Forbes says Jetes is the most overpaid

Joe won't go home again
Open Thread: Maybe the Mets want Melky too (and a Yanks' roster move)

Via Pinto comes the not-very-surprising word that Forbes has named Derek Jeter as the game’s most overpaid player. Jeter is making $21.6 million this year, and according to the financial magazine, that salary pushes him far above the average for the position. The only problem with their methodology is that it’s, well, non-existent. Jeter made less earlier in the contract and is now getting paid for what he has done. He is also, as Bud Selig pointed out, a baseball ambassador. In the end, Pinto points us to Jeter’s value at Fangraphs. He might be overpaid, but it’s not nearly as cut-and-dried as Forbes would have us believe.

Joe won't go home again
Open Thread: Maybe the Mets want Melky too (and a Yanks' roster move)
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Most overpaid player = Vernon Wells

    • Salty Buggah

      I agree

    • CP3

      He isn’t even on the list They have Derek Jeter, Hunter, Beltran, Posada, Brian Roberts. That is complete bull.

      • GG

        Torii Hunter????? Thats just nonsense

    • Chris

      Nope. Per Cots:

      # $25.5M signing bonus (paid in 3 $8.5M installments, March 1 2008-10)
      # 08:$0.5M, 09:$1.5M, 10:$12.5M, 11:$23M, 12:$21M, 13:$21M, 14:$21M

      His salary this year is roughly the same as Melky’s (not counting the signing bonus). The problem with his contract is 2011-2013.

      • GG

        The funniest part of that contract is that Wells can opt out with like 3/63 left on it I think…wouldnt count on that

    • sabernar

      Barry Zito

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Forbes is a stupid magazine, and I say not just because of this article.

  • ArodMVP217 Retire 51

    But he is our Most Overpaid Player

    • jsbrendog

      cougharodcough…sorry, no one is worth what he makes. he got paid that because he will break the hr record. he is great, dont get me wrong, but nowhere near what he is getting paid.

  • Mike R. – Retire 21

    Off topic, but this just broke on ESPN.

    Mets trade Ryan Church to the Atlanta Braves for Jeff Francour!!!WTF!?!?

    • Salty Buggah


      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals


        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime


    • Drew

      heh, Mike had it on mlbtr. I don’t get it, they must really hate Church, I thought he was a good player.
      Makes no sense to me.

      • Chris A

        I don’t get it either, how could Jeff Francouer help the Mets any more than Church? And Church plays center, while I don’t think Francouer does…makes zero sense to me.

        • Jeremy

          Right, Church was the Mets’ stopgap CF in Beltran’s absence.

          If you look at MLBTR now you’ll see lots of Braves fans writing comments like “thank God we found someone to take Francoeur.” That’s never a good sign for an acquiring team.

          I guess Minaya’s hope is that Francoeur turns it around (he is only 25) and becomes a better offensive presence than Church was. It looks like a desperation move, but then again the Mets are desperate.

        • Drew

          Losing a solid player for a manager who in all likelihood will be gone at the end of the year is just crazy.

          • Little Bill

            They got rid of the wrong person. Manuel should have been the one to go.

        • Little Bill

          Manaya is crazy and is trying to get fired. That’s the only explanation. Jerry Manuel didn’t like Church, but that’s no reason to trade him for junk. It would really suck to be a Mets fan right now.

          • Drew

            heh, right now? ;)

    • Jeremy

      How silly. Francoeur sucks.

  • Ed

    The backloading of the contract doesn’t really change things much, as baseball salaries go up over time much faster than overall inflation. If you go by fangraphs, there’s only one year he was worth what he was paid.

    But the bigger issue is that Jeter is in another league than almost all other players value wise. Jeter draws fans and sells merchandise at a rate few players can compare with. He’s worth a fortune in marketing.

    Anyway, reading the article, they basically barely acknowledge the salary limitations on young players. They also cherry picked data – only comparing Jeter to AL shortstops, and ignoring things like Michael Young’s contract being based on him being a shortstop. And of course, the article only focuses on C / SS / CF, the positions most heavily weighed toward young, cheap players.

  • Chris

    Wow. That list is terrible.

    They basically just listed all of the highest paid players at each position, without regard to production.

    • Zach

      The ‘average’ salary is messed up too. Guys are cost controlled for what teh first 2-3 seasons so they get less than 1 million no matter who they are. Plus doing it half way through the season is meaningless, they said how Pedro Feliz is similar to Chipper Jones, wait til Oct and see what their numbers look like then

  • Jeremy

    This is stupid. The article has no concept of marginal value.

    The most overpaid players are guys who suck but get paid like above-average players, like Gary Matthews Jr., not guys who are above-average and get paid at a premium, like Jeter.

    I’d also think that guys like Gary Sheffield and B.J. Ryan, who are being paid over $15 million not to play for the teams that signed them, are immeasurably more “overpaid” than Jeter.

    Finally, the article is flawed even by its own stupid standards. As good as he is, ARod has to be the most overpaid player because he makes far more than even Jeter but is not quite as valuable (so far this season).

  • Willy

    As a player, Jeter is definitely overpaid. There’s no question that his stats and his salary don’t match up. There’s no way that Jeter could have gotten the contract that he did from another team; however,
    one thing that people never mention is that nearly every player in baseball is more valuable as a New York Yankee (because of the market size). Jeter is the ultimate example of this.

    If you could calculate how much extra revenue Derek Jeter generates for the New York Yankees by just being Derek Jeter and still being on the team, I bet it would turn out that he’s pretty reasonably paid. If the Yanks are making a profit of of Jeter’s contract, then it’s hard to call him overpaid. That’s why I think that Jeter is going to be around for a while longer.

  • Hova

    What do you guys think Jeter will ask for when his contract is up? I hope its a rational and logical figure. Anything more than $15-$16M/yr would be too much. Hopefully the Yankees stop rewarding guys for the production they had in their peak years and start looking at what they did the year prior when it comes time for an extension. Sometimes I think the they just bid against themselves.

    • Zach

      No doubt they big against themselves.
      But you look at Posada, Rivera and Jeter coming up- they really have no leverage. Posada and Rivera both had career years, and they had no internal options (or even other FAs) to get them to sign more reasonable contracts. Doesnt seem like we have a SS in the system who’s going to be ready in 2 years so again its going to be tough with Jeter; we all know Andy took a pay cut/incentives, but thats because we had CC, AJ, Joba, Hughes so Andy didnt have any leverage.

  • pete

    there are so many players who get paid tons and don’t produce at all AND don’t generate money by being franchise names like jeter or being important figures in the game like A-Rod. While i would never argue that jeter deserves the money he makes – i don’t think anybody deserves money like that, he does essentially earn it, in terms of generating the revenue that comes back to him. I really hate it when writers are incapable of doing any research and instead come up with some names off the top of their heads and explain why they are overpaid, or whatever any

    • pete

      list subject might be. sorry laptop mousepad fail. And if you aren’t going to include marketing, then it’s even easier – just find the players’ values mathefuckingmatically. it’s the same thing with the MVP and Cy Young awards. It’s the friggin 21st century, we’ve had the math to do algorithms for this stuff for centuries. Why can’t Forbes just hire some mathematicians and have them write a computer program that calculates things like this automatically?

  • Zach

    Is Gary Matthews JR on that list? Or are all bench players worth 10m a year?

  • Joba-to-the-pen

    If Jeter is getting paid for not being paid for he’s worth ten years ago then the same is true for MO.But MO unlike Jeter is still worth what he’s getting paid for.

    Jeter is good thats it.He’s still overrated now.

  • Adam B.

    I love that they listed Torii Hunter in a season when he’s actually one of the top 25 with Fangraph’s methodology. And he’s top 3 in the CFs. Yep, that’s sure overpaid.