Joba, Posada acknowledge communication issues

A brief musing on the starting pitching
Game 63: Salvaging a series

As Joba Chamberlain was busy walking everyone and their mother in Friday night’s Subway Series opener, Jorge Posada was busying visiting the mound between what seemed like every pitch. Yesterday, the two acknowledged the obvious: They were having trouble communicating, mostly about pitch selection. Posada said he was trying to speed Joba up to improve his tempo, while the pitcher said he was out of rhythm. As much as we all love you Joba, you’re 23. Listen to Jorge.

A brief musing on the starting pitching
Game 63: Salvaging a series
  • Manimal

    Jorge has a CERA of 6.31, while Cervelli has a CERA of 4.68 and Molina with 3.59. I’m starting to question Posada’s gamecalling abillity. Or it could just be that Jorge caught a majority of CMW’s games which explains everything.

    • Moshe Mandel

      So Jorge forgot how to call games this season? Because his CERA numbers for his career are pretty much the same as the CERA for non-Jorge catchers over that span.

      • Mike

        A hanging curve ball is a hanging curve ball if its Jorge, Francisco or Johnny F’n Bench.

        CERA is a BS stat. If the catcher calls for the “right” pitch but the pitch is crap, that’s the catchers fault?

        That’s what CERA is saying.

    • Tank the Frank

      Starting to question his gamecalling ability???

      I don’t think it’s any secret. He’s never been confused as a great catcher, receiving-wise. Balls get by him other catchers would get to, he doesn’t frame pitches very well which leads to a lot of strikes – sometimes important strikes – being called balls (however, this is just my observation in comparison to other catchers like Molina). How many Yankees pitchers over the years have had their own personal catcher? I don’t know the exact number but I can think of a few. This isn’t to say that he’s a “bad gamecaller” per se, but he definitely has his own way of doing things.

      That being said, he’s one of the most indispensable players on the roster. The catcher can only do so much, veteran pitchers who have been around the AL should know what they want to do. So, as Mike’s post states, Joba’s 23, he needs to cut the shit and trust Jorge a little more. At least until he’s been around the league a few more years.

    • V

      And, guess who’s caught all of Wang’s starts?

      Torture statistics enough, and they’ll tell you anything they want.

      • V

        Anything you want, lol.

      • Tank the Frank

        It’s not just Wang. Check out Burnett’s numbers with Jorge… CC…Joba.

        That’s not to say it’s concrete proof that he’s a poorer catcher, especially since Joba is young and both he and Burnett are inconsistent. But it’s worth noting I guess.

  • Chris

    I can only blame this on Joba. I don’t mind the fact that he almost always goes to his slider on 3-2 counts, but on days where you have no command you have to pump fastballs and speed the game up. I also disagree about Jorge’s defense. Sure, he’s not great whatsoever, but I’ve seen worse. He lets balls go past him, but that’s only when there is nobody on base. Once anybody reaches, his defense takes a huge step up. He tends to not frame pitches as much, but he will frame the close ones and won’t bother with the ones that he knows are balls.

    Regardless, pitchers have to know where the damn strikezone is, whoever the catcher may be.

    • Tank the Frank

      I agree a lot of it is on the pitcher. Joba has so many plus pitches, he needs to learn to mix them up a bit more. When he was at his BEST in that 8 inning game vs the Tribe, he was striking cats out with the best curveball I’ve ever seen him throw, yet I don’t think he threw more than 2 or 3 of them the other day. You can’t throw a 3-2 slider every time. But I don’t like the idea of him “pumping fastballs” at 90, 91mph. I don’t know what’s with Joba’s velocity. It just seems to vary from game to game.

      But Jorge’s defense is what it is. In a big game, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want Molina behind the plate as a catcher only and Jorge in the lineup… if that situation were possible. But as it is, Jorge is such an offensive force and good enough behind the plate that I’ll take him any day of the week.

  • Jack

    Starting to question Posada’s game calling ability? LOL! He’s only been the Yankees catcher for 13 years for God’s sake.

    Cervelli catches CC a lot and he doesn’t catch as many games as Jorge so logic says his CERA would be lower. The pitcher’s problems right now are their own. Joba couldn’t throw a strike, Wang is going through who knows what, and Pettitte is old with a bad back. Blaming this on Posada is LOL!

  • Mike

    I love Jorge. With that said, it does seem that he’s been having “issues” with a few people lately, including the manager.

  • baseballnation

    Hey! Watch it… Your talking about the Yankees future head coach in a couple of years.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    Speaking of which, where is Molina anyway???

    Molina comes back before Nady, who leaves?
    A) Berroa
    B) Cervelli
    C) Veras

  • yankee1977

    I belive Posada is extremely important to the yankees, however more important with his bat. He is having a good year. I really believe it is time for him to split time at DH more with Matsui than catching. His game calling and play behind the plate seems to be suspect in my opinion. When the yankees have been on a errorless streak, guess who broke it? It was Posada with a pass ball. It seems he can’t handle our pitchers nasty stuff. Most importantly, I believe his game calling should be in question. I have notice but don’t have anything to back it up is that our starters have fewer K’s when Posada is calling the game and obviously giving up more runs at least for this year. The Yankees rotation is composed of strike out pitchers and getting the Big K in important spots is less common with Posada. Most of our starters K rate is down this year and giving more walks as it seems. Is there any statistic that we can compare games caught with Posada Vs. Molina and Cervelli? I would like to know to confirm my observation.