Edes: Yanks scouting Pedro


Pedro Martinez, after a strong showing for the Dominican team in the WBC, remains a free agent this year. He’s no longer the Pedro of the late 1990s, but to me, he seemed to be throwing free and easy against the international competition. Meanwhile, as the spring has stretched onto summer, Pedro is holding auditions in the DR. According to Gordon Edes, Yankee scouts will watch Pedro throw on Friday.

This is definitely interesting and intriguing news. As Edes notes, the Yankees are concerned with their pitching depth in light of an ineffective Chien-Ming Wang, and Pedro would help them shore up that hole. With Brian Bruney back and Phil Hughes providing some solid pen work for now, the team’s bullpen presents fewer concerns than it did a few weeks ago. So Pedro would be something of a luxury. While I pondered Pedro in January, I can’t see the team really finding a place for him. He won’t be guaranteed a role, and it’s doubtful whether he could still succeed in the AL East. It never hurts to kick the tires though.


  1. radnom says:

    Ugh. No.

  2. e mills says:

    he can’t be worse than Tomko. Give him a bullpen role

  3. John says:

    Maybe he can be our Brad Penny and we can trade him for prospects if he pitches well and we do not need in the playoff race to a team that needs a starter for the stretch. (this is IF we sign him)

  4. Reggie C. says:

    Wish we had Smoltz pitching in AA right now. Where’d he go again?

  5. It never hurts to kick the tires though.


    I don’t think Pedro represents a significant downgrade from anyone.

  6. Charlie says:

    Yikes, we should be scouting international prospects, not a washed up 37 year old. Pedro does not fit at all, and he probably wouldn’t accept a bullpen role, plus our bullpen is getting much better anyway.

  7. Mark B says:

    Boggs coming over was fine. Clemens becoming a Yankee I could live with. Pedro wearing the pinstripes? I don’t think so…the memories of that prick wearing the Boston red is too recent and painful to remember!

  8. Charlie says:

    so the game is not happenin at all, right?

  9. Conan says:

    Why did the Yanks keep Hughes for instead of getting Santana? Start the kid already and stop sniffing around old has-beens.

    • Drew says:

      lol, Pedro Martinez would have NO effect on Phil Hughes starting.

      • Conan says:

        How so? If Pedro is in the rotation, Hughes is still in the pen/Scranton Wilkes-Barre.

        I don’t think they’re looking at Pedro for bullpen help and I believe Pedro wants to start.

        • Drew says:

          We don’t need a starter. They are going to watch him pitch. nothing has happened. Nothing probably will happen. Pedro Martinez will not start over phil.

  10. Cozimoto says:

    Me thinks the Yanks are in D.R. to see how much that Sano kid is gonna cost em.

  11. Mike HC says:

    I vaguely remember something in the Torre/Verducci book that many Yankees were outspokenly against signing Pedro the last time he was a free agent. I would assume those Yankees were namely Posada, and probably Jeter too. I wonder how this Yankee team would respond to adding Pedro. I have a feeling Jorge and Pedro might still have some issues, to put it lightly.

  12. tampayankee says:

    Uh Why? Casey Fossum is a younger pitcher in AAA who is light years better than a washed up Pedro…hell Wang is better than a washed up pedro. This team NEEDS BATS NOT ARMS see the game last night if you need any more proof!

  13. Jake K. says:

    I can’t see it happening, but I would get a little joy from seeing Pedro in pinstripes, even once.

  14. PEDROS DADDY says:

    Pedro Martinez was my most HATED red Sox. More than Manny , Poppi ….
    I hated poppi and manny cuz they just always seamed to beet us . But Pedro actually threw at us and almost broke jeters hands on his high and tight pitch about a dozen times…I HATED PEDRO .
    If the yanx kick the tires on this one I will throw up in my mouth …..

  15. Dan12 says:

    if he signs id say for sure posada wouldnt be his catcher….let the posada to DH debate continue

  16. It makes business sense to sign Pedro Martinez…ALL the Dominicans who adore him will pack the stadium and he will sell lots of Jerseys…Hard to predict how much that sum will amount to versus a contract, but the investment/profit ratio would not be bad.

    Plus, if anything…he’s rested.

  17. Frankie says:

    Pedro is better than Wang.

  18. Justin says:

    I’m sorry… I am always all for trying to make a team better, but in this case, based on my strong hatred of Pedro Martinez, I don’t ever want to see him stain a Yankee uniform. I just can’t stand the guy. If he ever was signed by the Yankees, I would turn the TV off every time he came out to pitch. All I can think about is all the stuff that went on between the Red Sox and Yankees during the times he pitched.

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