St. Louis lands DeRosa


When we found out on Friday that Xavier Nady would require season-ending Tommy John surgery for the second time in his career, the Yankees officially lost some depth. I couldn’t help but think Mark DeRosa made even more sense. He can play the corner OFs and everywhere in the infield. The Yanks never really got a chance to pursue the option, though, as St. Louis acquired DeRosa yesterday for reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named later. Perez, who will turn 24 on Wednesday, is a strike ‘em out or walk ‘em pitcher, averaging over a strikeout per inning but also over five walks per nine innings in his ML career. One would have to hope the PTBNL is someone of significance.

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  • AndrewYF

    So, would you have traded David Robertson for Mark DeRosa? I know I wouldn’t. And Chris Perez is probably better than Robertson. Plus there’s the issue of the PTBNL. Mark this non-trade under “can’t blame the FO”, although someone assuredly will down the line when the Yanks offense is slumping and Mark hits a homerun on the same day.

  • RAB poster

    Chris Perez’s numbers are not as good as Robertson’s.

  • AndrewYF

    But his stuff and prospectiness is, which matters more when dealing with such a small sample size and small disparity in numbers.

  • Mac

    DeRosa is a versatile player with NY Roots – Indians probably wouldn’t trade him to NY, but it doesn’t seem they got much for him.

    Guys like Robertson are a dime a dozen – how many guys have we seen the last few years just like him?

    He’s got good stats now, but as he gets put in higher leverage situations against good teams, he most likely will be exposed.

    If you can get a proven major leaguer like DeRosa, giving up a reliever like Robertson is a nobrainer.

    • AndrewYF

      How many Yankee relievers have rocketed through the minors after being one of the best college closers in the draft (behind Melancon, natch), and immediately succeeded in the majors with an absolutely sick strikeout rate?

      Yeah, dime a dozen.

      Is there a rolly-eyes smily on this blog?

      • Jose

        Right now it would be difficult for me to see some young kid with potential in the bullpen traded. Even if it would have been for Mark DeRosa.

        And just for reference, David Robertson has a 13.50 K/9 rate this year. The second highest in all of MLB for pitchers with at least 10 IP. The highest belongs to Jonathon Broxton at 14.38.

        • zs190

          Yeah, but you know who he reminds me of? Edwar Ramirez, huge strikeout number, straight fastball, one really good offspeed pitch (curveball for DRob, changeup for Edwar) and a whole lot of walks. I think DRob’s fastball has a bit more velocity and maybe slightly better command but I would not be shocked at all if DRob ends up being like Edwar next season.

          • ChrisS

            Robertson has a a sneakier delivery than Edwar and has much better command of his fastball, which also tails a bit.

            • Bryan

              Not to mention that DRob’s fasball gets up to 94-95 while Edwar is about 89-91. They both have good secondary pitches though. DRob has a great curve and Edwar’s changeup is pretty nasty when he has the feel for it.

        • Zach

          Broxton also has twice as many innings as Robertson.
          I’m excited about Robertson like everyone, but he has 17 innings pitched (10BB) and teams have never seen him before, so really his K9 means nothing right now.

          • AndrewYF

            Except that his strikeout rate is right in line with his absolutely fantastic minor league career.

            So, no, it doesn’t mean nothing. It means he’s striking out major league batters at an insane rate, while not giving up many hits or homeruns. How is that in any way like Edwar Ramirez, who, by the way, is also 29?

            • Zach

              I didnt say anything about Edwar, that was the other poster.

              Like I said I like him and am excited about him. But if you’re going to point out his K9 is 2nd best in baseball then also point out his 5.2 BB9 this year, 4.5 BB9 in his 30IP last year

      • Mac

        Yep dime a dozen – 17th round pick at 21 years old – don’t make him out to be David Price.

        Put D-Rob in a few high leverage situations against +500 teams and he’ll be the same wild and scared kid with a 5+ era – just like last year.

        We’ve had plenty of guys that Opp and Cash collected who had D-Rob’s stuff and make up – he’s nothing special.

        Go back thru D-Rob’s game log and see how he pitched and when he pitched (mostly in garbage time) – lets not even get into sample size.

        We’ve seen many guys like him before – and unfortunately the parade will probably continue.

        • AndrewYF

          Austin Jackson was an 8th round pick, I guess he’s not a prospect! Lars Anderson, 17th round? Man, he must SUCK.

          Jeez, why don’t we just trade Robertson for Miguel Cairo? He obviously has no chance at contributing at the major league level, nevermind that he has already contributed in a big way to the major leagues (check out his FIP for the past two seasons, as just one example of how good he’s been)!

          Your argument is already past the B-Jobber level of stupidity.

  • zs190

    I would definitely at least consider. As is though, I think the PTBNL is a pretty good prospect(possibly from last draft?) so Cards probably offered way more than I would.

  • Hobbes

    5 walks per inning, sweet.

  • Pasqua

    Would DeRosa have been an everyday player for the Yanks? I don’t see how, unless he were to supplant Swisher in RF. DeRosa is a talented player, and I would say that his numbers warrant a starting job. Depth is a great, great thing, but I’m not sure he’d get enough playing time to warrant his cost.

  • http://forums.projectcovo.com/images/smilies/e6omir.gif OmgZombies!

    That was a steal for the Cardinals. They get a versatile player for a relief prospect.

    • Mike Pop

      Let’s just say that trade was a steal (wink).

  • Bill

    There is no way I’d trade David Robertson for Mark DeRosa. That is just silly. You would be trading one of your best relievers for a backup outfielder. Robertson has 26K in 17 IP and you don’t know if he’d struggle in high leverage situations because he rarely gets to pitch in them. We already have 4 outfielders so trading one of our best relievers for a 5th outfielder is nonsense.

    • Jake K.

      I don’t think it’s nonsense. It depends on how you value DeRosa. If you just look at him as a bench guy, then no, it’s probably not worth it. If you look at him as a guy who could play third 2-3 times a week to give Arod a chance to fully recover (avoiding the risk of this becoming a chronic injury that lowers his value over the life of his contract), then it’s a different story. Without someone like DeRosa it looks like the team is going to have a hard time sticking to its plan to give Arod regular rest.

      • Bill

        Not really. Are you saying that Ransom or Pena can’t fill in for A-Rod just once a week? Sure they can and that’s what the plan is. DeRosa would be just a bench guy and he’s worth giving up David Robertson for. And it wasn’t straight up DeRosa for Perez. The deal specifically said a “significant PTBNL” which means the Yankees would give up 2 really good prospects for a bench player. Thank God Brian Cashman is running this team and not some of you guys.

        • Jake K.

          Well, if you actually read my comment you’d see I said 2-3 times a week, not once. And in that case having a real hitter like DeRosa, unlike Ransom, can make a difference. Finally, Robertson has a career 47 innings in the majors, with 5.2 BB/9 this year. I like him, but he’s hardly an untouchable.

          • chriskeo

            I think with the lineup the Yankees have A-Rod will not be missed for one day a week, and if this is just chronic rest i would assume he could pinch hit, be they should be fine without him once every 6 or 7 games

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

      Isn’t he playing second right now? I think they’re saying he’d be a hitting and experience upgrade from Pena and can also play the OF.

      DeRosa>>>Ransom>>>>Pena>>>>>>>>>Berroa>North Jersey Beer League Softball Second Baseman (first sub, not the starter)

      • Jeremy

        He has not played 2B this season, but he played a lot of 2B last season. This year has been split among 3B, 1B, LF, and RF.

        He has not spent significant time at SS in years. If he can no longer play a passable SS (and he is 34), that alone is a good reason for the Yankees to take a pass.

        • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

          Glad I used that ‘?’ in there :)

          maybe I’m alone in this camp, but I’m ok with Ransom and Pena and Cervelli and all of our pen (even Tomko in limited roles–I think he’ll be worth even more as the season goes on).

    • Mac

      I’d like to believe that Girardi and Co. know how best to use D-Rob especially seeing him last year – i.e. he’s not in high leverage situations b\c the Yanks (unbelievably) have better arms in the pen for those innings – and that should tell all of us what kind of pitcher D-Rob is…

  • Jeremy

    There is always a flavor of the month quality to these trade discussions. Just recently there was lots of talk about how the pen was a major problem and we had to trade for relief depth. Now there’s talk about how we should have traded DRob for bench depth.

    DeRosa would have been a nice acquisition but I don’t see how we could have afforded to lose a decent reliever for him.

    • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

      And I don’t see where he would’ve played, unless A-Rod, Cano, or Damon was going to miss a ton of time. I don’t think he’d offer an upgrade over Swisher in right and Garbrera isn’t playing poorly enough to force Damon or Swisher into CF, opening a corner spot for DeRosa.

  • Drew

    If we could get a guy like Chris Young I’d be happy. His stock is kind of down though so I’ not sure if Zona would part with him.

    • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

      I’m not big on Chris Young at all. His pop is decent but he doesn’t walk nearly enough to outweigh all the strikeouts.

      • Drew

        Like I said though, his price is way down. He can be a game changer.

        • Zach

          Game changer? yeah his career .301 OBP changes the game for the other team

          • Drew

            Zingg… HR’s, dude.

            • Zach

              You’re serious? Gardner is more of a game changer then Young is. Not to mention hes owed 27m over the next 4 years, with 500k buyout for the option

              • Drew

                Like I said, his price is way down. Let’s not act like I’m making a deal here. I think he could help us. I like righties off the bench with power that can play any OF position.

                • Zach

                  Lets get Jeff Franceuor then. he’s a righty with power with no OBP who can play RF/LF. We have 2 CFs on roster so thats covered.

                • Drew

                  I think you’re looking into this a bit much. Alls I said was I’d be happy if we get a guy like him. It’s my opinion.

                • Zach

                  I was serious? Jeff is RH and has power that you want off the bench, plus hes not owed 28m

  • Tom Zig

    Any chance we sign DeRosa in the offseason?

    • Jeremy

      I doubt it. He will be 35 and overpriced.