Open Thread: Exploring The Best Yankee Pitches


FanGraphs is great, and it just keeps getting better. Just a few weeks ago they added a feature showing the Linear Weights Run Value (explained here) for each pitcher and their pitches. In short, it expresses the actual effectiveness of each pitch by comparing the change in expected number of runs scored after the pitch to before the pitch. It’s similar to how WPA is calculated for individual players, but each event is a pitch rather than a plate appearance.

Anyway, with the off day I figured it was a good time to take a look at the best (and worst) individual pitches on the Yankees staff. Each value is expressed in runs saved per 100 pitches; big numbers are good, small and negative numbers are bad.

Three Best Fastballs: Phil Coke (1.47), CC Sabathia (0.61), Al Aceves (0.16)
Three Worst Fastballs: Chien-Ming Wang (-4.37), AJ Burnett (-1.45), Phil Hughes (-1.16)

Three Best Sliders: AJ Burnett (21.62), Joba Chamberlain (3.47), CC Sabathia (1.42)
Three Worst Sliders: Phil Coke (-3.97), Jon Albaladejo (-3.70), Chien-Ming Wang (-0.84)

Three Best Curveballs: Al Aveces (3.45), AJ Burnett (1.79), Jon Albaladejo (1.77)
Three Worst Curveballs: CC Sabathia (-3.48), Phil Hughes (-0.45), Jose Veras & Andy Pettitte (both 0.64)

Three Best Changeups: CC Sabathia (3.07), Phil Coke (2.85), Al Aceves (2.71)
Three Worst Changeups: Jon Albaladejo (-70.05), Chien-Ming Wang (-8.21), Joba Chamberlain (-3.79)

I limited the data to guys with at least 20 IP to eliminate the Anthony Claggetts and Nick Swishers of the pitching gene pool. For comparison’s sake, the best and worst value for each kind of pitch in the league generally registers around 3.70 and -3.70, respectively. Some of the big numbers – Burnett’s slider, Albaladejo’s change – are sample size issues, meaning the data came from a sample of like, two pitches. If you want to see the data for the entire Yanks’ staff, click here.

As cool as this data is, it’s far more interesting to look at the team values. For example, the staff with the most effective fastball belongs to the Giants (0.58), and the worst belong to … drumroll please … the Yankees! Yep, with a pitch value of -0.90, the Yanks’ staff has thrown the least effective heaters in the game. They do rank middle of the pack when it comes to sliders (0.70, 14th overall) and changeups (0.49, 11th), and are near the top with curveballs (1.04, 7th), but why do the Yanks rank so poorly with the heater? I don’t know, but it’s kinda troubling when you have power arms like Sabathia, Burnett and Chamberlain on the staff.

Any theories? If so, drop ‘em here. If not, then talk about whatever you want and use this as an open thread. The Brewers face the Indians on ESPN, and Arkansas plays LSU in the College World Series on ESPN2. Other than that, there’s not much going on in the world of sports tonight. Anything goes here, just be nice.

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  1. Manimal says:

    Joba not up there in fastball and Hughes not up there in curveballs is shocking.

  2. John says:

    Oh great, now Brandon Marshall wants to be traded too.

    • John says:

      BTW, it’s gonna be tough for McDaniels if he does get traded, though I doubt its going to happen (but thats what everyone said when the Cutler fiasco started)

    • That McDaniels move is working out like gangbusters so far.

      Speaking of NFL wideouts, my thoughts on Plaxico in the wake of his trial adjournment: I still would be in favor of my Jets signing him, but I’m cooling on the notion for two reasons:

      1) Plax is basically a one-and-done at this point. He’s like Carmelo Anthony; know going in that he’ll only be around one season. Because he’s cleared to play now for 2009, but he’s going to trial right after the season, he’s still a lock to get jailtime of some sort, and that means he’s still a lock to get suspended by Goodell for whatever portion of 2010 that he doesn’t sit out while in the clink. So, I don’t know how much bang we’re really getting here for our long-term buck. With Sanchez a rookie, this year isn’t really the SB push, it’s more a rebuilding year, so let Sanchez work with the kids and see who has some chops in the Stuckey/Clowney/Smith/Whittaker/Henry crew.

      2) If I’m Plax, no way in hell am I signing with the Jets. Sorry, but no. I’m calling Tampa and signing with Raheem Morris. For a guy facing 3.5 years in NYC on a weapons charge, I don’t want to be in the NYC papers every weekend. I want to be out of sight and out of mind, so that come February 2010 when the trial starts, hopefully my case is viewed as old news and nobody’s been thinking much about the stupid thing I did that night. Nor do I want to be viewed as a New Yorker at all. I want to be viewed as a law-abiding citizen of Tampa, Florida who has left the NYC metropolis for good and is no longer a threat to society in the city.

      • Ivan says:

        Basically it’s a good move for the Jets but not a good move for Plaxico?

      • Reggie C. says:

        Is Clowney the one with all those drops in practices? Jets should kick the tires on Brandon Marshall.

      • Zach says:

        I agree that he needs to get out of NY, not sure Tampa is the place, dont really know where he is going to end up-

        Carolina- Him and Steve Smith would be pretty sick together.
        Philly- Take pressure of DeSean and Maclin, plus he can get payback at the Giants if thats what drives him
        Chicago- That WR group sucks, but doubt Lovie would welcome him
        Oakland- Not because he got arrested, because they need WR help
        Baltimore- Poor WR group too, gives offense a weapon (no pun intended) they dont have

      • Charlie says:

        Plax should be in jail, not the NFL. This is just an example of how messed up the legal system is though. How a man with a loaded weapon that enters a nightclub and shoots himself, endangering hundreds of others, can plead not guilty is laughable. I am all for second chances, but Roger is going to be suspending him before he gets a chance to get on that field I think. I completely understand why these players want to have a gun; after Sean Taylor things changed. However, hire a bodyguard. This man should be in jail- a mandatory 3.5 years for everyone should prevent him from going to Tampa and trying to hide this away as “old news.”

  3. Manimal says:

    Maybe they call too many fb’s

  4. I’m going to try to come up with some theories about this. The first thing I’ve noticed is that velocity certainly isn’t their problem. They’re tied for second in baseball in fastball velocity.

    • The Artist says:

      Most. . . pretentious . . . .name . . .EVER!

      And this is a board that has tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside and some clown who used to go around calling himself ‘The’ Steve.

      Love it. Don’t ever change.

  5. John says:

    Maybe it’s because of our lack of location and high number walks?

    • I had a similar feeling that I’m looking into. Their staff ranks 27th in zone%. The walks have to be a major contributor to this problem.

    • Observer283 says:

      I think you are exactly right. The Yankees fastball command has been terrible this season. They are throwing way too many of them for balls and when they throw them for strikes, they are often hittable strikes.

      AJ Burnett might be the most frustrating pitcher I have ever watched because of his lack of fastball command. If he had good fastball command (a big if, I know) he would be absolutely dominant. But instead, he some times misses by two or three feet with it. How many times has he bounced a fastball or thrown one into the other batter’s box?

      It’s nice to have a pitching staff with so many power arms. Now if they can only do a better job of placing the fastball where they want it to go.

  6. Greg F. says:

    It just seems the Yankees have had an odd number of games where the pitchers(even CC, AJ, Joba) have had little to no command of their fastball, and pitched poorly because of that.
    That would be my guess for why they came out lastt, and I would bet they don’t stay last in the majors as a team when you check back at the end of the season.

  7. RobC says:

    Anyone know when and where each team’s starting line up for that days game is posted?
    I have a few of platoon players on my fantasy team

  8. dudes says:

    theory: we throw too many f*cking fastballs.

    e.g. burnett 81& against red sox last time.

  9. That excellent pic of Pat Venditte wearing that pimp-tight grey Staten Island Yankees hat got me thinking: It still bugs me that the Staten Island team, Scranton team and Tampa teams are all called “Yankees”, and that all of them basically have the same rather generic unforms and hats and junk. Having one minor league team that shares the name of the big club is fine. Having three seems boring and uncreative.

    For instance, look at the Trenton THunder and Charleston Riverdogs. Awesome unis, awesome hats and logos, looks and feels like a minor league team through and through. If we rename the more pedestrian minor league clubs, I’m sure we’d have more sweet jerseys and hats to buy and rock… and the Yankees love merchandising money.

    Some ideas:

    There was an old New York State League and New York-Penn League team in Scranton called the Scranton Miners. Also in those leagues (and in the Central League) were the Wilkes-Barre Barons. Either of those old team names would be great to unretire and start using again as an homage to the history of baseball in the Lackawanna River valley that dates back to the late 19th century.

    Less to work with here. There was a team called the Tampa Tarpons that played there for 70-odd years. They were also called the Tampa Smokers for a while. However, St. Petersburg across the bay had a farm team called the St. Pete Saints, and they were a Yankee minor league club from 1955-1961.

    Seems like we were the first team to play on the Island in major/minor league baseball. Nobody on B-R.com but us. I still have a thought, though.

    My suggestions:
    AAA- Scranton Wilkes-Barre Miners
    AA- Trenton Thunder
    High-A- Tampa Saints
    Low-A- Charleston Riverdogs
    SS- Staten Island Baby Bombers

    • RobC says:

      When SWB was a Phillies team the name Red Barons came from old teams – Scranton Reds and Wilkes Barre Barons.

      Those are fond memories from the late 90′s going to Red Barons – Clippers games me in a Phillies or Red Barons hat my then 3 y/o son in a Yankees hat.
      My son helped me see the light.
      I do not wear a hat to Reading Phils-Trenton Thunder games

    • The Artist says:

      Maybe we could get corporate sponsors?

      -Scranton Spam
      -Trenton Taco Bells
      -Tampax Tampa
      -Charleston Cheese Doodles
      -Staten Island-Def Jam Records

    • sciorsci says:

      Minor League Baseball teams are independently owned. The Yankees cannot change the names of their affiliate franchises. All they do is negotiate a PDC with the franchise of their choice at each level (based on those available). Boring or not, it’s not the Yankees’ choice; it’s the affiliate franchise’s choice to try to milk as much value out of their affiliation with their parent club. In this case, the Yankees’ name is so valuable that it’s understandable that the MiLB affiliates would try to share the Yankees’ moniker.

      There is some risk attached to that strategy, however. When the Norwich Navigators were the Yankees’ AA affiliate, they used their affiliation to an extreme level in their marketing. When the Yankees ditched Norwich and the Navigators were left to enter into a new PDC with another MLB club (San Francisco), they lost several sponsors, who had bought into the idea of partnering with a Yankees’ affiliate, not with the Navigators specifically. Norwich had to completely reinvent their brand identity as the Connecticut Defenders in an attempt to salvage their marketing opportunities.

    • Mark LeBlanc says:

      I’m surprised that no one ever points the finger at Dave Eiland. I always wonder why Wang and Hughes light up the minor leagues and look good for a few innings in the majors then slowly regress. I don’t like what he’s doing with pitchers who seem to have all the talent in the world yet are playing at replacement player levels. Our staff on paper is pretty solid, even in the bullpen, I think Eiland’s coaching (or combination of Girardi/Eiland) is getting them off their games more than anything else. A J Burnett was a shutdown pitcher for most of last year, but was he any where near as wild as he is this year? The whole philosphy seems to be pitch around batters hoping to get them to swing at bad pitches, running up the pitch count and the bullpen innings. That’s why when Phil Hughes comes out of the bullpen and throws a solid inning of going right at guys, we’re amazed cause we never get to see that kind of pitching. The problem is that as long as we keep squeaking out wins and staying near the pack, Eiland’s job is safe. I think that is gonna hold the Yankees back this year.

  10. Zach says:

    ESPN2 just had a full shot Erin Andrew’s ass :)

  11. So I have another 180 pages to read and I get to miss at least most of two out of three of the Nats games because I’ll have class.

    Why does my life suck so much right now?

  12. Ivan says:

    Oh yeah big shout out to one of my all time fav players and my fav basketball player, Kobe Bryant winning his 4th ring. Congrads to him and Phil Jackson.

  13. @bryanhoch: Girardi says it’ll be a pitcher for a pitcher on Bruney. Veras or Tomko?


  14. Brett says:

    I’m going to the Stadium for the first time tomorrow, any suggestions on what to do/see?

  15. boobie says:

    Aj’s fastball rate or whatever was -.25 last year for the Jays. So hopefully once he gets the fastball number from this year down a bit he can get on a roll like he was the latter part of last year.

  16. Moshe Mandel says:

    The answer? Throw more fastballs, of course. The Yankees are middle of the pack in fastballs thrown. They are getting behind using other pitches too much, and are then forced to come in with fastballs on hitter’s counts. Throwing more FB’s should help the control issues, and with the good fastballs from CC, Joba, and AJ, they are unlikely to get hit much anyhow. This is a team that should be throwing more fastballs than most. Everyone but Wang, Pettitte, and Mo should be working off of their FB.

    • Ivan says:

      Well technically, Wang’s sinker and Mo’s cutter are FB’s. They are different variation of the pitch no?

      • Wang’s sinker more so than Mo’s cutter. Mo’s cutter is a unique pitch that really has never been thrown by any other player in history.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        I dont think pitch f/x has those pitches as fastballs, although I may be wrong.

        • Evan says:

          For Mo, it’s listed as a cutter mainly and even then, not for every pitch. In the case of Wang for this year, it’s either listed as a 4-seamer with more drop than a “typical” 4-seamer or a 2-seamer fastball. In that case, I’m not sure if it’s a result of the algorithm used for pitch identification or from Wang not having the same sort of movement on the sinker like he had in the past.

          Another thing of note is that the pitch classifications used for the pitch value numbers are from BIS as that goes back further than the Pitch f/x data.

  17. Charlie says:

    I don’t know, but for me this stuff seems a little too complicated. I like stats, but I’m too lazy to read about all these fangraph things. On another note, if David Robertson is demoted then I will go into a very deep depression & call for everyone on the yankees heads.

  18. Reggie C. says:

    SCENARIO: Stephen Curry gets selected by the Kings at the 4 spot. Even though Curry has canceled workouts, the word on Curry’s terrific workouts is out. So if Curry isn’t there at 8, who should the Knicks draft: Brandon Jennings or Jonny Flynn?

    - I’ve never seen Jennings play, and he weighs 155 pounds. But he’s taller than Flynn, and supposedly just as explosive.
    - Flynn put on world-class performances in the Big East, but i doubt he’s 6 foot tall.

    Who do you trust with the rock??

    • Charlie says:

      johnny flynn, but although i’m not a knicks fan(nj nets right here) i’d like to see them get curry. Jennings is erratic, too thin, and not a great shooter. In order: Curry, Flynn, Jennings.

      • Reggie C. says:

        Jennings has been talking a big game. His “Rubio-is-overhyped” comment is gonna up the ante in his workouts. However, doesn’t Jennings have athleticism unmatched in this draft? Its a tough call. Could Flynn create his shot against taller guards? — that’s my big concern.

    • pollo says:

      Eric Maynor. G. All we need.

    • Nady Nation says:


      • Reggie C. says:

        Maybe the Cavs will give up their pursuit of Shaq, call it a decade, and trade Lebron to us for the #8 pick and David Lee. Barring that, i’d like to the organization to focus on point guard. Thanks.

        • Nady Nation says:

          Haha, I was just messing around. I’m totally with you on the need for a PG. Unfortunately, if we don’t get one of Curry, Holiday, or Rubio, I’m not sold on any of the other PG prospects. My prediction? Donnie makes a bold move and trades up for Rubio.

          • Regarding David Lee, the new rumor is that we’re gonna sign-and-trade him to the Pistons for center Amir Johnson and the #15 pick.

            Which I’d love to do, because that #15 pick could be Earl Clark or DeJuan Blair, and frankly, those two guys are David Lee minus the fat contract demands. Sign me up.

            Oh, and re: the question:

            Brandon Jennings >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Johnny Flynn

            • Nady Nation says:

              I was thinking more and more about Lebron’s potential running mate in 2010, and I think he’s gonna come via trade and not free agency. We could package Eddy Curry’s expiring deal (next year)with a young player and get a big who is making a lot of money for a team looking to dump payroll. My first thought is David West. Am I aiming too low?

    • E-ROC says:

      Hmmmm…..I think Brandon Jennings would have to be the guy. He cocky but the young man has game at both ends. He will no-doubt have to get stronger but I think he has some of the best upside like CP3 or D-Will upside. I would go with him. Jonny Flynn is a solid player but he is not the scorer that Jennings is.

      • Ivan says:

        Jennings might have the highest potential of all the PG’s in this draft. The problem with Jennings is that he’s a mystery to so many scouts. Obviously he played overseas, so few people have seen him. Plus, he’s been compared to Stephon Marbury, a score first pg with the lack of pg skill. If he can be Stephon Marbury, I take that, it’s other stuff that Marbury didn’t have that you hope Jennings does.

        • Zach says:

          A score first PG who shot below 40% from the floor and below 30% from 3pt land

          • Ivan says:

            If your talking about Jennings, you have to remember that the guy played overseas with much older players and better competition than he would of face in college. Yes, he’s a score first pg, but so is Tony Parker, and so is Baron Davis. You can be a score first pg in the league but you have to know how to manage the game as well which is a pg main or one of his main jobs.

            • Zach says:

              “played overseas with much older players and better competition than he would of face in college”

              isnt the NBA better the overseas? so he was outmatched in europe how is he going to be now?

              • Ivan says:

                You have to understand that same competition will train him to understand how the NBA might be like. If he went to college, he would no question be a top 5 pick period, no arguement. The guy basically made the jump from HS to AAAA of NBA talent inconcern with Europe. That’s a HUGE jump. And while at time he was overmatch, he did show some potential. Again the guy is a teenager playing against much older competition. That could only make him a better player rite?

                • Zach says:

                  Darko Milicic played against older competition as a teenageer and it didnt exactly make him better. I understand he made the big jump, it would be like putting Slade Heathcot in AAA once hes signed, but thats why you dont do that, you put him in A and let him work his way up.

                  I’m not saying he has no potential, every prospect has potential, thats why they get drafted. The guy said Paul or Williams, I mean he picked 2 of the top 5 PG and said thats his peak, i just think thats not realistic, lets start off with his rookie year- is he going to have a Derrick Rose type season? I think his best comparision right now is Rajon Rondo, 6’1 170 with speed but no jumpshot, and Rondo is playing with 3 all stars around him

                • Ivan says:

                  Well it’s a sink or swim league. Some guys make that transition nicely, others don’t. For every Kobe or LeBron, there’s a Gerald Green or Kwame Brown. With international players, same thing, for every Dirk nowitzki or Pau Gasol, there’s a Darko Milicic or Nikoloz Tskitishvili. Nevertheless, you can’t discredit that jumping from HS in the US, to FiBA in Europe with much older players is still a big jump. Whether that translate to sucess in the NBA who knows.

                  One more thing, I still think Rajon Rondo isn’t that good. He still sucks as a shooter, struggles at times to score inside and really to me is at best a #4 option on a good team. Jennings is more shoot first, where as Rondo is more pass first. To me Rondo is a poor man’s J-Kidd

                • Zach says:

                  No you’re right, its hit or miss with a lot of these guys. Gerald Green wow yeah.

                  No I dont think Rondo is that good either, I know Celtic fans went nuts over that Rondo/Allen for Barbosa/Stoudemire rumor but hey whatever.

                  Rondo is pass first, I agree, and Jennings is score first. Jennings shot around 38% from the field and 27% from 3, but shot around 46% from 2pt area and his FT was 65% and 77%. Thats why I compare him to Rondo, he cant hit 3 and not great at FT, but he has to get into the paint to get points.

                • Ivan says:

                  To me Jennings has Stephon Marbury talent, which is great, hopefully, he doesn’t have Stephon Marbury mentality.

                • Zach says:

                  Marbury also shot 37% 3P, 45.7% Floor, 73.7% FT at GT. But hey we’ll see, I’m bias because I dont really like anyone in this draft. Dont know enough about Rubio, Curry is just JJ Reddick, Blair and Hansbrough are just ‘pieces’ and Griffin was a beast, but he’s going to Clippers so it’d be interesting to see who they move to make room. We’ll see

    • donttradecano says:

      1) Lawson
      2) Jennings
      3) Flynn

      Lawson will be the best PG in the draft, mark my words.

      • I’m going to mark your words.

        Your words are batshit insane.

        I just marked your words.

        • Will Hasheem Thabeet be a Matt Fuckin’ Bush level bust or will it be worse?

          • Ivan says:

            If Hasheem Thabeet develop into Mutombo, you sign for it right now and don’t look back.

            Hasheem Thabeet, to me is a solid prospect but not a great one. His offensive game isn’t good, and probably will only be average at best. He’ll be a top 5 or 3 pick in weak draft. Nevertheless, a guy who’s 7″3 with terrific athleticism, with great wingspan and can reb and block shots, is most likely always a 1st round pick even if his offense isn’t good.

            • I’ve watched all three of Thabeet’s years at UConn and, honestly, the dude is not NBA ready. He’s not fast enough, he’s not quick enough, his hands are S T O N E and he doesn’t do the one thing all people, big and small, should do on defense: HE DOESN’T PUT HIS DAMN HANDS UP! He jumps into people rather than straight up, and mentally, I don’t know if he’s ready either.

              • Ivan says:

                The thing with him is his muscle mass or lack there of. He will get absolutely thrown like a rag doll by much physical big men if he doesn’t put on an extra 20-30 pounds of muscle.

              • Zach says:

                Thabeet’s definately not ready, but taking his family situation its hard to knock the kid for leaving early. Plus he’s a top 5 pick this year, not sure what next year’s class looks like but doubt his stock will get any higher (like Noah after he went back for his senior year)

            • Zach says:

              he’s not 7’3″ he’s really 7’1.25″ and DeJuan Blair is 6’5

  19. Charlie says:

    One thing that would be worse than the Yankees optioning D-Rob would be the Nets drafting Tyler Hansbrough at #11. His talent is certainly not worthy of a lotto pick, and James Johnson, Earl Clark are both>>>>>>>>>> Hansbrough. Any Nets fans here got an idea who we might/should draft?

    • Reggie C. says:

      how much longer could Vince Carter go? he’s not gonna be around much longer i imagine. grab the best winger available, which is likely Gerald Henderson at that point.

      • Charlie says:

        I kinda hope we cash in and trade Vince, he’s 33 and still productive, how bout trading him to the Cavs for picks and young players/ expiring contracts. Henderson would be a good pick, but i don’t think the nets are gonna go that direction. They’re going for PFs it seems even tho Sean Williams is way more talented than they realize. Ryan Anderson isn’t bad, either. Yi is just terrible, 2nd worst player on the team( besides Trenton Hassell of course).

      • Greg P says:

        I think those back-up 2 guard minutes have to go to CDR. When they finally gave some burn towards the end of the year, he looked really good. He could be your Vince replacement in a year or two.

    • E-ROC says:

      Tyler Hansbrough’s value is probably late teens and mid-twenties. He shouldn’t be draft that high. I wouldn’t underrate Hansbrough though. The young is better than some think and will adapt to the NBA game quicker than most anticipate.

  20. Chris says:

    I am not saying that the Yankees should make a trade (yet), but I am just wondering if the Yankees wanted to get Huston Street what do you guys think it would take?

  21. I’m disappointed by Joba’s changeup. Hopefully that improves. If it does, he’ll be even nastier.

    • Charlie says:

      i love joba, he’s just gonna get better and better. His slider is just flat out filthy. And yea, the changeup would help too. Its pretty easy to throw one if you ask me. Then again, I’ve never pitched to ML hitters.

  22. Oh and happy birthday to me and Andy Pettitte and Wade Boggs and Billy Williams and Tim Lincecum.

  23. Frank says:

    I think the short porch in right field has to be the culprit. I’d like to see those pitch stats adjusted for park effect.

  24. Moshe Mandel says:

    Stats question. Are the ERA+ numbers and OPS+ numbers adjusted for current season park factors or a three year factor? Basically, I want to know if ERA+ numbers for Yankees players are being calculated using up to date park factors (which may have sample issues) or just a neutral 100 due to a lack of three year sample.

  25. It’s only a matter of time before Dave Robertson’s magic hammer is on that list, too.

  26. J.J. Hardy just got his first hit since June 5th.

  27. Aaaaaand another B-Jobber from ESPN. I love how they say putting Chamberlain into the ‘pen makes them a better team because it strengthens the bullpen, yet they do not address the gaping hole left in the rotation.

  28. Drew says:

    I hate Yank’s offdays.

  29. Tseng says:

    Was Swisher’s data eliminated because his would have been so awesome?

  30. donttradecano says:

    Whats the deal with group tickets for the yanks? Do they only offer them in the Audi Club, Mohegan Sun bar and batters eye??

  31. Drew says:

    Francessa is such an ass. I turned on “Worst of” a minute ago and heard him compare K-Rod’s celebration to the patented Joba fist pump. Then, he has no idea that Bruney’s spat with K-rod was number 1, a response to a question, number 2, in relation to the fact that he began celebrating prematurely, only to watch the pop-up drop to the ground. Is he this uninformed, or is he just so blinded by his ego and the fact that he knows more than Cash and Joe in regards to Joba? Someone send this jerk a pic of DJ’s little fistpump after a W.
    Francessa seems to only see what he wants to see, must be nice.

    • Zach says:

      He also said Girardi probably told Bruney to go apologize thats why he approached KRod, when KRod was the one who searched Bruney out.

      I dont think Bruney’s comments was about his early celebration, but whatever, Bruney also talked about how KRod’s body language cost the Angels a game against the A’s when the ball was thrown back and KRod didnt really reach for it and the guy stole home.

      But Joba’s fist pump is just as tiring as KRod, especially when Joba did it agaisnt Boston in the 5th inning when the Yankees were losing. Atleast KRod’s thing is blowing a kiss to his grandfather, Joba is just a pump, twist and scream

      • Drew says:

        I read or heard somewhere, I can’t seem to find the article, that Bruney said “serves him right.” Which was in response to the premature celebration.
        IMO, I don’t mind either of their celebrations/exuberance on the mound. We’ve watched K-rod do it for so long, I guess I’ve gotten used to it.

        • Zach says:

          “Couldn’t have happened to a better guy on the mound, either. He’s got a tired act. He gets what he deserves, man. I just don’t like watching the guy pitch. I think it’s embarrassing.”

          Thats his quote, cant find the question but never heard it was anything about premature celebration, it was just the act as a whole, and i know he later mentiosn the incident against Oakland.

          regardless Bruney is a nobody compared to KRod and him not pitching is a tired act so get back on the mound and keep quiet

      • AndrewYF says:

        How do you know, maybe Joba’s fist pump is an ancient Native American war chant, meant to honor his ancestors? You don’t know. You just don’t.

        • Zach says:

          Because Joba and Girardi and everyone else just says its ‘pure emotion/fired up’ so its too late to make up and excuse.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      I think people forget – all the time – that baseball is a game. A game. As much as we all love to romanticize it, it’s a game – a game that is a profession, a line of work for all of these players and coaches – but a game nonetheless.

      For what it’s worth.

  32. Drew says:

    Joey T on Conan tonight!! He’s going to chug a gallon of bigelow tea!
    heh, seriously, any Torre fans that are interested, he should be on in like 15 minutes.

  33. Drew says:

    Wow, Donte Stallworth to serve short jail sentence. Unbelievable. It’s amazing what money can do for you. Kill a 60 yr old father with your Bentley while you are drunk, plead out.

  34. Dave says:

    I don’t know if this metric adjusts for park effects or, if it does, whether they have been applied to the Yankees since they play in a new stadium. If the park effects of the new Yankee Stadium are not accounted for in these measures then you can’t read much of anything into the numbers. The four primary starters for this season (Joba, AJ, CC, Andy) have away numbers of 3.48 ERA, .236 BA against, and have given up HRs at a rate of 0.83 HR per 9 innings. Their home numbers are 4.75 ERA, .271 BAA, and 1.21 HR/9. The new stadium completely distorts the Yankees’ numbers. It may be that this isn’t the stadium’s fault and that the starters have just sucked at home so far but I doubt it.

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