Matsui responds to interest from Japanese clubs

Edes: Yanks scouting Pedro
Game 66: Take II

“I flat-out can’t have this discussion now. But I appreciate that they have interest. I was a Hanshin fan when I was a kid.” That was Hideki Matsui’s response yesterday when asked about the Hansin Tigers’ reported interest in bringing him back to Japan after the season. Godzilla did indicate that he would prefer to finish his career off in the States, but with the Yanks continued desire to get younger and more athletic, they figure to part ways with the two time All-Star when his contract is up after the season.

Matsui continues to remain a productive hitter (.249-.345-.477, 114 OPS+) but how many teams will be in the market for a 35-yr old DH with bum knees?

Edes: Yanks scouting Pedro
Game 66: Take II
  • Dan

    They proved their value to varying degrees but saying goodbye to Hideki, JD, Andy, and X man will free up a ton of payroll and add greatly to our roster flexibility around the DH. Next year we will be able to rest Jeter, Posada and A-Rod periodically at the DH position.
    Thanks for everything, but as Seinfield said, we truly root for laundry rather than the players in that laundry.

    • Zach

      So Jeter/Posada/ARod are going to rotate at DH? That means either Cervelli or Pena will be in the lineup every day?

  • Charlie

    If he has a decent year, there’s got to be some team that wants him.

  • Colin

    hopefully he’ll be leaving with a ring

    • pat


    • Accent Shallow

      Yeah. Matsui is one of the old guys on the team, where this may be his last shot. Last year it was Giambi and Moose, hopefully this year Matsui can help them go out on top.

  • Charlie

    where’d my last comment go?

  • Tom Zig

    how many teams will be in the market for a 35-yr old DH with bum knees?

    Probably the Angels.

    • Ivan

      Well they already got an outfielder with bad knees and who’s really a DH inconcern with Vlad Guerrero.

      • Zach

        He’s a free agent too, wonder how much he gets this off season

    • Drew

      Yeah, lots of teams can use a lefty with power. Who knows, everyday you figure his knee is getting stronger, maybe he’ll be able to play some OF.

  • Frankie

    Whats with the comments?

    • pat

      whats wrong?