Can the A-Rod nonsense just end?


Player has invasive hip surgery on March 9th, is supposed to miss six to nine weeks. Player misses Spring Training and the first month of the season — does rehab work to get hip back into shape instead of baseball activities. Player does some baseball activities, but barely gets in a nine-inning practice game before returning 61 days after surgery. Player goes on to start every single game between May 8 and June 18, inclusive.

The obvious conclusion in this case is that Player needs a breather. In fact, Player probably could have used a breather before that. May 8 through June 18 is 42 days, a long time for a player who didn’t get a proper Spring Training and who basically went from the operating table to the infield with little transition time. During those 42 days, Player only got four full days off and two half days at DH. That’s probably not enough, given the circumstances.

The situation is pretty clear. Player should have gotten more rest, but did not. Player is going to take two days off, followed by an on-day, which is then followed by a team off-day. Sounds fine, right? It did to me, but apparently this was a big story in the newspapers and on TV. Player’s manager put him in the lineup against orders. Player’s manager wasn’t part of the decision to rest him. Player and manager had words. And that’s not to mention the questioning of Player himself.

Again, the situation is pretty cut and dry. A lot of noise permeated the sports pages, but in the end it all means little. Player was obviously fatigued, and for good reason. There was a bit of miscommunication, it appeared, on how to handle said fatigue. That happens. The situation was resolved. In fact, Player’s manager put the final stamp on it: “I’m hoping he’ll tell us which day he needs when he needs it. If not, I’ll just have to make him take a day.”

Should things have been handled differently? Probably. Player’s manager probably should have rested Player a bit more during the first month and a half of his recovery. Problem was, Player’s tiring came during a losing streak. Player’s manager wanted to field the best possible team to snap out of the streak. Player wanted to be in the lineup. It’s not an excuse; it’s just an explanation for what happened.

The whole situation, really, is easily explained. There should be no outrage, no questioning of motives. The team should have done something. They didn’t. They got to a point where they had to do something, so they took the proper measures. Now, if there’s a problem going forward maybe we can start to feel some outrage. For now, we can file this one under “mishandled” and hope the team learns from its mistake.

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  • Jack

    This is wishful thinking. People will always bash A-Rod for staying out until 2:30 with Kate Hudson and they’ll always bash Girardi for being incompetent because he is. These are Yankees fans you’re talking to- the nonsense will never end, see “Joba to the bullpen.”

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Unfortunately it’s true. A-Rod will always get bashed to the steroid thing and maybe his really big contract. And if doesn’t get that HR he’ll get booed like crazy in the stadium where Boston fans give friggin standing ovations for Big Papi when he flies out! I mean that is drastic but booing him won’t solve the problem. But hopefully they all stop when he puts up numbers that he is supposed to.

  • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

    Yeah, I really don’t see why there was so much outrage about this whole situation.

  • http://forums.projectcovo.com/images/smilies/e6omir.gif OmgZombies!

    Kate Hudson ugh I rather see him with Jennifer Hudson

    • Jamal G.

      She’s married.

      • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

        Mind over matter. If she don’t mind, he don’t matter.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa


      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Still to that douchebag from the Black Crows? I thought they split up.

        • Lanny

          Shes single.

  • Mister Delaware

    I’d stay out until 2:30 on a work night with Kate Hudson. Holla!

  • John

    Eh I still don’t believe him going at 2:30 with Hudson that much.

  • Zach

    Like with anything in New York, or with Alex, every small thing gets over blown.

    Do we have the transcript of everything that was said between Alex-Joe? Or Alex-Cash? or Cash-Joe?
    Joe has made it very clean that he checks with Alex multiple times before games to see how hes doing. Yeah maybe Alex said something to him at 11pm, but then the next morning/afternoon hes singing a different tune, or maybe it stiffened up on the plane ride, or bad weather, or whatever.

    Yankees are a few games out of first, no major injuries, bullpen improving, starters stepping up, Jeter playing better defense, getting some production from CF, Tex is thriving in NY- what else is there to write/complain about? ummm ARod always gets ratings/sells papers so lets write about him.

    • Mister Delaware

      You forgot “PITCHERS HATE JORGE!” That got some mileage.

      • Zach

        Damn knew I forgot one. Forgot got that veterans hate Girardi and Eiland sucks as pitching coach also

        • JobaWockeeZ

          Joba to the pen is also something the NY media is compelled to say like every day.

  • John

    Cashmoney: “No, it was a medical direction. Essentially Dr. [Mark] Lindsay directed that he could benefit from two days off rather than the one we were going to give him. Dr. Lindsay felt that he would benefit from two so I guess it’s just as simple as ‘doctor’s orders, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.’ This was ‘take two days and see you on Sunday”

    the MSM needs to chill out about A-rod complaining to Cash who then ordered he be benched story.

    • Zach

      Yeah, I mean it couldnt be that the GM of the team should be involved in anything that concerns the hip of his 300m player.

  • Ivan

    Shit if I was tired and burned out a little, I would of did what A-Rod. That’s part of getting reenergized. Besides, he’s in Miami with a good lookin chick, come on.

  • Tony

    The still mysterious Girardi/ARod/Cashman angle is very much a legit story. Girardi ignoring the advice and wishes of the doctor AND the player, followed by being overruled by the GM?

    Don’t be a shill, please.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Benjamin Kabak

      A shill? Because we’re tired of some overplayed “OMG HE WAS BENCHED!11eleventyone!!!” drama being acted out in the newpsapers? Spare me.

    • whozat

      It’s not a legit story at all.

      Whenever the media ignores a simple explanation in favor of an exotic one that makes a better story, by skeptical.

      Simple explanation:

      Girardi knows he’s supposed to give ARod some days off, and asks ARod how he feels before playing him. ARod says “Put me in coach!” because THAT is how these guys are. That’s how Saint Jeter is, and he gets accolades for it, even when he sucks for a month and a half due to a broken hand (see: last year).

      Hal and Cash call Alex to say “look, you’re sucking it up out there and we have a lot of money invested for a long time…be honest with us.” Alex replies “…yeah, I’m pretty run down…but I can gut it out! Put me in coach!”

      Cash calls Joe and says “Alex is dragging ass and trying to gut it out and be a hero. I think we should sit him, and the doctor says two days plus the off day would be huge.”

      Joe: “Let’s sit him.”

      aaaaand scene.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      “Girardi ignoring the advice and wishes of the doctor AND the player, followed by being overruled by the GM?”

      That’s an assumption everyone is making, and I don’t see the legitimacy in it. Do you seriously think Girardi sat in on a meeting on Thursday, in which it was stated that A-Rod gets the next two days off, and then penciled him in on Friday anyway? That doesn’t seem like a realistic story to me. If that is in fact what happened, someone needs to lay it out. Otherwise, it sounds unbelievable.

      • Tony

        No one said this is what happened. The supposed sequence of events is:

        ARod comes back, all are told he needs to be sitting 1-2 days a week (fact)

        ARod never asks out of games/Girardi ignores word of doctors. ARod proceeds to play every day for 40+ days (some debate)

        ARod tells Girardi he needs a day off, Girardi leaves him in the lineup. A surprised ARod then goes over Girardi’s head and tells Cashman. Cashman proceeds to start a discussion with every senior member of the organization but Girardi, and eventually brings an order down from the top of the franchise (assumed)

        How is this NOT a story?

        • whozat

          “A surprised ARod then goes over Girardi’s head and tells Cashman. Cashman proceeds to start a discussion with every senior member of the organization but Girardi, and eventually brings an order down from the top of the franchise (assumed)”

          Because THIS, the part that you’re assuming, is the only part of that that would be remotely interesting.

          A player ignoring doctor’s recommendations? Shocking! A manager (who wants to turn around his team’s losing streak) listening to his veteran all-star player when that player assures him that he’s good to go? SHOCKING!

          • Tony

            Go read my first post…

  • Miles Roche

    Quite the monotonous piece of writing. . .
    Great execution, Dr. Pawlikowski!

  • JeffG

    I wouldn’t have been against giving him this whole series off. He obviously needs to reboot. If I’m Giardi I let him come in as a pinch hitter tonight if needed. He has the day off tomorrow and hopefully the next series is the start of his revival.

  • Pasqua

    Who is this “Player,” and when is he a free agent?

  • Jamal G.

    Look, what normal human being gets tired after performing extreme physical activities over the course of 42 days, all whilst being just three months removed from major hip surgery? Obviously, Player is coming off some kind of steroid and/or HGH.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      And he’s in a steep decline.

    • JeffG

      You’d have to admit that the idea creeping in that he could be coming off steroids is a possibility. I agree, more probable is that the surgery is the real contributor. However, the timing involved here is what may cause people with skeptical minds (myself included) to worry.

      Ultimately I hope that the slight chance of him being bad isn’t because of a missing magic potion. We have been down this road before with Giambi so there is that conscious fear. If it is not realized, great, but I don’t think people are wrong for asking those questions.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

        Asking those questions is fine. Making blanket assumptions based on fabricated answers to those questions is what I take issue with.

  • JeffG

    I agree with that.

    • JeffG

      - to Joe P.

  • Lanny

    How he wasn’t given a day off a week is on Girardi. That’s what happens when you manage for your job on a daily basis. Would you bench him for Berroa if your job was on the line?

  • AsianShuutoHeat

    Arod bashing will never end no matter what happens, people just love to bring people down a peg regardless of situation/scenario.

    If he had saved a family of 8 from a house on fire and managed to escape last second with their 2 family dogs in his arms, they will next day fire a headline that says “Arod saves family with the power of Steroids!”.

    Arod being a Yankees player doesn’t help him as well, it has been the so called “cool” thing to bash Yankees.

    The other day while at the park throwing a few with my buds, a girl was indiscreetly pointing at my Yankees replica jersey saying “haha Yankees suck”. Why? Because it’s “cool”. I should have threw a fastball at her and laughed “haha you suck”.