Catching up with the exes: Tomko, Pavano, Small

Game 94 Spillover Thread
Kennedy, on the mend, eyes winter ball

To while away the afternoon now that the Yanks and Orioles have wrapped up their series, let’s check in on some ex-Yankees in the news these days. We start with the disgruntleds:

Brett Tomko
To make room for Sergio Mitre yesterday, the Yankees designated Brett Tomko for assignment. They have ten days to trade him or they can release him or ship him down to the minors. Tomko is not a happy camper about his tenure on the Yankees. “I don’t think I got a fair shot,” he said to reporters as he packed up his locker. “I pitched great in spring training and didn’t make the team. I pitched great in the minors, got called up and didn’t get much of a chance. I understand other guys are pitching great. But it could have been different. I can’t see the point in coming back.”

This is a clear example of the Yankees’ expectations not lining up with Tomko’s. At 36, Brett Tomko is a journeyman with a career ERA+ of 92. He isn’t the future of anything, and he’s not getting better. During his time on the Yanks, he allowed runs in seven of his 15 appearances and just wasn’t a trustworthy or impressive reliever.

“It’s hard when you throw once every 10 days. Your stuff can’t be the same,” he added later. “I never felt like I got a chance to show them anything. I wasn’t pitching much. As much as I want to be here and be with a winning team, I want to pitch. It would be great if they traded me in the next 10 days to help me out. But if not, I’m sure something will come up. Plenty of teams need pitching.”

Tomko won’t accept a Minor League assignment once the ten days are up, and the Yanks probably won’t find a team that needs a mediocre, ineffective and touchy pitcher. So much for him.

Carl Pavano
Try as we might, we just can’t ignore Carl Pavano. Today’s Pavano story though is something of an oddity. In what can only be described as an attempt by a reporter to create the news, Ken Rosenthal asked a Yankee official if the team would be interested in reacquiring Carl Pavano from the Indians.

The reply? A resounding no. “We’ve seen that movie,” Rosenthal’s source said. “Our players would go crazy if we did that.”

Pavano, for what it’s worth, isn’t having a terrible season. He’s 8-7 with a 5.13 ERA, but he’s managed to make 18 starts — one more than his single-season high with the Yanks. He also hasn’t been walking many batters. Yet, the Yankees hate him. The players hate him. The Front Office hates him. The fans hate him. He won’t — and shouldn’t — be back.

Aaron Small
Aaron Small was an odd addition to the Old Timer’s Day roster this year. While he went 10-0 for the Yanks in 2005, he was out of baseball a few months later after going 0-3 with an 8.46 ERA in 2006. Now, we learn that Small made his way to Yankee Stadium just six weeks after a bad bout of encephalitis. Small was in a medically-induced coma for eight days as doctors combated the virus that led to a life-threatening swelling of the former pitcher’s brain.

Small recovered from this ordeal and is slowly rebuilding his strength. This scary story makes his appearance at the stadium this past weekend all the more meaningful.

Game 94 Spillover Thread
Kennedy, on the mend, eyes winter ball
  • Salty Buggah

    Damn, I heard about the 1st 2 news but not about Small. Hope he’s fully recovered.

    Tomko can rot in hell. If it wasn’t for us, he wouldn’t probably have a job at all….and couldn’t paint Mr. Awesome Hughes.

    And Rosenthal did that on purpose. The article was him sucking the Sox Cocks. He just wanted to irritate Yanks fans more.

    • Dela G

      there is a special hell for brett tomko

      let’s save the phil hughes painting though so it doesn’t get burned

      • RAB poster

        That special hell contains people like Carl Pavano as well.

  • JMK

    The Aaron Small story is great. So gritty.

    • jsbrendog

      did aforementioned grit wear off on the team during old timer’s day? one can only hope to MO

  • Johnny

    even pavano’s family hates him. he told his sister he’d be at every barbecue for like the next five years, and hes barely been to a third of em, and when he does show up he’s totally shit-hammered. dude just doesn’t know how to keep commitments. what a dick

    • jsbrendog

      is this true or humor?

      • Pasqua

        I’ll say “true,” because it makes me giggle, and in my imagination that’s EXACTLY what Carl Pavano does.

    • Double-J

      His excuse is that he has a sore ass, amirite?

      • Doug

        U R

  • Chris

    Here are splits for Tomko based on days of rest:

    Days Rest – ERA
    0 Days – 0.00
    1 Days – 7.36
    2 Days – 16.88
    3 Days – 6.75
    4 Days – 3.00
    5 Days – 3.00
    6+ Days – 2.25

    His problem wasn’t when he didn’t get much time off, not when he did.

    • Peter Lacock

      Maybe he was a SP in disguise?

  • Phil

    Carl Pavano did not pitch well with the Yankees.

    • Chris

      Carl Pavano did not pitch well with the Yankees.


  • leokitty

    Aaron Small was at OTD last year too, they always get pitchers like him because they’re young enough to still go out there and throw. Obviously this year was different for him.

    He was also at the mini-OTD they do on Staten Island this year.

  • Simon B.

    Kind of mean to mix Small’s inspiring story with the other two.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Mean? Hardly. It’s offset from the others, and no one is bashing Small for it. No need to be so sensitive about it!

  • Tom Zig

    The Yankees hate him. The players hate him. The Front Office hates him. The fans hate him.

    Never thought one player would garner so much animosity. I suppose it could be worse, like if he played for the Sox.

  • Andy

    Tomko stunk. Good riddance. What did he expect? His names not Mariano.

    • Double-J

      Mariano Tomko = teh next pr0n star!!!1!!!!

      Seriously, if Andy Phillips could do it…

  • Pasqua

    I believe I recall reading that Pavano’s contract incentives with the Tribe kick in at 18 starts. Now that he has his money, I imagine the DL is not far behind.

  • misterd

    I didn’t hear Tomko make those statements, so maybe there was more animosity than what I’m reading in them. I really don’t see what the big deal is – he wants to pitch, he didn’t get much chance to do it here, often getting buried behind the kids the Yankees wanted to try out. I don’t blame them for doing it, but I don’t blame him for not wanting to come back either. \\

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