Game 51: Joba vs. the rain, reprise


In his previous start this past Tuesday, Joba Chamberlain had to deal with a 2.5 hour rain delay. That didn’t help him any, and he surrendered three runs in four innings, walking four while throwing 84 pitches. Joba just didn’t have it, and as always it led to a cadre of voices calling for his exile to the bullpen. Thankfully, Brian Cashman stood up and told people to chill. Joba is still a starter, and he’ll get his next chance tonight. Unfortunately, he’ll be up against nature again , as the forecast calls for t-storms in Cleveland.

The Yankees had some troubles hitting Carl Pavano yesterday. Today, offense shouldn’t be as much of an issue as they’ll face the eminently hittable Jeremy Sowers. The 26-year-old lefty had tossed just 14 innings this year, and has been battered to the tune of 12 earned runs and three homers. He’s struck out just five and has walked seven. That’s just not going to fly against the Yanks. Of his 290 career innings, 15 have come against the Yankees, in which he’s allowed 11 earned runs.

It looks like Girardi is using this opportunity to give Damon a rest and A-Rod a half-day off. This is the first game all season where his A-lineup has been completely available, but he’s not going to use it in the series finale. Which is just fine. The Indians have a depleted lineup and are tossing out a mediocre starter. They can debut the A-lineup tomorrow night in front of the home crowd.

Notes: From Mark Feinsand’s shiny new Twitter feed: “Jose Molina setback in Tampa today. Don’t look for his return anytime soon.” Looks like Cervelli will get a chance to settle himself into the backup role, one he’s probably going to fill in 2010 in any case…Xavier Nady also felt something in his elbow. They’ll see how that feels tomorrow.


1. Derek Jeter, SS
2. Nick Swisher, RF — hoping for an A-Rod effect here
3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez, DH
5. Jorge Posada, C
6. Robinson Cano, 2B
7. Melky Cabrera, LF
8. Angel Berroa, 3B
9. Brett Gardner, CF

And on the mound, number sixty-two, Joba Chmberlain

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  1. Slugger27 says:

    2 questions: shouldnt melky and swisher be switched in the field? melky has a cannon, swish doesnt… so shouldnt melky be the guy in RF? and, why berroa over pena?

  2. Rene says:

    2 3rd baseman???????
    i hope we dont lose the dh

  3. Slugger27 says:

    by the way joe, that link u have regarding cashman telling ppl to chill isnt working on my computer… not sure if its just my comp but maybe double check it

    • 27 this year says:

      yea it doesn’t work for me either

    • Yet another mental lapse. I’m at the woman’s place, and her wireless is all sorts of weird. Sites, even Google, randomly won’t load for 15 minutes at a time. Horribly frustrating. I copied the link from Google and forgot to add the http://

      Thanks for the catch.

  4. e mills says:

    weather.com doesn’t have the rain starting til after 11…hope they’re correct

    • Really? When I read it, it said chance of thunderstorms this evening with it letting up around 11.

      • pat says:

        7 pm
        76° F

        8 pm
        73° F

        9 pm
        73° F

        10 pm
        69° F

        11 pm
        68° F
        Jun 2
        12 am
        67° F

        1 am
        64° F

        2 am
        63° F

  5. Bryan V says:

    I’ve been doing everything through Mike, so Joe probably doesn’t know anything about it. So I’m hoping it’s still okay to let people know that I’m liveblogging the game at my Yankees blog (http://goldenrule.mlblogs.com/).

    Just another place, like here, to talk about the game.

  6. pat says:

    Hey Girardi just because berroa is on the roster doesn’t mean you have to use him.

  7. Joey H. says:

    I know WHY they want Nady to be able to throw, but what I don’t understand is why they’ll push the issue. I’ll take his bat off the bench and as a situational DH. Why break something that is partially fixed?

    • Bryan V says:

      We don’t need another DH-only. And it’s not like Nady has such a great bat that we need it anyway.

      • Slugger27 says:

        And it’s not like Nady has such a great bat that we need it anyway.

        thats insane. when we have our “A” lineup, our best pinch hitter is brett gardner

        we CERTAINLY need his bat

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Plus Swisher hasn’t been too hot lately. I’d gladly take Nady’s bat over Swish.

        • Bryan V says:

          Why do we need his bat? The team scored 5.54 runs/game in May, and their pitching was a lot better. I don’t think Nady means the difference between 5.5 runs/game and 6.

          We already have a guy on the bench that Girardi can’t, or really doesn’t want to, put in the OF. Why put another guy like that on the bench unless absolutely necessary?

          • Slugger27 says:

            dude, u cant be serious


            that sentence alone is reason we need (yes, need) xavier nadys bat…. swish is in a horrific slump, and when we play in national league ballparks soon, would u rather pinch hit for burnett with ramiro pena, or xavier nady??

            • Bryan V says:

              If you can’t understand why having DH-only guys is not a good thing, I can’t help you. Perhaps somebody else would like to explain the idea of flexibility to you.

              • Slugger27 says:

                alright im done… if u think getting a healthy nady and getting rid of a useless berroa wouldnt be a welcome addition to the team, theres really no point in debating with u

              • Spaceman.Spiff says:

                If you can’t understand how much better Xavier Nady’s bat is than Brett Gardner’s (our primary pinch-hitter at the moment) then we can’t help you. Perhaps somebody else would like to explain the idea of pinch-hitting to you.

      • Joey H. says:

        But it upgrades the bench. I get where you’re coming from but I’d rather have half a player than no player at all. Meh, I guess it just doesn’t make a difference.

  8. BigBlueAL says:

    WTF Berroa getting a start?!?!?!

  9. John Duci says:

    I hope the game starts on time rain delays suck…

  10. MattG says:

    What’re the odds Berroa doesn’t bother to check the line-up card? Someone better tell him bring his glove from the hotel.

  11. e mills says:

    Great Steve Phillips!!!!

  12. Joey H. says:

    I still don’t get how Torre didn’t call that game…

  13. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Oh shit that’s right. Bye bye errorless record streak. Angel is here.

  14. Joey H. says:

    Hey, what is the difference between a “No-Trade clasuse” and “No-trade protection?” Look at CC’s and Tex’s contracts on Cots.

    • Bryan V says:

      I think it’s because CC can nix a trade to any team, while Tex can only nix a trade to certain teams or a certain number of teams.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I think it has to do with compensation. A guy with a NTC can straight up decline a deal, but a guy with NTP can be traded, but will be compensated for it (say his salary increased $1M the following year, or an option is guaranteed).

      • Joey H. says:

        Great. That makes sense. I wonder if CC opts out. He will still be owed around 95M at the time his OPT clause comes around. He did say he wanted it there so he wouldn’t weigh down a team financially. Hm… *Strokes chin*

  15. e mills says:

    I read on a blog earlier that one BBTN, Ravech said the Yankees were the best team right now, while even Gammons shared that sentiment. Did anyone catch that?

  16. Slugger27 says:

    lol steve phillips saying jeter has been batting 2nd most of the year and is only hitting leadoff cuz damon is outta the lineup is example #568734968 why ESPN needs a better research department

  17. Ivan says:

    Nice start DJ.

  18. Joey H. says:

    Aubrey Huff for Brandon Inge. Huff is 1b 3b and DH and Inge is 3b and C. What do I do? I have Inge, Do I pull the trigger.

  19. John Duci says:

    Swisher gave it a ride. He’s showing some signs of turning it around, wouldnt that be nice.

  20. Matt-Pitt says:

    Nice way to start the inning. Everything has been a rocket so far.

  21. Mike Axisa says:

    Tex is all sorts of locked in right now.

    • Joey H. says:

      Is it me or is he incredibly strong? That pitch he hit and how he hit it for most guys would be a line out. The crack of the bat is not only LOUD but it’s a great line drive.

  22. pat says:

    Sowers has a nice changeup.

  23. pat says:

    Joba please come out and be Good Joba.

  24. Matt-Pitt says:

    Sowers doesn’t look like he has bad stuff. Little deceptive delivery, pretty solid offspeed stuff. I guess his location in the bigs as been his downfall.

    Come on Joba, solid first inning here.

  25. Justin says:

    Hope that was the shadows and not Sowers (or Yanks inability to hit him)

  26. Mike Axisa says:

    46 K in 45.1 IP? And to think, Joba hasn’t shown any consistency at all this year.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      TO think how much better off he’d be in teh bullpen!
      Joba will shut Francesa by going 8 innings today. Or make Francesa rant how how much of it was “luck.”

      • Joey H. says:

        Or if he has 85 pitches through 7, Joe will yank him.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Then a Francesa rant on how he couldn’t go 8 innings because ANDY PETTITTE IS A STARTING PITCHER!

      • Zack says:

        ‘If Joba had an era of 1.50 or 2.00 then yeah he could stay in the rotation’

      • Joba will shut Francesa by going 8 innings today.

        The only thing that will shut up Mike Francesa about his B-Jobber rants is the cold, icy grip of death’s sweet embrace.

        Francesa may well put on his tombstone the epitaph “I don’t care what history says, I was right about Joba belonging in the bullpen.”

        • Zack says:

          Every time the bullpen blows a lead it will come up

          • Shit, even when the bullpen just scuffles a little but doesn’t relinquish the lead, he brings it up.

            Joba could be the new Whitey Ford and front our rotation that wins 8 titles in the next 10 years, and before, during, and well after the fact, Francesa would claim that had we put him in the bullpen at the beginning and replaced him with Generic Starter X, we’d have won 10 for 10.

            He’s insane.

            • Zack says:

              It’s always the same. We can trade for a starting pitcher, but nobody is going to trade away a great bullpen arm. Or ‘I know he can be great in the bullpen, he’s a 5 inning pitcher.’

              I used to actually like listening to him, and one or two Joba debates a week would be ok, but now it’s daily. Now you just want something else thats big just so you dont have to listen to it

    • I have no way of knowing whether or not Joba Chamberlain is a good starting pitching prospect right now capable of greatness in the future because his career is not over yet.

      Theoretical Joe Morgan

  27. pat says:

    Mike would it be accurate to say Sowers is a good comp for Bleich?

  28. Rene says:

    93mph im liking the speed

  29. Joey H. says:

    Ugh. Kay went there.

  30. pat says:

    OMG I JUST SAW 96 MPH!!!!

  31. V says:

    93-95 according to Gameday!!!

  32. Jake says:

    b-jobbers on YES

  33. BigBlueAL says:

    Listening to this debate on YES, basically they are saying that they might be moving Joba to the pen because he is basically the 6th best starter on this team. I highly doubt that….

  34. Mike M says:

    That strikeout was so pointless…he’s gotta save those for teh 8th!1!

  35. Joey H. says:

    14 inch break on that one curveball. Nice.

  36. Mike Axisa says:

    Joba’s bringing the cheese this inning.

  37. e mills says:

    umm was that 97 on gameday too?

  38. Joey H. says:

    So guys, What do you say? Huff for Inge? I’m giving up Inge.

  39. Rene says:

    he has a 77mph curve and a 95mph fastball

  40. Rene says:


  41. Dan12 says:

    why would they start berroa….there goes the errorless streak for sure

  42. BigBlueAL says:

    You know maybe this talk of Joba to the pen because he is basically the 6th best starter on this team is firing him up right now.

  43. Joey H. says:

    He is going to be tough to beat tonight. Everything is working.

  44. Drew says:

    Dang Jober hit 97. where the fuck has that been?

  45. V says:

    97 mph on the groundout according to Gameday!

  46. Drew says:


  47. Matt-Pitt says:

    Joba using A LOT of offspeed that inning. All looked really good though.

  48. V says:

    Fastball, changeup, curveball, slider, for strikes and not for strikes.

    Damn, Joba is an awesome pitcher.

    Damn, Victor Martinez is an awesome hitter for ALMOST crushing that.

  49. Mike Axisa says:

    I figured it out, Joba’s trying to kill midgets with his fastball. that clever bastard.

  50. e mills says:

    I kind of agree and disagree with Orel…yea it is nice to get through the early innings showing one or two pitches, however, if he’s throwing all four at plus stuff, then it kind of sets up the rest of the game because the hitters have all four pitches in their mind

  51. pat says:


  52. OmgZombies! says:

    That was a legit 97mph.

  53. Matt-Pitt says:

    Maybe Cano should hit it right to the normal SS position because they seem to play him up the middle everytime.

  54. Joey H. says:

    Melky hasn’t hit a homer on the road yet right?

  55. Drew says:

    Melkster still looking good. Put the good wood on that one.

  56. Doctor J says:

    A scenario that will never happen, but is fun to ponder: say Wang continues to pitch well in relief, and Hughes continues to do average to above average as a starter. The slumping blue jays call and say we’ll take Wang, Hughes, and a non A-jax, but solid prospect for Halladay……do you do it??

  57. pat says:

    Seeing as though we all shat on K Cash a few days ago I assume Berroa is gonna have a good game.

  58. John says:

    We will score the next inning…Angel berroa got it out the infield!

  59. E-ROC says:

    Maybe Berroa will run into a homer in this game. That first AB doesn’t reinforce that belief.

  60. boobie says:

    wow ump really is sketchy tonight

  61. pat says:

    I’ll be completely honest, I had no idea about the story behind Wally Pipp.

  62. Oh for the love of Mo please let Michael Kay get a headache so we can see who’ll replace him.

  63. Drew says:

    I don’t understand where this velocity came from. Must be teh juice!!11!

  64. Matt-Pitt says:

    I guess everybody is playing up the middle.

  65. Is Tippi Hedren in Cleveland or something? Goddamn birds.

  66. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I guess Joba has been listening to Francesa lately.

  67. A.D. says:

    Solid inning

  68. e mills says:

    but he could’ve got 6 straight in the 7 and 8 and got the ball to MO!

  69. Matt-Pitt says:

    The Jobber looking good. He is capable of this every game, just gotta work ahead and throw strikes.

  70. boobie says:

    Joba hitting 97 which is great. Also a negative to that though. B-Jobbers will say he would hit 101 if he was in the pen.

  71. A.D. says:

    Are those midges in the YES picture

  72. Tank the Frank says:

    Gee… you think he’s a starter?

    He’s throwing mid 90s heat with 3 nasty off-speed pitches. I don’t think the Tribe has a chance tonight. You can see it in his body language. He’s out to prove something tonight.

  73. pat says:

    How can educated baseball people watch this kid pitch and say he belongs in the bullpen? It’s mind blowing.

  74. Drew says:

    Quite a gritty gutty AB

  75. zs190 says:

    Great at-bat by Brett

  76. e mills says:

    let’s not get (un)happy feet Brett

  77. Tank the Frank says:

    BALLSY pitch taking by Gardner there. Dare I say… gutty.

  78. Jake says:

    oh he’s fast.

  79. Drew says:

    I hope yesterday was a learning experience for Grit. Run man! your fast as hell.

  80. Mike Axisa says:

    I’m not a fan of bunting with Jeter, but he laid down a beaut right there.

  81. I’m kinda mad at Jeter for doing that, but kind of not.

  82. Matt-Pitt says:

    Bunting for a hit, I dig it. C’mon Swish, just like the first inning. Get a good piece and drive it in the outfield.

  83. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I called the GIDP.

  84. Jake says:

    foot on bag question mark

  85. BigBlueAL says:

    Fucking Swisher.

  86. Matt-Pitt says:

    Good D by the Indians there. Garko def wasn’t on the base though.

  87. e mills says:

    I think his foot was off

  88. E-ROC says:

    Was Garko off the bag??

    • zs190 says:

      That looked awfully close, his feet seems to come off the bag just as Swish ran by, but it was close.

  89. See, here’s the irony. Everyone’s gonna be mad that Swish bounced into the DP but if Jeter had sac’d Gardner over and Swish got him in with a sac fly, everyone would be happy. Either way, it’s two outs for one run.

    • kunaldo says:

      touche…still, when presented with that opportunity, you’d like to come out with more…gotta make the most of good breaks…

    • Matt-Pitt says:

      But in all fairness, Jeter didn’t sac and they had first and third 0 out. Swish puts one in the air, they score a run, only 1 out and Jeter is still on to continue the inning. It was a good turn by Peralta, but you still kinda have to look at it the way it played out.

      • Nigel Incubator-Jones says:

        He ripped that down the line. You want to play for one run with a sac fly, but a sac bunt is taboo? If that gets by for a doule its the start of a huge inning.

        • Matt-Pitt says:

          I don’t ever want to play for one run, I was just playing devil’s advocate with the point. I don’t disagree that Swisher didn’t crush it, thats why I credited Peralta with a good play.

      • Oh I agree with you. I’m upset that they only got the one run but if it had played out the way I said, everyone would be fawning over the play, saying it’s the “right way” to play the game and all that business.

        • Nigel Incubator-Jones says:

          agreed. I was replying to M-P

        • Matt-Pitt says:

          Yea, I agree with you. Then again, everybody would be pissed that the red hot Jeter is sac bunting in the second inning, hah. Myself included.

  90. Bob Stone says:

    YES announcers were saying Jeter might steal. Jeter should have attempted a steal – With Gardner on third there might not even have been a throw and it would have eliminated the double play

  91. Drew says:

    With Melk back in the lineup I’m kinda surprised Robbie isn’t in the two hole.

    • pat says:

      I was thinking the same thing, maybe girardi is trying to jump start swish by hitting him in front of the scorching tex.

  92. Dorian says:

    I know we have been privaleged to see DJ for a long time. But do we ever truly appreciate his greatness.

    • Matt-Pitt says:

      I feel a lot of Yankees’ fans don’t appreciate his, Mo’s or Posada’s enough. Those 3 have REALLY spoiled Yankees’ fans since they have entered that organization. Those shoes are going to feel like the Titanic to fill.

  93. pat says:

    Why doesnt swisher get an rbi?

    • Matt-Pitt says:

      If you ground into a DP, you never get credited with a rbi.

    • kunaldo says:

      b/c it’s 2 outs for a run….i think it’s silly…yeah, a DP isnt optimal…but as bad a stat as a RBI is, you should get one there

  94. arlok789 says:

    Berroa looked like he was inches from bobbling that.

  95. desus says:

    Angel, don’t get all fancy on us.

  96. e mills says:

    Orel just said A-Rod may have not wanted to be on the field and may be the reason Angel is out there…I may have to turn on MLB.tv

  97. e mills says:

    look at the range

  98. Drew says:

    Great play Jetes

  99. arlok789 says:

    Knee high mid 90s fastballs on the outside corner are naaasty.

  100. Mike Axisa says:

    Heh, I laughed at Joba’s attempted kick save.

    • Charlie says:

      he was worried about Jeter’s severe lack of range, i don’t know how he got to that one

  101. John Duci says:

    Gameday has 5 or 6 pitches from Joba in the K zone that have been called balls. Atleast he’s pitcging well.

  102. John Flaherty hosting a radio show? Oh my Mo would that be awful.

  103. gxpanos says:

    Wow. Joba’s ridunk right now. Efficient, too. I bet Posada’s so mad behind the plate every time Joba throws a sick breaking ball.

  104. e mills says:

    Joba have no-no stuff tonight?

  105. Drew says:

    Love this dude.

  106. Rene says:

    9up 9down

  107. Man, that WCBS 880 ad is way too over-dramatic.

  108. Charlie says:

    is it at all possible for Michael Kay to just NOT mention a perfect game/ no no?? Just once?

    • Drew says:


      • kunaldo says:

        easy guys…it doesnt matter…joba’s on a mission to shut fatcesa up…nothing will get in his way, not even the big headed one

    • Zack says:

      Did he do his “it’s not like the pitcher is in the dugout listening to us so does it really matter” explanation yet?

    • Zack says:

      Did he do his “it’s not like the pitcher is in the dugout listening to us so does it really matter” explanation yet?

  109. John Duci says:

    I hate Michael Kay. He jinxes everything.

  110. LiveFromNewYork says:

    It feels like we’ve been in Cleveland for a month.

  111. Tank the Frank says:

    Joba would have thrown at least 5 less pitches in this game so far if the ump’s zone wasn’t so minute.

  112. Matt-Pitt says:

    This ump is calling some very questionable strikes.

  113. Bob Lemon.

    <3 B-R

  114. Mike Francesa says:

    Jobbers still better in the bullpen 8th inning. It reminds me of my childhood fantasies of Goose Gossage.

  115. Drew says:

    Somebodies bound to get shat on.

  116. Hey, Mike and John, there’s a baseball game going on.

  117. BigBlueAL says:

    Offense is frustrating me…..

  118. Matt-Pitt says:

    Hitting the ball hard, right at everyone. Those will start finding holes soon.

  119. Tank the Frank says:

    It would be a shame to waste this outing by Joba b/c the offense has their head up their asses against Jeremy Koufax errr … I mean Sowers.

  120. Whoever keeps green-lighting these goddamn caveman ads needs to be shitcanned.

  121. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Yankees offense still in a coma. At least Joba is showing us why he needs to be in the rotation.

  122. Ivan says:

    LOL at Pete Abe:

    “Joba perfect though three innings. Meanwhile, in Long Island, the Francesa family dog is dodging cans of Diet Coke”.

  123. pat says:


    /points middle finer at screen.

  124. Drew says:

    Breaking ball strike> what the hell is Kay watching

  125. Jake says:

    Wild Thang

  126. Jay says:

    Vintage Tim Robbins right there

  127. Ivan says:

    Joba thought francesa was at the plate.

  128. Andrew says:

    Easy Joba its not Youkillis

  129. e mills says:

    ESPN crew seems to forget this guy had a career before he came up in 07 in the bullpen

  130. Drew says:

    What is ESPN saying about Jober for anyone subjected to their broadcast?

    • zs190 says:

      Steve Philips says his velocity is down too much, therefore he’s electric in bullpen and ordinary as starter. Orel Hershiser basically said that’s perfectly normal.

  131. Ivan says:

    Joba with 3 out pitches, and a solid change, and he’s only good fo the 8th inning. Wah!!!

  132. Jake says:


  133. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Way to go Kay.

  134. Mike Axisa says:

    Second ball V-Mart crushed tonight.

  135. Andrew says:


  136. Matt-Pitt says:

    Well, if you are gonna give it up, might as well not be cheap. Now our offense better start murdering Sowers.

  137. Ivan says:

    No biggie.

  138. pat says:

    Ugh, creamed.

  139. Zack says:

    There goes that perfect game

  140. Dorian says:


  141. Well that ball was hit hard.

  142. Tank the Frank says:

    Oh well… tip your hat. Keep attacking.

  143. Drew says:

    Damnit Wang! Couldn’t you sideline V-mart for one more day?

  144. BigBlueAL says:

    Hopefully the Yankee offense now realizes Joba isnt throwing a perfect game and they have to score some runs.

    • gxpanos says:

      Why’s everyone so mad about the O? There’ve been a couple of hard hit balls at people, some DP’s…and it’s only the 4th, Give it some time.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Nah not mad, just frustrated because Joba was throwing a gem and now he makes 1 mistake and its a tie game. Really just frustrated for Joba.

  145. John says:

    cmon Joba

  146. Matt-Pitt says:

    Nice bounce back Jobber. Come on now offense, put a 5 or 30 spot on the board.

  147. Jake says:

    Chances Joba is pitching well simply because he is offended by the franchises use of mascot??

  148. Drew says:

    It’s aight. Melky will TCOB.

  149. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    It looks like melky got injuered in that play.

  150. Drew says:

    Damn Sowers was quick as hell on that one

  151. Tank the Frank says:

    Our offense is so streaky. Hopefully we’ll get one of those big innings from the top of the order next inning.

  152. Dave says:

    Angel Berroa must have some serious dirt on Girardi for him to still be here.

  153. Jay says:

    Can we get rid of him?

  154. Jake says:

    swinging at the eyes awesome Berroa

  155. Teix is the Man says:

    A steaming pile of dog shit has a better chance of getting a hit than berroa

  156. kunaldo says:

    so…why is berroa playing and not pena?

  157. Teix is the Man says:

    A steaming pile of dog shit has a better chance of getting a hit

  158. BigBlueAL says:

    Jesus Christ Sowers is getting a Livan Hernandez/Eric Gregg 1997 NLCS strike zone.

  159. Drew says:

    lol why the hell does everyone hate Berroa so much?

  160. nathan says:

    Jeremy Cy Young

  161. Pastafarian says:

    Angel Berroa is the worst… we don’t have anyone better to replace him (I’m sure we do)?