Pat Venditte promoted to Tampa

Two outfielders, heading different ways
Comparing pitchers to hitters

PeteAbe has the news. Venditte’s struck out 40 batters and allowed just 26 baserunners 30.2 innings with Low-A Charleston this year. It’s an early birthday gift for the ambidextrous Venditte, who turns 24 in three days. It’ll be good to see the kid against some tougher competition.

Two outfielders, heading different ways
Comparing pitchers to hitters
  • Will (the other one)

    Very cool. Venditte’s obviously earned the promotion, and it only makes sense from an organizational standpoint given his age.

  • Jake H

    Good for him. Now we get a chance to see if he is a prospect or not.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime


  • Accent Shallow

    Here’s hoping he can make something of himself.

  • Chuck M.

    How can you NOT root for a guy like that? Switch-pitching is so cool…

  • RAB poster

    I find it amazing how long the Yankees have avoided moving him up because he’s “not a real prospect”. Isn’t baseball the hardest sport to figure out who will and will not be sucessful in the majors? If someone is pitching that dominantly they deserve a chance, no?

    • whozat

      Eh, what’s it been? A couple weeks since Montero got promoted? It was a couple appearances, plus the lo-A all-star game. Maybe they knew he was going to be selected and wanted to give him a chance to go? Who knows? He’s in High-A now, after struggling a little in his last several innings. Let’s see how he does.

    • Accent Shallow

      Relevant quote: “The Yankees have not promoted Venditte this season because they prefer giving higher-level relief innings to hard-throwing pitchers they believe have higher potential: Kevin Whelan and Mike Dunn at Class AA Trenton, and Adam Olbrychowski and Tim Norton at Class A Tampa.”

      Seems fair to me. Sure, Venditte is getting results, but these guys have stuff that makes it more likely that they’ll eventually contribute to the big club. Of course, if Venditte can keep performing like he has, he’ll eventually get his shot in MLB, regardless of what scouts think of his game in A ball.

      • RAB poster

        Were their numbers comparable? If so, fine. If not, you can make a case for it but in basebal it’s very hard to tell who will be sucessful on a ML level. Someone pitching as dominantly has Venditte has been is really wasting himself down there.

  • Simon B.

    Even if he isn’t a real prospect, I’d like it if he had the opportunity to pitch in the majors for a couple of September games or something—maybe as a gift for the extra attendance he brought to the minor league affiliates.

    • Simon B.

      That is, in the indefinite future. I’m not suggesting he should be promoted this year.

  • Drew

    Hopefully he plays tomorrow. I don’t think he can play tonight.

  • Brian

    I wonder if, given his recent struggles, the Yanks want to keep batters off-balance to promote Venditte’s value. While he certainly earned the promotion, hitting a roadblock and being promoted anyway seems like a chance to either boost his confidence or to keep the ball rolling in case Low-A hitters are starting to solve him.

    No idea, just unfounded and irresponsible speculation on my part. The guy does have trade value (I think), so having him continue to face new hitters may be the plan with him.

    • pat

      Relievers in A-ball tend to not have much trade value.

  • Dela G

    man good luck to him, i have been rooting for him since i read his story 5 years ago

  • Billy

    i really wanna see venditte pitch in the majors, but the only way i see that happening is if he’s lights out in AAA, not just good. the yanks hesitancy to move him up to high A makes me think they have little plans for him. but if he’s lights out in high A, he’s on the right track.

  • Brandon

    Hopefully he is lights out in High-A. I really want to see him pitch in the majors one day. But the only way that will happen is if he continues to pitch lights out against the competition, since the Yankees are not high on him.

  • Steve

    Interesting that he was in front of Ortiz and Nolte.

    Will Hovis move to AA?

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