The last four innings for the Mets were simply a formality. Burnett threw scoreless frames before giving way to the bullpen. Brian Bruney twirled a 1-2-3 eighth. He needed just seven pitches to get through the inning, and Dave Robertson closed it out with a scoreless ninth.

In the AL East, Tampa and Boston both won. The Yanks hold their slim Wild Card lead through 74 games. Chien-Ming Wang, winless this year and searching for his first victory since June of 2008, will take the hill in the ESPN game. While the Yanks have already won the season series against the Mets, a sweep would be oh-so-nice.

Staten Island offense finally breaks out
St. Louis lands DeRosa
  • Salty Buggah

    “Just two opposite-field homers were hit in the first 37 games at Citi Field, by Washington’s Nick Johnson (April 24) and Adam Dunn (May 26). The Yankees had three in two games, starting with Alex Rodriguez’s drive in the eighth inning Friday, the first by a right-handed batter.”

    We ROCK!

    • Mike HC

      Maybe the alleged Yankee Stadium wind stream isn’t the only reason homers are up in Yankee stadium. This team can mash.

      • Salty Buggah


    • Salty Buggah

      From ESPN:

      • Dominant curveball: 48% chase percentage, 63% miss percentage, 19% in-play percentage.

      • Finished the job: 21 of 26 pitches were strikes with two strikes in the count (season-high 10 strikeouts).

      • No fly zone: Season-low five flyball outs in seven innings of work

  • Bill

    Don’t you DARE put me in that group who thought AJ wasn’t worth the money. I was saying all along that he was and I think I was the only one who knew Burnett was this good. I also knew the “Jorge Posada is trash” crowd was just as dumb as “Joba to the bullpen” idiots. Unlike many fans, I don’t hyperbole and say guys are done when they go through a little rough patch which happens to all players. And all teams for that matter.

    I have a feeling Wang is going to have a good game tomorrow night. The Mets have a depleted lineup and Wang hasn’t looked too bad of late.

    • Mike HC

      “I think I was the only one who knew Burnett was this good.”

      “I don’t hyperbole …”

      I believe that first statement was a bit hyperbolic. Most fans thought and think that Burnett is very valuable. The ones who don’t are just the loudest and whine more often.

      • King of Fruity Hypos

        I think I was the only one who knew Burnett was this good.

        Cashman says hi.

        • Drew

          Non-kneejerk yankee fan also says hola.

          • Salty Buggah

            Me too. I’m sure almost everyone knew Burnett can be this good. However, they were just worried about his health and somewhat his control problems so they didn’t want to give him a 5 year contract. I’m sure we all knew he has lights-out stuff.

            • RAB poster

              I knew he was lights out when on. But he’s not going to be this good every night. He’s like a not as good Nolan Ryan; Unhittable when on, and totally out of control when off.

              We should expect him to maintain an ERA around what he’s showing us now; last year, during his “career year”, his ERA was a slightly better than mediocre four.

      • OldYanksFan

        EVERYONE knew AJ could be good… VERY good. However, when looking at the signing, we see a $16m AAV and a 5 year commitment. We also see a rather scary injury history… and some might even addd a somewhat questionable mental makeup. So those who were against the signing (like myself) were not against it because we didn’t believe AJ could do what he has done over the last 3 games. There is no question that AJ might be a stud. But based on his history, there’s also a good chance he may be a dud.

        I would have happily paid the guy $35 for 2 years… and hoped we got lucky. I hope he proves me wrong, but it will take another 3 years for us to be able to say it was a good signing (sort of like JD’s signing, which turned out surprisingly well).

        I’m a long time fan, so I hope AJ is Cy Alan over the next 5 years, but forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

    • Ed

      Don’t you DARE put me in that group who thought AJ wasn’t worth the money. I was saying all along that he was and I think I was the only one who knew Burnett was this good.

      Pretty much everyone agrees that when Burnett is in a groove, he’s dominant.

      However, Burnett has a long history of injuries, and goes through stretches where he pitches really badly (see the first half of last season). Also, any time Burnett threw 200 innings in a season, he got hurt the following year and missed a lot of time.

      Sure, you’ve got the occasional idiot who doesn’t think Burnett is any good, but most of the people against him are against his inconsistency.

      • Drew

        Why must we always be reminded of his previous injuries? When people complained about his contract 2 weeks ago they weren’t saying he’s hurt, they were saying, “we gave this guy 80 mil!!?” Now, he’s showing all of them why he’s worth it and people complain that he’s been injured… I guess some will never be happy..

        • John

          I don’t think he’s complaining but is stating a fact of why some did not want to sign him. Everyone nows he has good stuff but he really has been inconsistent over the years due to his control problems.

          • Ed

            Dead on what I was saying, thanks.

        • Bill

          I agree 100% Drew. He was healthy last year and he’s healthy this year. I mean, what more do these people want? I was one of the few saying we should sign this guy because he has great stuff. There were many on the other side saying he was the next Carl Pavano and they have been proven dead WRONG!

          I think these were the same people saying CC and Teix weren’t worth the money we gave them when they were struggling in April. They’re the same people saying A-Rod has the worst contract ever. Where are they now? Where are the people who said that Posada couldn’t call a good game? HE JUST CAUGHT A 1 HITTER! WHERE ARE THEY? SHOW YOURSELVES!

          • andrew

            There were many on the other side saying he was the next Carl Pavano and they have been proven dead WRONG!

            The really haven’t been proven wrong yet. Burnett has made it through less than half a season healthy, he still has a long way to go before anyone is proved right or wrong.

            • Drew

              oh boy… He has proven that he’s no pavano.
              Why must people be so pessimistic?

              • Bill

                Because they like complaining for no good reason. The guy has made all his starts this year and has an era under 4. With CC, Burnett, Joba, and a corrected Wang pitching in the playoffs the Yankees are going to be a tough out. They haven’t had starting pitching this good since the days of Clemens, Pettitte, Wells.

                • Drew

                  It really is wild. Just imagine our offense with a real Al, Teix, Jetes, Damon, JoPo and co. With this pitching staff… Ugh.. we are the shit.

                • http://theyankeebomber.blogspot.com Conan

                  Where are you batting in this lineup?

                • RAB poster

                  How has he proven he’s no Pavano? I really, really hope not but like Pavano he’s injury prone; he has lots of time, unfortunately, to get injured.

                  He hasn’t proven anything, good or bad, until the season ends.

          • Ed

            I agree 100% Drew. He was healthy last year and he’s healthy this year. I mean, what more do these people want?

            If you’re thrilled with a 1.5 season injury free run from a player just signed to a 5 year deal, most people would consider your expectations rather low.

            There were many on the other side saying he was the next Carl Pavano and they have been proven dead WRONG!

            Nothing at all – good or bad – is proven half a season into a 5 year contract.

            I think these were the same people saying CC and Teix weren’t worth the money we gave them when they were struggling in April. They’re the same people saying A-Rod has the worst contract ever.

            If you believe those are the same people, you should pay more attention to the issues being raised.

            Burnett is a very talented player who is very risky. How you value that contract depends on your comfort level with risk vs reward.

            People who complained about CC and Tex in April are just reactionary people who flip out over everything.

            People complaining about the A-Rod contract are not saying A-Rod is not a great player but instead questioning the overall situation. The Yankees essentially bid against themselves in the negotiations, giving him a raise when no other team was willing to even match his salary. He’s signed at top dollar to an age where very few players are still productive. He’s signed to an extremely long term deal that began at an age where you can only expect players to decline.

            A key point to remember – “Is X a good player?” and “Is X worth his contract?” are completely independent questions. The answer to one does not imply the answer to the other.

            • RAB poster

              You are 100% right.

              By the way, for it’s worht I had no problem with the A-Rod deal.

            • JP

              Ed–good comment. I disagree, though. Here’s why: I think the value of a player depends on the team’s situation at the time he’s signed, among other things. The Yankees had the money to spend, it would have been a mistake not to sign him, given the state of the pitching staff last year, and the possibility that Boston might have gone for him. You can dissect the length of the deal and compare it to other pitchers on other teams, but for me the Yankees sort of have their own pay scale and are probably going to pay more for any ballplayer.

              As for his injury history, this is a gamble, yes, but there are lots of pitchers in MLB history who have injury troubles as young guys but become much more durable with age. Frank Tanana is one guy I think of.

              I like Burnett alot. He has “warts” as a pitcher, for sure. He can be wild and it seems like his effectiveness drops way off if his stuff is off…he has more trouble “making do” than other pitchers, maybe.

              But what I love about him is that every time out there, it’s 95 mph with a really easy, fluid motion, and most of the time the ball is moving all over the place. He makes guys miss, and he’s not afraid to pitch to anyone. In playoff games, this is the kind of guy you want in there.

          • Jay

            HERE I AM!

            But I don’t think ANYbody said that Posada couldn’t call a single good game. Kudos to Posada for his part in Yankee pitchers having excellent ERAs for the last half a dozen or so games he’s caught.

            Now if Yankee pitchers just manage to do no worse than average with Posada behind the plate going forward — instead of the 1-1/2 to 2 runs per that I gather they’ve given up over and above what they’ve given up with Cervelli behind the plate.

            I hope very much that Posada does a great job behind the plate, that it’s reflected in the runs given up by Yankee pitchers when he’s behind the plate, and that Posada continues to swing a very potent bat.

            But I continue to think that’s unlikely given his age. Take a look at what happens to most catchers by the time they turn 38 — even to our beloved Yogi. If you disagree, I would appreciate it if you would provide us with a list of catchers whose performance DIDN’T drop around the age of 37 or 38, if not before and the list of teams that have won the World Series with catchers who were 38 years old or older.

            If you can’t, perhaps you could share with us what leads you to believe that Posada is immune to the same forces that affect other major league catchers.

            I look forward to seeing the historical performance of other catchers who are 38 years old and older and the World Series champions who they’re the primary catchers for that leads you to your conclusion.

            P.S. I think A-Rod’s contract will prove to be one of the worst contracts in the history of baseball. A-Rod will be 40 years old in the final year of his contract. What players can you point to in the history of major league baseball aside from Baroid Bonds, of course, that lead you to believe that A-Rod will be anything but a shadow of what he is today as he nears and reaches his 40th birthday.

            Frankly, I’m not aware of ANYone besides the steroid assisted Barry Bonds who would remotely begin to justify A-Rod’s contract in those years. But I look forward to learning exactly which 38, 39, and 40-year-old players’ performance makes you think A-Rod’s contract will be anything but an anchor around the neck of the Yankees by that time.



            • RAB poster

              Jay, I know you. I’m Wait till they come to OUR house AGAIN from lohud.

              There is NO logic involved with this. None.

              Age happens. But the logic that “Posada is affected by age” despite not showing in his performance makes no sense. We should play an inferior player since he’s younger?

              Pitch calling has NOTHING to do with age. I bet if you asked Yogi he could call a fine game, and he’s in what? His 80’s?

              cERA is a joke of a stat. It has nothing to do with a catcher. You don’t believe me? Ask a statician. Don’t know any? Steve Goldman of the pinstripedbible is one.

              No offense, but this arguement makes no logical sense at all.

          • Jay


            In an earlier post, I ended it completely inappropriately by saying Put up or shut up. Even worse, I said it in all caps with an exclamation point.

            Let me apologize right here and now for saying that. The idea behind this and every other forum is that anyone should be able to say almost anything, as long as they aren’t abusive of anyone else, no matter whether any of us or all of us think that what they’re saying is without statistical foundation or logic or not.

            I think I was responding the all caps and the lack of any stated logic or facts or basis for your argument — although I don’t know why that should bother me, since I have yet to see anyone at all on the “It’s heresy/stupid to question Posada’s performance” or “A-Rod’s contract is fine” side of the issues ever address the issues with logic or factual basis. So, again, I assume it was the caps.

            But nonetheless, BILL, I APOLOGIZE.

            (If you do have statistical foundation for why I’m mistaken about catchers aged 38 or older who are still able to play the position, much less play the position for a successful team, are as rare as hen’s teeth. (Ditto for players aged 39 and 40 (aside from Baroid Bonds) ever being worth what A-Rod is effectively being paid through age 40.)

            • RAB poster

              I can give you a catcher playing excellent baseball right now at the age of 39. Better baseball than Francisco Cervelli in fact. His name is Jorge Posada. He’s having a wonderful season at the age of 39. If you can’t win with a catcher putting up these types of numbers, then you have a bad team around the catcher. We don’t.

              I have no idea if you were responding to me but if you were my name is not Bill.

        • Ed

          Honestly, did you read anything I said? It looks like you got “Burnett” and “injuries” out of it.

          Why must we always be reminded of his previous injuries?

          Because there are a significant number of them, and players who have been injured a lot in the past are much more likely to get injured in the future. Also, most of his injuries are pitching arm related.

          When people complained about his contract 2 weeks ago they weren’t saying he’s hurt, they were saying, “we gave this guy 80 mil!!?”

          Why would they say he’s hurt? Complaining about contracts is an easy to understand reaction when players are awarded top dollar contracts and then underperform.

          Now, he’s showing all of them why he’s worth it and people complain that he’s been injured

          A short hot stretch taken in isolation does not justify a 5 year contract, nor does a short bad stretch mean it was wrong.

          Contracts are justified based on the talent level of a player and their likelihood of meeting that potential. AJ Burnett, when he is on his game, is an excellent pitcher who no one would be unhappy to have. He’s also prone to having really bad stretches. Look at 2008 – he had a dreadful first half and an amazing second half. Look at this season – he’s got about as many lousy games as great games. And then you have the long injury on top of that at an age where he’s no longer considered young.

          Also keep in mind that older pitchers with long contracts and injury histories are hard to get insurance policies on, increasing the risk to the team.

          • Drew

            90 innings. 3.9 era.
            Go ahead and expect him to get hurt.. I’ll just root for the Yanks and hope AJ makes another great start next time out. Why are we even having this conversation after today’s start? Oh… right.

            • Ed

              Go ahead and expect him to get hurt.. I’ll just root for the Yanks and hope AJ makes another great start next time out.

              You do realize that people can do both at the same time, right?

              What people would like to happen, and what history tells them to expect are separate things.

              Why are we even having this conversation after today’s start? Oh… right.

              Because you and Bill seem to think 3 starts makes or breaks a contract, seem to be missing the point on what makes the contract good or bad, and you guys called out people who disagree with you.

              • Bill

                What are you talking about 3 starts? He had a great year last year and he’s having another one this year. AJ has had more than 3 good starts this year, you know. I already explained that! What this season’s history tells us to expect is that AJ will be a dominant #2 starter for us. Sorry to burst your bubble.

              • Drew

                lol @ “makes the contract good or bad,” not even 10% into said contract… Enjoy what you’re watching and quit the whining please. It’s better for you and me…

                • John

                  He is right though. You can’t tell if it was a good contract half a season into it.

                • RAB poster

                  HE IS NOT WHINING

                  Is this that difficult for you to understand? He’s saying that he’s injury prone that we can’t tell the full value of his contract until at least one year passes.
                  How do we know he’s no Pavano? What if he gets hurt today and never makes another start?

                  He’s injury prone. That is really unarguable. Saying it is not whining. Neither is saying that this stretch of good games defines his conntract.

                • RAB poster

                  Doesn’t define his contract, I mean.

          • Bill

            So 1 and a half years is just a “short hot stretch taken in isolation?” He could be healthy for the next 3 years straight and you’d be saying the same thing!

            As many lousy games as great games? What are you talking about? I don’t know what you consider a “lousy game” but I only count 3-4. The rest he’s pretty much given 6 innings and given up 3 ER or less. In fact, in 10/15 of his starts this year he has given up 3 ER or less. IS THAT LOUSY? IS IT? AJ is 6th in the AL in K/9. He is a brilliant pitcher and deserves more respect than he’s getting from some people.

            • Drew


            • John

              I don’t know many people bashing him (besides some that were frustrated in his bad starts in Boston). Really though, there NO ONE who complains about the type of pitcher he can be. He doesn’t exactly have the best track record with his injuries so it makes sense if some are skeptical about a 5 year contract. He is an awesome pitcher though and nobody can argue that (though they can argue about his wildness at times but that’s really the only negative and usually he overcomes that with his stuff). You cannot declare anything half a season into the contract. Ed didn’t say anything besides that he is a good pitcher but has been injury prone. I’m sure we all hope he stays healthy and pitches like an Ace in pinstripes and leads us to a World Series or 4.

              • John

                Oh and if some are complaining (as some posters have in the past) is because they probably wanted Lowe as he has been consistent. I, on the other hand, wanted Burnett (though for one less year) because of his electric and seductive stuff. I can only hope Doc Halladay’s advice and mentoring made him a better and healthier pitcher.

                • Bill

                  LOL! They wanted to sign a 36 year old starting pitcher to a 4-5 year deal? LOL! How is that working out for Atlanta? And how terrible will that look in 3 years? Thank God Brian Cashman is running this team and not some of the kooks who wanted to give Lowe $15 million a year to suck for 4-5 years.

                • John

                  Yes, but he had kinda shown more consistency in terms of performance and health. They especially were angry after Burnett gave up some HRs saying the sinkerballer would not have but I don’t want an older pitcher. We don’t have the best defense, though it is vastly improves, so a strikeout pitcher like Burnett would be good for us.

                • ArodMVP217 FTW!

                  i was all for Burnett>Lowe
                  age, stuff and trend of last year’s second half

            • Ed

              So 1 and a half years is just a “short hot stretch taken in isolation?”

              His hot streak that you’re claiming justifies his contract is a short hot streak taken in isolation.

              And over the course of his 9 year career, he’s never pulled off two consecutive full seasons, so yes, a season and a half is a short stretch in the scheme of things, especially when you’re talking half a season into a 5 year contract.

              I don’t know what you consider a “lousy game” but I only count 3-4. The rest he’s pretty much given 6 innings and given up 3 ER or less. In fact, in 10/15 of his starts this year he has given up 3 ER or less. IS THAT LOUSY? IS IT?

              I’ll give you 7 great starts, 5 lousy ones. I’m considering > 3 runs allowed lousy, and anything better than 3 runs in 6 innings great. Anything in between is mediocre. Ok, I was a little wrong because I said “he’s got about as many lousy games as great games.” and was looking at his stats not counting today’s game.

              • Drew

                Do you even root for us? We’re playing great and you don’t seem too happy.

              • Bill

                Sheesh, by your standards CC has 6 lousy starts. Hey everyone, CC Sabathia is a “lousy” pitcher according to Ed here. You heard it here first!

                • Ed

                  Sheesh, by your standards CC has 6 lousy starts.

                  And if you add up those starts, it comes to an ERA over 6. Is that not lousy?

                • John

                  Eh, I checked and he has had 8 quality starts, 1 okay start, and 4 bad starts so he’s not off much

                • John

                  No, I counted wrong. That’s 9 quality starts, 4 bad starts, and 2 okay starts.

                • Ed

                  I was being a little tougher than the quality start standard, as they’ve been insisting Burnett’s been dominating. While 3 runs over 6 innings is considered a quality start, that’s still a 4.50 ERA, which I wouldn’t call dominating.

                • John

                  fair enough I guess. Then, your tally makes sense.

                • RAB poster

                  Seriously, I have no idea why you guys are having a cow over Ed’s comments. He’s right.

    • http://kikojonesusa13.blogspot.com Kiko Jones

      I don’t know how “dumb” or idiotic the “Joba to the bullpen” crowd is. Forget about Mo facing an inevitable decline and ask yourself this simple question: if, God forbid, something were to happen to Mo this season, would the Yankees send Joba to the bullpen as their closer?

      In. A. Heartbeat.

      • Chris

        No. They. Wouldn’t.

        • RAB poster

          They would. They admitted it. So? All that proves is that we’re forced to use him in a role where we don’t have as much depth. I’d rather take an inferior pitcher than Joba and make him closer eventually so we don’t need to waste his talent in the bullpen. Dominant Starters are more valuable than dominant relief pitchers.

      • JP

        I don’t think they would. They’d use Bruney, probably, first, then Robertson. It might make them keep Hughes as a reliever.

        No way they make Joba a closer right now. By some of the numbers he’s the best starter on the team right now.

        • JP

          I’ll qualify that to say that, if Mo were gone, they might use Joba in the bullpen in the playoffs. But not in the regular season, I don’t think.

          When did they say they would do it RAB Poster? Where did you read that? If it was something recent from Cashman or Girardi, I’d be surprised.

          • RAB poster

            I remember at the beginning of the season on the Yankee website there was an article where a Yankee guy said that if Mo got hurt, Joba would close.

          • ArodMVP217 FTW!

            I doubt they would. Girardi would probably take it as an opportunity to show how really, really, really ridiculously good managing he is and close by committee. +call up Dunn/Melancon2.0

  • mustang

    I would love the sweep and something special from Mr Wang.
    I just have a feeling he is going to pitch a gem on Sunday.
    A no-hitter would be nice since they been playing around with it for the last two days that would truly be funny.

    • http://deleted RollingWave

      didn’t you see his 3 “very special” start at the begining of the year?

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Gardner has more hits in this series so far–and he had an 0-fer today–than the Mets do.

  • mustang

    A ESPN game 9 wonderful innings of being told how bad the Yankees are and how the Red Sox are the best thing since the wheel so looking forward to the commentary.

  • Will (the other one)

    Only Alex Cora, the leadoff man, managed a hit.

    I love this. But seriously, how much does it suck to be the Mets right now?

  • Dela G

    man it feels great to be a yankees fan right now, especially since the players seem to be playing with a sense of urgency again.

    • Bill

      Oh please. They’ve been playing the same as they always have. Players and teams go through ups and downs in a season, it’s just variance. It doesn’t mean they weren’t trying the past couple weeks and it doesn’t mean they all of a sudden turned it on because Girardi got ejected.

      • Drew

        he did say “seem.” As in, the players are getting it done in the big spots.

  • VO

    I was at the game today, and I was sitting next to a Met fan. We started so many different chants today but one of my favorite that my section did was after Posadas home run, “It’s a bandbox”.

  • J

    food for thought…

    the yankees are leading the majors in OPS at 824 (TB is 822), most efficient at stealing bases, 2nd in runs to TB.

    Pitching has been on fire the last 30 days and shows no signs of stopping. 2nd in OBA, SLGa. Bullpen has been lights out and SP is really starting to groove.

    Defense is ML average and definitely acceptable.

    With average luck, the Yankees will always be the superior team to any that they face if they continue these trends. Here’s to another 9 game winning streak!

    • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      Just as long as we can beat the Sox.

      • bobtaco


    • AndrewYF

      And yet, the Yankees are 13-11 in the month of June.

  • mustang

    I was looking at the standings and one team stat. jumped out at me the Sox are 20-8 vs the East and the Yanks are 12-16. I’m happy for the wins, but I hope they start doing some work in their own division soon.

    • cult of basebaal

      uh … would those numbers contain the 8 wins the Red Sox have against the Yankees?

      If so, wouldn’t they *both* be 12-8 against the *rest* of the AL East?

      • Drew

        lol… 0-8 certainly hurts our cause… Luckily, that stat doesn’t really matter at this point.

        • http://theyankeebomber.blogspot.com Conan

          Uh – it does count. It’s adds 8 to the loss column.

      • mustang

        Yes, but that doesn’t make it better you just can’t throw out the Red Sox loses.

        • cult of basebaal

          who’s throwing them out?

          i’m just pointing out your statement should have read … i hope the yankees start beating the red sox soon, ’cause they’re playing the *rest* of the division at a .600 clip.

          • mustang

            Ok.. i can live with that.

  • BklynJt

    Let’s hope the hitting keeps up so we can get Wang his first win and the Yankees a sweep of the mets.

  • John

    So, we have have had or do have several people with the flu. Hopefully, this goes by fast. Jeter, Cano, Mo (though a while back from the recent one), Melky, Damon, and Matsui have had it, and now Tex said he “doesn’t feel well at all.”

    • Bill

      I also saw on Abraham’s blog that Hughes has a touch of the flu as well.

    • John

      Add Hughes to that list as well.

      • John

        and Wang

    • Drew

      Damnit, when will they stop sharing the bong!!!?

  • Accent Shallow

    Bummed I missed this game. Let’s see if Wang can get his ERA below 10 tomorrow.

  • Drew

    Ahh… 3 of our starters have sub 4 ERA’s… What a glorious evenin’.

  • BronxBomber44

    I’d rather have 8 straight losses to start the season vs. the Sox than to end it. Keep progressing AJ. Drink Acai smooties and stay healthy.

    • RAB poster

      I’d rather we beat the Sox every. Single. Time.

      I guess I’ll have to settle for every time from here on out.

      • Mike

        How about beating them once this year. I’d settle for that. Low expectations.

        • RAB poster

          You take all the fun out of it.

          • ArodMVP217 FTW!

            i said it last week. 0-8 is irrelevant. Only thing that matters is 4GB. we’re both going to teh playoffs. CC, AJ, CMW, AP/Hughes with Chamberlain and Hughes/AP as Long Relief is pretty ridiculous indeed.

  • Jake H

    AJ had it last night. If Cora doesn’t golf swing a ball then he might have throw a no hitter.

    • Zach

      eh he also had 108 pitches through 7. that means Joe would have to leave him in for atleast 130, so I’m sort of glad he gave up the hit

      • ArodMVP217 FTW!

        eh Jorge and Eiland would note the PC and go out there in between outs. That may be messing with his rhythm, but would also be necessary.

  • Jon

    u guys still want lowe over aj?

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