sets up Yankee Stadium Home Run Watch

2009 Draft: BA's Fantasy Draft
Game 57: Time to take another series

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Via UmpBump, we learn that is now featuring the Yankee Stadium Home Run Watch. They post videos of the home runs every day, which you can already find under the team’s highlights. But hey, it’s all in one place, which is neat. And it comes with the current pace — which was brought down with yesterday’s one-homer affair. Will they break the Coors Field record of 303 homers in a season? Meh.

2009 Draft: BA's Fantasy Draft
Game 57: Time to take another series
  • jsbrendog

    agreed. meh.

  • Tony

    If the Red Sox opened the greatest HR park in baseball history next season, you guys wouldn’t stop talking about it… ever. Hell, screw the Red Sox; any team.

    • Bruno

      Is it just me, or is this comment confusing/pointless?

      • thebusiness

        A little bit of both

      • Drew

        Definitely not just you.

        • The Lodge

          I think the take home point in this “comment” is that anyone is screwing the Red Sox.

          So I would advise anyone to get some penicillin. Those guys are just icky.

          • Tony

            The point is clear. People are being pissy about getting called out for the homers and/or acting like it’s no big deal, but if this was happwning anywhere else it would be a joke and the end of baseball.

  • Anonymous

    Are they counting Gardner’s insider?

    • JGS

      almost certainly–a home run is a home run

  • Lanny

    As long as they keep winning this won’t matter.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    I’m all for hitting over 300 homers…as long as 250 come from our hitters…