Dunn promoted, McAllister disabled

A Stroll down Joba Lane: Starts 11 through 15
Gaining a reliever, losing a change-up

Lefty reliever Mike Dunn, who was added to the 40-man roster this past off-season, has been promoted to AAA reports Mike Ashmore. Looks like Paul Bush will leave Pennsylvania in favor of New Jersey. Dunn had a 3.71 ERA over 53.1 innings with the Thunder, striking out 76 while walking 32. He’ll try to keep those BB numbers down as he works his way closer to an invitation to the Bronx.

Meanwhile, Ashmore also informs us that RHP Zack McAllister has been placed on the DL. He doesn’t have any real details, and his frustration over the flow of information is palpable in his post. Can’t blame him. McAllister, who could be trade bait in the next few weeks, pitched a scoreless inning in the Eastern League All-Star game, though it’s said his velocity was only in the high 80s. That could have something to do with it.

A Stroll down Joba Lane: Starts 11 through 15
Gaining a reliever, losing a change-up
  • Jake H

    Dunn could be a big call up if he keeps his walks down. The K’s are great.

    • Zach

      way too many walks, just like DRob. You might have short term success in the bigs, but you cant walk 5 BB/9 and expect to stay successful

  • Jacob

    Dead arm period for Mcallister? He had been throwing pretty well.

  • Doug

    How about a call up for Whelan. His #s are as good or even better than Dunn’s. I realize that Dunn’s a lefty and maybe that’s why he’s on the fast track.

  • Mattchu12

    Forgive me, but I’m going to throw something off topic out there because you guys are the most intelligent Yankee Fans around, so here is the question:

    Swapping Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano defensively. Jeter at 2B, Cano at SS. Thoughts?

    I hated it at first, but then thought about it, and I kind of like it. Cano does have some nice range, an impressive arm, and while he’d never be a Gold Glover, I think he could be in the top 25% of shortstops defensively. It also assures Jeter a spot for the rest of his career, because he should be able to handle second base and we’ve never really been fretting about his bat…

    Stumbled across this to give me the idea:


    • Mattingly’s Love Child

      Dude, so off topic. You’re gonna get a spanking from one of the powers that be. Save that stuff for open threads or at least a post on either Jeter or Cano….

      • jsbrendog

        or you could just you kknow, like, email them if you really hold them in such high esteem and want to know their opinion.

        • Mattchu12

          Hence the “forgive me” and acknowledging how off-topic it is! Lol. But this thought has been burning in my head for a couple hours now and wanted to see what other folks thought.

          • jsbrendog

            well, you’re mroe than likely not going to get one because you posted it so offtopic. in fact. I wouldnt be surprised if this whole convo was deleted quite soon by our socialist overseers

            • Mattchu12

              It was a risk I was willing to take.

            • Mattingly’s Love Child

              Would an Oaktag apply in this case? I know it’s not as funny, but completely off topic in another world seems to me like a use.

              • Tony

                I I thought we were at least temporarily done with absurd solutions to the “Jeter problem.”

                • Mattchu12

                  Well, I don’t think of Jeter as a problem, in fact, I’m a firm believer in him being perfectly competent shortstop. I just thought it was an interesting topic, and it’s not like I posted this in a hot button thread, does anyone think Dunn will last very long? He’ll prolly be this half’s Steven Jackson, get called up and see no playing time.

                  We already have a strong lefty in Coke that Girardi will go with thanks to his favorites personality (Veras anybody?), and a mop-up guy in Tomko. Besides, when Marte or Wang are ready to comeback, I’m sure Dunn will be the first guy in line to get the axe because somebody somewhere has decided Tomko has value on the major league roster.

                • Ed

                  I’d imagine Dunn is a September call up at best. Albaladejo and Ramirez would be above him in the depth chart, Marte and Wang should hopefully be pushing some current guys down soon.

                  Tomko’s value is simply that he’s pitching (slightly) better than any other option the team has tried for that final bullpen spot. His ERA sucks, but he’s got a reasonable 1.26 WHIP. Albaladejo and Ramirez pitched to similar ERAs but with a 1.52 and 1.90 WHIP respectively. Incredibly small sample, but, Melancon hasn’t looked good at the major league level.

                • Bo

                  No one jumps down someones throat here like Mattingly and Brend. Got to hand it to those guys.

                • Mattchu12

                  Yeah, they’re fiercely talented at it. It’s a good thing they jumped on me too because I mean, look how popping this post is. I almost stopped a whole flurry of comments by going off topic. Dodged a bullet there.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph Pawlikowski

      Dude. What the fuck? We explicitly don’t allow off-topic comments, and this is as off-topic as it gets. Can you at least respect our rules?

  • Mattingly’s Love Child
    • Mattingly’s Love Child

      Doh! A reply to Mattchu12…reply button fail…

  • JohnC

    Any update on Betances? Is he done for the season?